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Chapter 7

Ichigo opened his eyes to see a strange ceiling. Wh...where am I?

"Yer awake...thank the gods yer ok..." He turned to see Shiro sitting next to him, an exhausted look on his pale face. "I worried I may have..."

"What, killed me?" He asked. "I trusted you...I knew you wouldn't hurt me." Shiro scowled and looked at the floor, hands tight in fists. "Shiro?"

"I could have killed you...how badly your blood sang to me...it wanted me to devour you whole." He said, more to himself. "Damnit...is there any solace for me? Any chance of redemption?"

"Shiro...it's ok." Ichigo placed a hand gently onto Shiro's pale, clenched ones and smiled. "You've been helping me so much...I wanted to return the favor."

"Don't you fucking get it? !" Shiro shouted, standing abruptly and knocking the chair over. "You could've died! What in heaven's name would that fucking accomplish Ichigo?!" He glared at Ichigo angrily. "Do you not wish to live?"

"Of course I do Shiro!" He snapped back. "But I want you to...to..."

"You wish for me to what?! Stay alive after all these centuries?! You wish to prolong my curse?!" Ichigo blinked and watched as Shiro calmed down and sighed. "I'm sorry...I did not mean to shout."

"No...it's ok." Ichigo said quietly. He noticed that, whenever Shiro was angry, upset or he forgot, he would slip into an older way of talking. It's nice... he thought and smilled. "I guess I deserved it. I wasn't thinking of what I put you through..." He looked down at the sheets pooled around his waist. "I just...when I saw you like that...I panicked and I didn't want you to suffer...and after what Grimmjow told me..." He couldn't stop a few tears from sliding past his eyelids. He then felt a cool, gentle hand lift his chin up and he stared into golden orbs filled with years of loneliness and loss, but now also held an emotion he didn't recognize.

"No...You are not at fault Ichigo. I just don't want to see anyone else I...I care for die by my own hands." Shiro sounded lost and confused as he placed his other hand on Ichigo's cheek. "I care for you a great deal...I don't want to see you suffer because of me." Ichigo stared at him before leaning forward and kissing his lips quickly. "Wh-"

"You had a lost, yet cute look on your face." Ichigo chuckled. He noticed a heated look in Shiro's eyes and cleared his throat. "Shi-mmph!" Shiro closed his lips over Ichigo's mouth, sliding his tongue inside his mouth and touching his own tongue. "Mmm..." Ichigo gripped Shiro's long hair as he felt hands trace trails up and down his back. Shiro broke the kiss with a wicked grin. "Huh?"

"Didn't expect ya to enjoy that Ichigo." He grinned and left the room. "Get some more rest ok? See ya in the morning!" Ichigo remained stunned before he blushed scowled.

He played me! That motherfucker!

Shiro slumped on the couch, hands digging in his hair. "No...why? I...I can't fall in love again...he'll just die." He whispered. "But...but I do. I love him...heh I'm a glutton for punishment..." He whispered. Ichigo sat on the steps silently as he heard Shiro talk to himself. "I...I love you Ichigo." Ichigo jolted when Shiro turned to the stairs and grinned. "I knew ya were there..."

"Do you mean what you said?" Ichigo asked quietly.

"I...I'm not exactly sure..." He said. "I've been alone for so long...I was always putting distance between myself and the Reaper of that century." He explained. "I've forgotten what love really feels like...but I feel something...and it's a strong emotion that feels as if its going to overcome me...like a tsunami inside my soul."

"I think I get it...I feel it to." Ichigo walked up and hugged Shiro. "I can wait though...wait for you to figure your feelings out." He smiled as he felt arms around him, holding him in a tender, warm embrace. This feels nice...perfect...

"Thank you very much Ichigo. I appreciate it..." Shiro sighed, his breath tickling Ichigo's ear and making him gasp. Shiro kissed the area next to his ear and he smirked. "I think I'll remember this spot...for later." He teased. Ichigo blushed brightly and Shiro laughed. "Go back to bed ok?" When Ichigo didn't mover he cocked his head to the side. "Ichigo?"

"Can you...sleep with me?" He asked a bit timidly, not at all the nature Shiro was used to. "I mean...if not that's-"

"Sure." He smiled and followed Ichigo upstairs. He stripped to his boxers, Ichigo doing the same and he slid in first, Ichigo afterwords. He spoonerd Ichigo from behind and took a relaxing breath. "Good night Ichigo..."

"Night Shiro..." Both easily fell into a comfortable sleep.

Once again Ichigo found himself staring at Gin who seemed to have an exhausted look in his eyes. "Gin?"

"The cards are still clouded." He said, running fingers through his hair. His fox ears were drooped and he seemed to show his centuries of life. "Something or someone is blocking you and Shiro's fates from my eyes." He frowned.

"I thought no one could block your sight..."

"Only someone with immense power...power that is growing. I had a hell of a time summoning you here to warn you. Whoever it is...wants Shirosaki and you." He said. Ichigo's eyes were wide with shock.

"M-me? What for?"

"This is a guess...but the fact that your body looks like Helel could mean that Samael's curse is ending." Gin whispered quietly. Ichigo nodded and Gin gave him the Kaien doll. "Keep him with you. I'm entrusting the remnant soul of the last Reaper to you. If I cannot reach you and you need my help...Kaien will aid you." He said. Ichigo took the plushie gently, holding it to himself. "I know he'll guide you."

"Gin...you know, you're a real nice guy." He smiled. "I'm glad to have met you three...you Grimmjow and Shiro." Gin turned away, his face slightly pink.

"Y-you humans think with yer dicks too much..." He mumbled. "But...thank you. I do pray you have success." He waved his hand and watched Ichigo and the doll vanish. At the last moments, he saw sadness and pain in the doll's blue button eyes. "No old friend...you have to go...this place will soon dissolve." He looked up to see a cracked ceiling. "If Ichigo doesn't find out who it is soon...all of us who have helped Shiro will be damned to Hell..."

Chapter 7 end

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