Each chapter will be one day of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Each chapter will have a new couple. Enjoy.


"Ooh, I love this song!" Kitty squealed the instant as few musical notes floated from the radio. Nearly everyone in the room snorted for Kitty had "loved" every single song that had been played. Although with this one she did show a little more enthusiasm. She even started to sing along.

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree."

As Kitty droned on Pietro leaned over and whispered, "You know if we hadn't signed a peace treaty you could have used her singing as a weapon."

"Yeah not even her cooking is this bad." Rogue whispered back. She then nudged him and pointed towards his father, whose eye was actually twitching. As soon as the song ended Pietro ran over and cut off the offending radio before it had the chance to play another of Kitty's favorites.

"Imagine if somebody loved you enough to get you all those things." Kitty smiled in joy as she closed her eyes. It was then that every single male that had a special someone got an idea. They all glanced at each other and nodded to silently agree to discuss the plan later that night. For the first time ever The Brotherhood, Acolytes and the Institute would truly work together.

*Line break*

Scott grunted as he hefted the large tree towards the exit. He made it just a few feet before gravity forced him to set it back on the frozen concrete.

"Need help?"

Scott turned to stare a very large burly man. He nodded mutely as the made lifted the tree with ease and placed in the back of his convertible. Slowly the man jogged back to him and grinned when Scott placed a five in his hand. Scott in turn smiled as he slid into his car and checked one item from his list.

"Excuse me do you have any partridges?" Scott asked the bubbly girl behind the counter.

"Course." She smiled brightly as she pointed toward a large brown bird. Scott walked over and chose the smallest one.

"You're going to help make a girl very happy." He told it as he paid, then went out the door.

*line break*

Jean groaned as she buried her head into a fuzzy pink pillow. Some stupid bird woke her up at five a.m. and wouldn't shut up. Finally she gave in to the dumb animal and lifted her head. She growled in frustration as her warm feet met the cold floor. Slowly she rubbed her eyes and let her hands fall back down. Only then did she actually see the tree in a pretty blue pot. She gasped as a smile danced on her lips while she glided to it. The bird was still annoying but the knowledge that someone had done this for her made it less so.

A note caught her eye and she bent to retrieve it.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.


"Aww." Jean cooed right before she flew out her room and over to Scotts. Luckily Scott had anticipated this and already had the door and his arms open.

"I love it!" She cried as she kissed him, "But how did you get the bird to stay?"


At that Jean laughed but over in her room the poor bird was still squawking for help.