"Dead? Rosia is dead? My daughter is dead?" Maria asked me shocked.

It was hard. I have to admit it. Lying to my own mother, telling her that I'm dead. But I had to do it. I simply can't tell them the true.

So I just nodded. I didn't look at her, but instead I looked around on the others. Robin was looking shocked too, and so were the others. Robin had layed his arm around Marian who now cried silently.

"Did you know her well?" Marian when asked me. I could hear the sadness in her voice.

I thought about it and decided that it would be best to tell as close to the true as possible.

"Yes, we were very close, best friends." I then told them.

"I see." Marian answered and learned closer to Robin.

"I will get you home Marian." Robin said and got up. He helped Marian up, and I couldn't help but feel sad when I saw my mother's face. Tears were still rolling down on her cheeks, and the sad look in her eyes almost scared me. I can't believe my mother cared to much about me. Maybe I should tell her the true….? No, get yourself together Sia. You made a promise, not to be Rosia anymore, and you are not going to break it. No matter what!

I slowly got up as well. I was very surprised when Marian suddenly came over to me and hugged me. Tightly. Everyone else seemed just as surprised at me by Marian's suddenly hug. When she let me go again she smiled to me. A sad smile that didn't reach her beautiful eyes. I am glad my hair is dirty right now as well as my face. Or else she would probably already have seen my familiar hair and eyes.

"I hope to talk to you again. I would love to hear more about my daughter." Marian said and walked over to Robin.

Robin laid his arm around her and walked with her away from us. They soon disappeared from our sight.

"Well, don't look so sad, Sia." Allan said as he hit me on my arm the way boys apparently do. "If you want to be a outlaw you will have to be able to fight like one."

"You're right about that Allan. You may be good with a bow but you will need more than that to defend yourself." John told me.

I know the others call John because of his name, but I don't really see any reason for that so I will just call him John. It isn't like I know two Johns.

"Let me just cheek your shoulder first." Djaq said first as she guided me over to a chair where she showed me to sit.

Djaq removed the part of my shirt that covered my shoulder.

"Tell me if it hurts." She said and touched different places on my shoulder.

To my happiness it didn't hurt even once.

"Well it looks like you are completely healed." Djaq said as I covered my shoulder again.

"That's great; I'm already tired of doing nothing." I said happy.

Djaq smiled back to me.

I got up and walked over to the others.

"Okay, I'm ready. Teach me what I need to know."

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Much asked. "Master doesn't want her to become an outlaw."

"Forget about him Sia." Allan said "Let me teach you."

I am glad that Allan is so friendly to me now. I think we may be able to become really good friends.

"Okay, we won't use weapons at first because we can easily hurt each other badly with them. Instead we will use these sticks." Allan said and handed me a stick. I took it as I would take a sword.

"Okay, the important thing here is to remember that we don't fight to kill. So therefore you have to be able to fight without hurting anyone deadly." John told me.

"Another important thing to remember is to protect yourself." Will continued.

"You can't fight if you are hurt." Djaq finished.

Wow there is a lot to know about sword fighting.

"But the main part about sword fighting is to predict your opponent's next move. If you're fighting one it is easy enough. The hard part comes when you're fighting many at the same time." Much told me.

"But the easiest part to learn is to try it." Allan said. "So come on hit me"

I did as he said and tried to hit him with the stick. Allan was quick and blocked my attack. He when attacked me and I blocked him.

We did that a couple of times before Allan did a more complicated attack. This time I just managed to block before Allan hit me in the head. I decided to try something else too. I took a step backwards so I were standing against a tree. As I blocked another attack from a smiling Allan who apparently thought he was winning I looked up. A little branch was just above me. Perfect. The branch was just big enough to hold me. Or that was at least what I hoped. I led Allan attack me again. He was sure he would hit me there.

"Dea….." He started but as he attacked I moved away so Allan missed. I took a jump and managed to grab the branch. I used the branch to swing myself over Allan so I was standing behind him. I when pointed my stick towards his neck.

"Dead." I finished for him. Allan saw surprised to me who smiled to him. That was before he knocked me of my feet so I was laying on the ground now him pointing his stick towards me.

"Dead" Allan said with a smile.

"That was some of a fight." I heard John say.

I turned my head towards him and saw that all of the outlaws was looking at us.

Allan got up and handed me his hand. I took it and got up.

"You're a good fighter. I will give you that. No training needed." Allan smiled. "Just remember never to lose focus until your opponent is unable to fight back."

I smiled to him. I already knew I could fight with a stick, but a sword was a completely other thing….


Roger landed on the ground once more.

"Av Rosia you don't have to hit me that hard." He complained as he slowly got up.

I laughed as I prepared myself to hit Roger again if I had to. Roger had been my best friend for so long now. I grew up with him, trained with him. I shared everything with him. But I was getting tired of training with a stick. I have done it so many times now I want to try something new.

I throw the stick away.

"I'm tired of this Roger." I said. "I want to fight with a real sword."

Roger sighed.

"Rosia, you know that we aren't allowed to use real weapons." He answered.

"I know." I smirked. "But we can still get one."

Roger looked confused at me.

"What are you up to?" He asked.

I walked over to a little bush and found the sword I had taken from the blacksmith.

"Rosia?! You stole a sword."

"Don't sound so scared Roger. It is not like something is going to happen."

I swung the sword a little. I practiced with it, or that was until the sword fell out of my grip and was flying throw the air. It swung over to Roger.

"ROGER, LOOK OUT!" I yelled, but it was too late.

The sword hit Roger, and all I noticed was his scream and the blood….

(End of flashback)

I sighed.

Roger didn't die, but he lost his arm because of me. And after that I promised never to use a sword again. Roger forgave me but I never forgave myself.

I don't know what I am going to do. I am sure I can hold a sword in my hand again.

"Sia?" I looked up and saw Will standing in front of me handing me something. I took it and saw it was a simple necklace.

"When you wear this you are official an outlaw. Normally Robin is the one handing it, but he was after all the one who told me to make it for you." Will told me.

I looked down on it before I took on the necklace. My father had finely accepted me. Maybe not as his daughter but as a part of his family of outlaws and that was good enough for me.