Robin Hood

Rosia POW

"Will you marry me lady Rosia?"

I felt like I was going to throw up. So this was what my mother had planned for me. She wanted me to marry prince John's son Edward. I really don't want to do that. I wanted to say no. Turn around, run away. Run out back to my home. My real home and find my real mother and my father and live with them. Now that would be a life I would want. My one problem is missing. I know my mother's name, but that is all. I was told that my mother got me when she was very young, and that I had no father, so my mother gave me away. But she left me a letter, telling me who my father is. My father is Robin Hood. Since then I have lived with lady Josephina. She has tried to learn me to act like a lady, but I can't. I like to fight and shoot with a bow, so I practice all the time I can. I guess I have that after my father. Josephina know nothing about my father. I didn't dare telling her. So Prince John and Edward didn't know about it either.

But I guess it is over now. If I marry Edward I can be a princess. But I don't want to be a princess!

"Of cause she says yes your highness." I heard Josephina say.

I did what? No no no no no no NO! I do not want to live with him. How can I then even think about marriage. I don't even see prince John as the king. Richard is England's king, and he will always be that.

"Don't you Rosia?"

I looked up on Josephina and she saw the answer in my face. But he didn't say the no I wanted her to say.

"Will you please excuse us my lords. We will both be waiting for the wedding with happiness."

With that Josephina took my arm and pulled me with her outside the room.

We were in the castle. Since Edward saw me he kept telling me that he was in love with me. And when Josephina found out. The worst day of my life. We moved to the castle, and now he suddenly was finance! I really hate my life. When he prince moved to Nottingham we of cause should go with him.

"Rosia, you should be happy. You are engaged to the future king." She said happy.

"Richard is our king." I answered.

Josephina stopped.

"You better get that out of your head. The words out your weeding is already out."

"Wow, things go fast around here." I said and walked to my room. Josephina followed me.

"Yes they do. This truly is amazing. I can't wait and tomorrow we will, and when we will go to….." She just kept talking, but I didn't listen.

I went over to my closet and found a pair of pants and a shirt. This was the only normal clothes I had. I went behind the curtains and took that expensive dress Edward had bought for me. I quickly got into the other clothes and come out from behind the curtains.

"And where do you think you are going in that clothes?" Josephina asked me.

"Out." I just said.

I grabbed my bow and before Josephina could stop me I ran out of the room, out of the castle and into the stables. I got my horse Filippa, got on her and rode away from the castle. I really needed some time to think. The guards tried to stop me and yelled at me, but I ignored it. I just wanted to get out of the town.

First when I was in the Sherwood forest I relaxed. Here the prince never came. They were to afraid of Robin Hood. He could just come. I wasn't afraid of him. Why would I be afraid of my father. I actually wished he would come one day.

I thought of my mother, just like have done so many times. Her name was Marian and came from Locksley. I don't know where she is right now.

I stopped Filippa and jumped down from her. She started to eat grass and I let her. I sat down a little away from her. The sun was shining through the trees. Lay me bow beside me and lay down in the grass.

How could Josephina except me to marry that stupid Edward. I really wanted to kill him right now.

Suddenly I arrow hit the tree just above my head. I quickly grabbed my bow, and got ready to shoot. Suddenly a man came towards me.

"I'm Robin Hood I steal from the rich and give to the poor and this is an ambush." He said with a smile. When he saw me standing alone beside my horse. He looked surprised.

I just stared at him, but kept my bow ready to shoot. It was my father. It was really my father.

"Much, you said that it was something of worth to Prince John" Robin said.

A man came out. I was pretty sure he was that Much.

Much looked at me.

"I was pretty sure. Who is she? I have never seen her before." Much said.

Three other men came out, and a…..women? I was pretty sure she was a she. She dressed like a boy, but looked like a girl.

"Neither have I. Maybe she came with the prince John?" one of the men said.

"Yeah maybe." Robin said.

I was still standing with the bow, ready to shoot.

"Who are you?" Robin asked me, moved closer to me, but he had his bow in his left hand.

I wanted to tell him, and yet I didn't want to.

"I am sorry. I have been told not to talk to strangers" I when said.

"I'm sorry miss. But it is you against six men." The women said.

"I am sorry too, but I only see five men and one women."

The women looked surprised at me. I dicided to show them that they shouldn't try anything.

I let go of the bow, and a arrow hit Much so his shirt was stuck on a tree behind him. I quickly rearmed and shoot another arrow at Much, so his pants was stuck to the tree too.

He looked at me with a look of surprise and admiration.

Robin took a step closer and pointed his bow to me, ready to shoot me.

"Don't try anything." He said.

I was just about answer him when something hit me in the head and I fell on the ground. Black spots was appearing.

"Little John, you didn't have to hit her."

That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.