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The fire burned his wings as he was falling far from the sky. The agony was almost too much, but he had to hold on. For the sake of the one falling beside him. Helel... He looked to see the bright angel falling beside him and he couldn't help the scream of pain that escaped his pale lips. I...I'm not...gonna make it... His wings were burning to the bone, the stench of melting and burning feathers filling the air. The bright angel turned to him and his eyes widened.

"S...Samael!" His sweet voice was laced with pain. " have to live!" Samael's eyes widened when warm arms wrapped around his body, sheilding him from the inevitable fall from Heaven to Earth below.

"Helel don't!'ll-"

"Hush love...let me protect you..." The voice whispered, gritting his teeth in pain. The fall continued on for what felt like ages. The shine around theuir bodies began to dull and fade, Samael's body a pure, snoy white, his long white hair whipping around them. Finally, they collided with the Earth below. Samael moved away instantly, lifting his lover into his arms.

"Helel! Wake up! HELEL!" The other angel was burnt almost beyond recognition, but there was a soft smile on his lips.

"" he sighed. Samael shivered violently as black feathers covered his bare wings, a pure white blade embedded in the ground a few feet away. "I'm...happy..."

"Helel...don't leave me alone...please don't..." He begged holding the burnt body close, ignoring the smell of scorched feathers, burnt flesh and death. He held on until Helel's heart stopped. "No...nononononono!" He screamed. "HELEL!" He gripped the body as it turned to ashes in his hands, wailing in agony.

"You have brought this upon yourself Samael." The Fallen glared at the sky, gold on blavck eyes alight with fury.

"How dare you? ! He was innocent!" He snapped, standing to shaky legs.

"He was far from so, for you tainted him." The voices boomed and he snarled. "For this crime, you will spend eternity on Earth, as an Angel of Death." Samael looked at the blade and snarled. "You will hunt in darkness for demons, and Helel will never recognize you again. The blood of humanity your true sustinance. You will forever be alone, Samael."

"Never say forever. I will find Helel."

"In body perhaps, but never again in soul." He could feel the presence of the voice fade away, and he bowed his head in defeat.

I have no choice now...forgive me Helel... He grabbed the blade and glared at the sky. "One day...I will right this wrong..."

20,000 years later...

A man ran through the night, shaking in fear at the shadow that stalked him. He ran faster, his breath coming out in puffs. He backed himself into a corner as a pale figure approached, black feathered wings seemingly melting from the shadows of the dark, brick buildings. "Wh-what are you? !" The man stuttered, shaking in fright. Golden eyes seemed to glow in the darkness, showing no emotion for the man in front of him. He pulled out his pale katana, gripping the hilt tightly.

"You know what I am Demon." He spoke quietly, his voice like a whisper through dead leaves on a bitter day. The shaking man stopped and looked, his eyes glowing an eerie blood red. "Figures. My guess hasn't been wrong yet."

"The infamous Angel of Death, Samael. Or have you changed your name this century?" The man's voice was warped now, soundling like two voices overlaying each other.

"Wha's it ta ya hmm? Yer about to perish anyways." He sighed, twirling the blade around by the chain on the hilt. "He sent me ta another nosy one. Thanks Grimm." He grumbled.

"I'll make you a deal if you'd like." the Demon coaxed, slowly getting up as the albino raised an eyebrow. "If you let me live, i'll-"

"Nothing ya say will allow ya ta live Demon." He said. "Just pray...pray tha' God will 'ave mercy on the soul you have devoured." Before the demon could react, the albino vanihsed, only to reappear behind him, as if coming from the brick wall and ran the cold blade into his chest. "And, the name's Shirosaki Ogichi. This is the 21st century after all." He smirked. The man's body writhed and a pale, green light floated from the bpody, taking the shape of a frog like demon and he sighed. "Tsk, stupid ugly thing 'ere Grimm...ya owe me." He wasted no time disposing of the stunned demon, looking at the now lifeless body below. "Sorry I can't offer a prayer, but I can at least do this." He pushed the butt of the hilt to the body's head and watched it glow, a small butterfly emerging from the corpse's chest.

He watched it float away and sighed. "There was enough of 'im ta pass...good. Rest easy." He sighed. He gripped at his parched throat and sighed, walking into the street. As the dim orange light shined on him, his wings faded, as did his sword, only showing the pale man, wearing a dark hoodie and tight black jeans. His eyes seemed ethereal in the light, and he smiled, showing long, pointed fangs. "And the hunt is neverending..." After he whispered this to himself, a bus passed in front of him, and any who had seen him across the street would watch, and when the bus passed without stopping, Shirosaki Ogichi, the Angel of Death, was gone as if he was never there.

In Limbo...

A demon pulled out a deck of cards and placed them gently on a table covered with a light grey cloth. The 'man' twitched a fox like ear, his closed eyes scanning the empty seat in front of him. For just a moment, he saw in his mind a young man with bright orange hair, honey brown eyes and a soft smile on his face, chatting with friends. "Ah, mah next customer." He sighed happily, fiddling and shuffling the deck. "I will await yer arrival...Kurosaki Ichigo. To determine yer Fate."

Prologue end

I think that may be the longest prologue i've ever done. :3 Don't worry chapter 1 is on its way~! you won't be waiting too long! The inspiration for this story is loosely based from the Persona games. (Helel and Samael are Persona's, Helel is Star Arcana and Samael is Death.) Look them up to read a bit about them. Naturally I'm not sticking to true mythology and religion here, but I think you'll like it. This is also a bit of a gift for ShadowThrone, simpyl for being an amazing authoress~! I hope you enjoy it girl! ;3

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