Bleach: White Star Rising

Summary: what if the Vizard and Xcution were not the only organizations that hid within Karakura Town?

The White Star are a group made up of Spirit Exiles. From Soul Reapers, Hollow to Quincy and Bounts. This group of powerful beings seek to overthrow the Spirit Realm and bring forth a age of Everlasting Peace.

A War that will shake the foundations of reality.

A Betrayal that will shake Ichigo's resolve.

Wounds of the past are reopened as a foe more powerful than Aizen takes to the field.

Hey Guys. Just to say there is a reason I am starting another OC fic and many of are thinking why I am putting out so many OC stories.

Well I am currently planning a story that combines Revenge of the Ten Tails and Crimson Scales together into a single adventure where Alligator Red and Honda Lee must rescue their friends from a unspeakable evil that threatens both their worlds.

But of course the fic wont be uploaded till at least next year as I want to at least get half-way through Ten Tails and Crimson Scales.

Anyways here is the OC form and only Four characters can be accepted!

that's right Four, because I noticed many villains of Bleach come in small numbers and plus with the White Star Leader and the Traitor the group would number six.

Anyways here the OC form.


Age: ( if its unknown. Please state when they last appeared e.g. Pre-Sereitei )

Appearance: ( be detailed as possible please, this also includes their outfit)

Personality: ( Be descriptive Please)

Race: (Hollow, Quincy, Shinigami or Bount)

Zanpakuto, Quincy Blade or Doll: (Quincy Blades don't have a name so simply describe the weapon and please don't just say a sword.)

Shikai, Bankai, Ressurecion or Final Form: (describe the abilities and appearance of the release forms, if a Character is a Shinigami and they have both Shikai and Bankai describe both. Bounts do not have a release state)

History: ( Now this must be at least a long paragraph, stating their past and reasons they where cast out by their Race and why they joined the White Star and make the reasons unique! As I have seen a lot of revenge driven OC's being submitted through out my many OC stories)

I will use The White Star Leader as a example.

Name: Yamamoto Kenshin

Age: Born Pre-Sereitei

Appearance: a handsome individual who, despite his age, looks to be in his early thirties. His eyes are a razor sharp grey and his raven black hair is dusted with white with a hint of stubble on his cheeks and is the only hint of his true years. Kenshin is tall and powerfully built and is almost impossible to miss in a crowd thus he does not make public appearances much. Kenshin is normally found shirtless and displays the hundreds of scars that adorn his muscled frame and also gives him a mental edge against his enemies. He wears a pair of worn camouflage trousers with well polished iron-capped boots.

Personality: Kenshin is a man that has a natural charisma of a leader, but he can also be harsh and demanding of his subordinates yet he will offer words of encouragement and praise where its needed. Kenshin is very open-minded and will not condemn a person in need even if they were a Hollow. This earned him respect and prestige among many people. Yet if someone hindered his path, Kenshin would kill them without remorse.

Race: Unknown but he has shown skills that are Quincy-like in origin as well as several basic Shinigami abilities.

Quincy Blade/Zanpakuto?: A sword similar to a Spatha (Roman Long sword). Its double edged but the guard is square and black and the hilt is made from Hollow bone in the shape of a eagle with rubies for the eagles eyes. It is unknown if it is a Zanpakuto.

Final Form: Kenshin's Final Form is called Praetorians Shield, that covers him in a thin but powerful skin of Spirit Energy and is a very powerful defence and so far no one has wounded Kenshin in this form. To those who have a ability to see Spirit Energy, they would be able to see Kenshin emitting a soft golden glow and see the outline of wings.

History: Yamamoto Kenshin was one of the warriors that fought during the Pre-Sereitei wars. A mighty warrior feared for his skill with his blade and killing a Vasto Lordre in single combat, Kenshin earned the title Kenshin the War Fang. However during these wars, he made friends in several of the Shinigami's enemies thus making his comrades doubt his loyalty when he spared a Quincy General. Eventually he was betrayed by several nobles and cast out from the Yamamoto Clan in disgrace, however he returned and killed the ones who conspired against him. This act brought down the wrath of the Divisions.

The after-life's greatest warriors, that included Kenshin's own grandfather, defeated the exile and belived to have slain him as no remains were found after the battle.

He returns now from gaining his strength back and this time he seeks to bring peace back to the world.

Even if it means killing his own kin.

Here you go and please send your character by review or PM and before I close this author note, the reason I do OC creations fics is because I love seeing the many unique characters that people come up with and it also allows the readers to have a little say in the story.

Anyways, I hope to see characters soon and the first Chapter will be written when the first 2 OC's are accepted.

Gandalf42 out for now.

P.s. Flames will be ignored.