The Diary of Midshipman Deryn Sharp

I got the idea when I had to write a story using dialect for school. Couldn't help but write this one. :D

Okay, I want to do random reeeally short oneshot drabbles from Deryn's point of view, so, they wont really have any point except for humor. ;)

Hope you like this first oneshot!

I walk down the stern of the Leviathan, searching for my nice pair of trousers.

"Daft Prince," I mutter. "Why did they assign laundry duty for you?"

For a matter of fact, Alek hasn't a clue where the washroom is, much less how to do chores. I sigh. He even took Bovril too, since I can't find the beastie anywhere, the bum-rag.

Sliding carefully into the washroom, I glance around for Alek. Seeing nothing except for a basket of dirty laundry sits on the floor, I frown, noting that no one else inhabits the room.

Exiting, I decide to head for the dining hall for a squick, perhaps Newkirk knows where that lazy Prince has run off too. I'm rounding the corner when I run into the lady boffin.

"Mr. Sharp, just the one I wanted to see," she says. I salute.

"Midshipman Sharp reporting for duty." I roll my eyes and Dr. Barlow chuckles.

"No one is around, so there is no need for formalities." I nod and stand at ease.

"If you are not busy, I need you to walk Tazza for a while later, and perhaps throw some unneeded items of mine into the bin while your at it." I shake my head.

"I'm afraid I'm on a search for the daft Prince at the moment," I reply. "Why don't you get another middy to do it?" Dr. Barlow shakes her head.

"Never mind then. But why are you looking for Alek? Any special reason. Mr. Sharp," she responds, her voice showing amusement.

"Mr. Sharp," her loris says, and giggles to itself. I fume at the beastie.

"Get stuffed." I growl, and stomp off towards the dining hall as Dr. Barlow enters her quarters. On the way, I run into Volger; he is his usual Volger-self, brooding, and pointy-bearded, but I don't look at him in the fear of getting into a conversation. Doesn't work.

"Ah, searching for his highness, I presume?" Volger asks; I kick myself mentally.

Even if I don't make eye contact, Volger dislikes me enough already and will try with any means to make me uncomfortable! Barking spiders!

"Aye. And what if I am?" I reply; Volger's eyes glint knowingly and my face reddens.

"You're full of clart..." I grumble, stepping past him, then I stop. "Besides, where are you going? Your quarters are that way." I point back the direction he'd come.

Volger stiffens, then shuffles off...towards the boffin's quarters. I shake my head at his out-of-character-ness just now, and walk in the direction of the dining hall. Entering the less than busy dining hall, I look at the food that is left over from breakfast and my stomach growls. couldn't hurt to stop my search for Alek for a squick, I tell myself in justification to my hungry stomach. Newkirk is talking to other middys when I arrive at his table; he looks up at me as I'm shoveling some scones and a few pastries into my large mouth.

"Hello Dylan. Searching for Alek?" he asks.

"Aye, I am. Can't find him though." Newkirk nods in thought.

"I saw him up on the top of the airship," he replies. I nod, grinning.

"Thanks." I grab one of his buttered bread slices and take a bite. "Be back in a squick."

Hurrying up to the top, I begin to climb the riggings after clasping my safety clip on. Reaching topside, I look around. A dark spot is just ahead on the starboard and I know who it is.


"Oi! You there!" I call. Alek turns, his face breaking into a smile.

"Deryn!" he calls, happy to see me.

"You, what are you doing up here, and without a safety harness? Barking spiders!" I scold.

Alek laughs, holding up a pair of pants.

"I thought I'd do the crew's laundry up here so it'd dry faster!"

I rub my temple in frustration at his cluelessness.

"No! You daft Prince! There's a reason airmen don't do their laundry on the topside!" I exclaim as Alek holds up the pants to the clothes line, about to clip them on.

"Dummkopf!" I yelp as a gust of wind hits us, almost knocking me over.

Alek loses his grip on the trousers to be exact.

"Is your head full of clart? Have you bumped your attic this badly?" I exclaim as my trousers fly away in the wind. Alek looks over at me sheepishly, a little embarrassed. My heart sinks as my favorite trousers fly off, never to be seen again...

"Oh Alek," I groan. "You sky larking dummkopf!"

The End

Well, hope you like this suuuper short oneshot. I will write a few more just for fun as well.

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