Author's Note:

A little bit of Christmas drabbles from me. I might make a few of them so I'll just post the one shot chapters here as they come to me. Some might just be fluff, some might end up being a bit nsfw so we'll see how it goes. Let me know what you think :)

A Christmas Oops

"Just a little a further… Push. Come on… Push! I can do this!" Steve coaxed himself on as he pressed his back against the tree blocking his door, trying to shove it inside. He turned around and pushed again, legs shaking, feet slipping on the front step and he wasn't getting anywhere. Steve wheezed and dropped to his knees, resting on the heavy thing for a second. He found it heavy, that didn't mean it really was. Any other man could probably get it inside no problem; they just needed to lift it and wriggling it around the doorway to get all the branches inside. But Steve couldn't lift it, so that's where he was stuck. "Just a little rest," He told himself, huffing in air, trying to keep it calm and collected because he could feel a cough coming on. And wouldn't that just make his day? To get sick on top of failing to get the tree inside.

"Having trouble there, Steven?" A gentle voice called to him from a little down the sidewalk, he looked over to see his neighbours peering at him curiously. The older couple was just coming home from their daily walk, it seemed. Wrapped up warmly in their fluffy coats, they looked comfortable and friendly, though he couldn't help but feel patronized by their sympathetic looks.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins. And I'm okay, just trying to get the Christmas tree inside." He smiled in return and started to stand up, his throat tickled and agitated him as he regained his footing. Simply trying to clear it with a light cough only made it worse and brought on a full fit, nearly doubling him over again.

"Poor thing…" Mrs. Jenkins whispered and glanced at her husband who rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you wait until Bucky gets home to do it?" He asked, not wanting to actually help, earning a sharp elbow to his ribs from his wife.

Steve gulped air down properly for a few seconds before shrugging and attempting to push the tree in again, "Because Bucky doesn't know I'm doing it. We haven't had a tree in a long time because he's always working and I…" He groaned and strained against the stubborn thing, pausing to look for the stuck branches, "There you are…" he muttered, decidedly not finishing the previous sentence as he spotted the offending areas.

He worked alone for a few more seconds before Mrs. Jenkins joined him and helped him lift and angle the thing inside. "Why would you pick such a big tree then?" She asked kindly, "If you can't carry it, I mean."

"Someone threw it out," Steve laughed, "So I grabbed it and dragged back here." He looked at it fondly as they set it up properly in the living room, it looked kind of smaller than he thought it would but that didn't matter. He'd just have to decorate it with something before Bucky got home.

"You boys try so hard," Mrs. Jenkins sighed as she walked out the door, Steve figured that was her goodbye so he called out after her.

"Thanks for all the help, ma'am!" He hadn't expected her to come back with a box of old Christmas decorations. All Steve could do was blink as she placed it on his floor, "Ma'am?"

"These are for you, Steve." She smiled, "Make it look nice for him."

Tears welled up in his eyes but men don't cry so he held them back and gave her a firm nod. "I will, thank you." A careful hug and a goodbye later she was out the door again, leaving Steve to smile and look sheepishly at the box on his floor.

It was time to surprise his best friend with something that wasn't going to result in a hospital visit for once.

Bucky ran a dirty hand down his face, factory work was going to kill him, he was certain of it. But it paid decent money so he wasn't going to complain. At least he had a job. And as sick as the boy was, he still had Steve. Steve who couldn't do anything of any use because he might die from it. That was a very mean thought to have but Bucky couldn't help it, he was so exhausted from worrying himself sick over his friend. It wasn't Steve's fault and Bucky wished he could help more than just tuck him in at night and pray that a cold didn't turn into pneumonia, or that the strange way Steve's heart beat would be the last one. And it didn't help that the twerp would always go out and do something stupid, or make a mess that he wasn't able to clean up. He loved Steve, he really did, but sometimes he just wanted to shake him. Not hard, just a little. Bucky shook his head and started hauling himself back toward home, he just had to work through things one day at a time.

Approaching their small living space together he looked at the scratches on the doorframe and rubbed his face again, "Steve…." Bucky muttered as he pushed the door open, "What did you do to the door!?" He shouted agitatedly, not caring that Steve had trotted closer and that he didn't need to yell. "Steve, seriously, what happened to the frame?"

"I'll tell you in a second, come here-" Steve motioned for Bucky to follow but stopped when he noticed the overly-tired expression and the agitation starting to mix in. "Bucky? Did I-"

"Do something?" Bucky finished his sentence with a snap, "Yeah, you screwed up the doorframe!" He smacked his hand against the markings before slamming the door shut behind him. "What the heck were you doing?"

"I'll show you-"

"No, I don't want to see whatever stupid project you're doing, okay?" Bucky started kicking off his shoes, his aching feet finding some relief on the tiled floor. "I mean Jesus, Steve. I know you're sick and you can't work but you could at least not be counter-productive and break things." He hadn't looked up but he recognized the sound of Steve's footsteps hurrying away. "Goddamn it…" he muttered, walking into the living room.

When he saw the tree he froze, the thing was perfectly decorated with a card stuck in its branches, or a note since they couldn't afford fancy cards. His name was written on it.

"Goddamn it!" he shouted and ran over to Steve's room, "Steve?" He tried the doorknob, which didn't budge; Steve had locked it. "C'mon buddy, let me in." Bucky rested his head against the door and waited, not hearing any movement on the other side; Steve wasn't going to open it. "Steve… I'm so sorry… I shouldn't have gotten mad like that." He waited quietly until he heard the click of lock. Steve must have been sitting against the door. Bucky slowly opened it, looking down at the huddled up form of his friend and feeling even worse when he saw the tear tracks, the ones that Steve always did his best to hide. "Steve," Bucky knelt down and leaned over, wrapping his arms around the smaller man and pressing their cheeks together. "Thank you."

Steve smiled and held onto Bucky in return, daring enough to be affectionate and nuzzle the other man's face. "You're welcome." He turned his head and planted a kiss that was meant for Bucky's cheek but the other had turned to look at Steve at the same time, so instead the loving gesture landed on Bucky's lips which nearly set Steve's face on fire. He blinked rapidly as Bucky did the same, both just staring at the other.

"Why do you look surprised?" Bucky laughed, wiping his mouth like it wasn't a big deal. "You're the one that kissed me!"

Steve couldn't help the stupid grin that pulled at his lips, "Oops."

"That's it? Oops?" Bucky pulled Steve up to his feet and slapped his back playfully, "Well I guess we'll have to make that a tradition of ours, the Christmas Oops."

"Only if you go along with it." Steve smiled, punching Bucky's arm lightly.

"Of course." Bucky scooped him up around the waist and swung him around so they were nose to nose. Steve was in shock long enough for his best friend to return the kiss, though this time a slick tongue slipped past his teeth and swept around the hot space before retreating.

"B-Bucky!" Steve exclaimed after being placed on the floor again, the taller man continuing to the living room on his own. Steve stared with his mouth open and cheeks a dark red, a loss for words.

"You know me, always have to have the last laugh."

"Jerk." Steve tried to wipe the blush away from his cheeks, following his friend.


Steve sat watching the twinkling lights on the 21st century Christmas tree, the other Avengers still decorating around the tower. He was surprised it was still so widely done, decorating for Christmas. But apparently Pepper really enjoyed the holiday season so anyone who was in the tower had to decorate. Steve had been out when they'd decided this and he could go and help but he wanted to take a moment for himself. The first day that the Christmas tree was put up was the day that their silly tradition was supposed to be carried out.

He closed his eyes and smiled as he pictured Bucky, "Merry Christmas, Bucky." He whispered, looking up at the tree for a few seconds longer before rising. He headed over to the others, taking the stapler from Tony's hand and reaching up to where the shorter man couldn't and stapled the ornamental pieces in place.

"Took you long enough to join in." Tony smirked, not much bothered by the soldier invading his space.

"You're welcome." Steve smirked, finding he had the courage and felt daring enough to tilt Tony's chin up and kiss him. Might as well carry on the tradition. He lifted his head to smile at the shocked brown eyes that stared at him, "Oops."