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Chapter 1: Monsters in the Shadows

It was raining on the morning of January 21st and the day Yamamoto Kenshin was waiting for.

He watched the rain through his office window and hummed a small tune he used to sing to his son before he disappeared those long years ago. It was dark memory that he suppressed immediately and decided to turn his attention back to his informant, who was lounging on one of the over-stuffed chairs in front of the roaring fireplace, a glass of brandy in her hand.

" So Aizen was sentenced to 20,000 years?" Kenshin asked as he took a seat in the chair opposite and poured himself his own drink. The Informant nodded sadly.

" It was apparently impossible to execute him and so they locked him away deep in the Maggots Nest." she said a small hint of humour in her voice making Kenshin raise a curious brow.

" Surely if they cant kill him then he will just wait out his sentence?" Kenshin snorted in amusement.

This Central 46 sounded like a bunch of overpaid fops.

" With Aizen out of the picture and many of the surviving Arrancar fleeing back into Hueco Mundo, Soul Society is focusing on rebuilding their forces and consolidating their position. They suffered a lot of losses as Hollows began to attack the Rukongai when the Captains focused on Aizen, some four thousand losses in total." the Informant saw Kenshin stare into the fire, already adjusting his plans to this new information.

" What about the talks with Hueco Mundo and the Vanderreich?" He was curious to how they would respond and he was not disappointed.

" Hueco Mundo is in chaos and hundreds of factions have sprang up but many are supporting a Arrancar called Neiliel Tu Oderswhack, she says that if she did not owe a Shinigami her life she would have marched alongside us. Neiliel has stated she wants Hueco Mundo to be neutral in this war, she awaits your answer."

" So be it. Hueco Mundo has earned this respite but what of Vanderreich?" Kenshin was hoping the Emperor of the Reich would accept his alliance. Having such a ally would boost their chances at success in the coming campaign to certain victory.

The Informant drained her glass before replying.

" They have agreed to lend a Regiment of Soldat (Soldiers) to the cause but none of the Stern Ritter will lead them as Juu Bach says that his legions are still scattered but he said it is fine for you to assume command of the Regiment."

Kenshin smiled and was happy his delegates were somewhat successful but the Informant was not finished.

" But the Vanderreich will join us when the Legions are gathered." she grinned as Kenshin looked at her in surprise and joy. It was rare for him to express his emotions as he had few friends and his family had cast him out in the most violent of ways.

Kenshin's grin was wide and wild.

" How many are we?"

" Ten thousand Hollows, six hundred Shinigami, forty Bounts and just over five hundred Quincy. The muster is almost complete and with the Vanderreich our numbers are over twenty thousand." a powerful force never before seen since the founding of the Sereitei.

All under Kenshin's command.

Soon he will have his War to end Wars and Peace shall reign.

" My Lord, I have a request?" Kenshin was brought from his thoughts and frowned. His loyal spy never sounded so hesitant before.

" My Dear what have I told you about using titles when we are alone but please tell me what you wish." She bowed her head in apology, her eyes refusing to meet his. She places the glass down on the small table beside her.

" Kenshin-san please spare my friends." The Spy swallowed the dry lump in her throat, expecting him to explode into anger or even kill her with the blade that hung over the fire. What she did not expect was his answer.

" I will not touch them my dear." he said quietly " but I expect to cross blades with this Kurosaki boy as he will run to Soul Societies aid so I can not guarantee his safety." Kenshin noticed she held back her tears of gratitude and smiled.

He did not like making her sad.

" Daughter its getting late and you have school tomorrow. Go and gets some rest." The young girl nodded but not before hugging her father tightly.

" Thank you for everything."

Yamamoto Kenshin watched his daughter leave and then drained his glass. It had been so long since someone had thanked him for just being himself and it brought a warmth to his heart that he had not felt in so long.

My Queen I will achieve our dream and our Daughter will never cry again. On that I promise.

My Dear Yachiru.


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