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Christmas In the Trenches

Steve yawned behind the back of his hand, trying his hardest not to but sometimes they just sneak up. He'd gotten back about two hours ago from a solo mission and was exhausted, he'd nearly run all night to make it back to the rest of the troops in the base camp. They were planning to decorate a Christmas tree and exchange gifts, something that they'd been doing since the start of the war and were continuing to do now. Steve had heard the planned date and promised he'd be back for it. And he was, he just hadn't had any sleep.

The Commandant's Christmas message was being read out to them though Steve could hardly be interested in it. He was struggling to keep his tired sounds to himself. All the other soldiers stood at attention, their backs straight, shoulders back, heads up and arms at their sides. They looked like a military as they received their Christmas wishes, Steve felt a little proud to be part of it, a smile spreading his lips and taking over his face.

"A little tired, Cap?" Bucky elbowed his side and nearly knocked him over, the smaller man's expression taking on a look of shock. "Geez, Steve! I had no idea you were-"

"Shh," Steve gestured for his friend to be quiet, stifling his own surprise as well. He hadn't realized he was this tired either. His solo mission had turned out to be a little more than they'd bargained for, the small base he'd been dispatched to handle had ended up being the front for something much larger and he'd spent the majority of the last three days fighting non-stop. No one questioned how long it had taken him so far, however he'd only just finished organizing his report, he had yet to give it.

"Christmas in the trenches this year," Bucky mused softly, looking forward again with a smile on his lips. He couldn't help but bug Steve, though he was worried about the guy. Steve wasn't the type to be so tired, it was the serum that helped but mostly Steve hated to look exhausted in front of other people.

"Looks that way," The blonde smiled and fought off another yawn, not that Bucky missed the telltale signs on his friend's face. "Wonder if anything special will happen…"

"Always does." Bucky smirked and looked ahead again, doing his best to listen to the speech. They were both silent as the ceremonial portion ended, knowing that back home people were thinking of all the soldiers who couldn't make it home for Christmas. But truthfully? Neither of them had anyone waiting, they were right next to one another on the battlefield, who else would be thinking and wishing for them to come back? Steve was more than happy to be with Bucky during the holidays and likewise Bucky wouldn't rather be with anyone else.

They'd always spent the holidays together, mostly just the two of them. This would be the first year they found themselves with many others in a long time, Steve was curious about what kinds of traditions the others enjoyed. Were there sweets involved? Big meals? Gift giving? The military didn't enforce anything but the guys seemed keen on giving one another things, a sort of Secret Santa set up. Steve loved it; he'd gotten something in one of the towns they'd passed two weeks back, fancy cologne in a cute little shop. He'd wrapped it up and left it with his things, knowing that he might not get a chance later.

"That took a while," Dugan chuckled as the commandos settled into their own little area, glancing over at his captain just in time to catch the man with his mouth wide open in another yawn. "See? Even got Cap droolin' in his sleep."

Steve smirked, his hand coming up to cover his mouth a little, "Not that bad, corporal."

"Sure," Bucky nudged his back as he found a seat. "So we doin' this or what?"

"You bet." Steve answered as everyone placed their gifts in the center of their circle, each with a number assigned to it. Bucky meanwhile tossed a bunch of numbers written on scraps in a helmet, mixing them up quickly.

"You guys know the rules, you get the gift assigned to the number you draw. Got it?" Bucky looked at everyone who nodded their understanding.

"Captain, you first." Dugan grinned. "You do more work."

"I couldn't," Steve shook his head, "Captain goes last, you've all put in just as much effort or more than I have."

"Don't argue with the man," Bucky chuckled, fishing out a number for himself, everyone following suit until they each had one, Steve picking up the last paper with a smile. He didn't care what he got, as long as everyone was having a good time he was happy. They were fortunate to have this chance between missions to begin with.

"Anyone have any interesting traditions they're used to?" Steve asked as they all eagerly picked up the appropriate gift to their chosen number.

"We always had wine," Dugan shook his head sadly, "A big glass of the stuff, and there were these amazing little cakes my girl always made."

"Sounds like your traditions revolve around food, Dum Dum," Bucky grinned, his fingers gently picking at the wrapping of his gift. Steve recognized the little package, Bucky was holding his. He wondered if his friend somehow cheated to get it, but didn't let his suspicions get any louder than silent.

"Shut up Barnes, what do you do as a tradition?" Dugan snarked, also itching to unwrap his gift.

"Steve and I didn't have much for tradition, just one thing." Bucky smiled and Steve had to look at him with a bit of surprise that the other man would even consider bringing it up here.

"And that'd be?"

"We called it a 'Christmas Oops.'"

Steve turned away, slightly embarrassed and unsure about what Bucky was about to do next.

"What the hell is that?" Dugan raised an eyebrow, only bringing up a smirk from the brunette.

Bucky turned Steve's head to face him by angling his chin and locked their lips in a kiss, the captain blushing dangerously hot throughout. The other men's reactions drowned out by his heart beating, he could never forget how it started, that little kiss that was meant for a cheek turned into this. And every year they shared one on Christmas, this year was, thankfully, no different.

They broke apart; Bucky's smile widening as Steve's started to mimic it. Their eyes didn't leave the other's for several seconds before looking back to their team.

"That." Steve admitted somewhat sheepishly, trying not to notice the stupid grins on everyone else's faces.

"Can we open these now!?" Bucky demanded, part of the wrapping already torn on his.

Steve welcomed the distraction happily, "Let's, please."

The others allowed it, this time anyway, and tore their gifts open. Some got a new tie, suspenders, a shaving kit (for Dugan which made them all chuckle), Steve raised an eyebrow at the poster of a pinup girl that was wrapped around an American flag. "Seriously?" He laughed, "I think this is the most appropriate gift."

"Nope," Bucky lifted up the cologne with a smile, "Because some homo-jerk bought perfume."

Steve snorted back a laugh, "Merry Christmas, guys."