Total Drama vs. WWE

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Total Drama series, nor do I own the WWE of any cases. It's been a long time since I wrote a wrestling fic, and I'm back! So, here it is!

Chapter 3: Feed Me Alejandro

The RAW theme song had played yet again as commentators Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler return to do what they do best: call the action.

"We're back for more Monday Night RAW as the entire crew of Total Drama is making a killing so far!" Michael Cole replied to the camera as King stepped in.

"Indeed, we saw Santino Marella get a taste of his own medicine thanks to Sam, Dakota and I can't believe I'm actually saying this... but the Dakobra! You ever seen such weird things like a sock that looks like your girlfriend?" The King said in amazement.

"To be exact, I've seen a lot more worse than what Mick Foley wears, but at least the sock Sam wore had a nice April Fresh scent. Anyway, let's get right back to the action." Cole said just nodding his head off as Latin mariachi music was playing throughout the arena to a counterattack of boos from the WWE Universe. Justin Roberts approached the mic as the third contestant came out.

"This next matchup is scheduled for one-fall! Making his way down the aisle... from Barcelona, Spain... weighing at 225 pounds... Alejandro Burromuerto!"

Alejandro came out to the ring with just that hateful smirk and that really smug attitude that he had infested everyone over the past two years since his time on Total Drama World Tour. He was being booed loudly, although it wasn't very loudly as when Vickie Guerrero came out, but still, he was a thorn to everyone's excruciating side.

"I don't understand king! How come everyone hates this guy?" Michael Cole said looking really upset that Alejandro would be booed like this, but the bastard nevertheless deserved it, "He should be a hero that the fans and the entire Total Drama universe and the entire WWE should look up to! This isn't right!"

"I say that it's damn right! Alejandro is nothing but a swampdonkey who only uses cheating as a way to get what he wants! He's like Alberto Del Rio plus Edge equals the Taco Bell Chihuahua. He's pretty much learning to lick his own balls, as far as I'm concerned!" The King exclaimed as Alejandro took the mic and beganto speak much to the horror of the WWE Universe.

"It is such a pleasure of you to be witnessing my presence right here in this city full pigs known as Madison Square Garden!" Alejandro exclaimed as he was trying to hear the cheers go through his head. Instead, Alejandro kept getting the boos he was trying to ignore. He then lashed out at the fans who weren't taking him seriously. "Oh, come on! You all know I made the rest of you fans proud, when I won those 1 million pesos for my home country of Spain! All of you Americans are nothing but disrespective to my culture! Well, it's no matter anyway... because no matter who my opponent is, I'm gonna teach him the same way you oughtta treat me! And that's respect!"

After Alejandro finally finished his statement, he was trying to drown out his ears, preventing the boos that was going to his brain.

"Respect? Who does Alejandro think he is, CM Punk with a cartful of Mexican blankets?" King said with such a hint of unnervousness.

"It seems that way..." Cole said as Alejandro was getting hyped up for his next opponent, but unfortunately, Alejandro was caught by surprise with three simple words that was playing throughout the arena:


Hearing this, Alejandro felt his jaw drop like a burrito sized kidney stone when he heard the theme song. With the roaring fans right on their feet, It meant only one thing...

"From Sin City... weighing 291 pounds... Ryback!"

Ryback had came out of the arena just like the hungriest werewolf he was, just looking for the finest piece of carne asada that was Alejandro himself. The cold stare Ryback gave Alejandro looked like a one-man nuclear apocalypse just waiting to explode at any moment. And as he finally entered the ring, Ryback couldn't wait to rip Alejandro like a cold weakless fish. He was gonna gut the latin casanova and put him right on the grill. Ryback for once, never even spoke right at Al. Instead, the actions and the beatdowns Ryback was soon gonna put on Al would do the talking for him.

The referee rung the bell as Alejandro decided to give a clothesline to the meat-hungry Ryback, but alas, the shot didn't effect him one bit.

"What the-?" Alejandro said in stuuned disbelief as Ryback became unaffected by the hit. So Alejandro decided to plant him with a clothesline once again.

But the results still ended the same. Ryback was once again unaffected.

"Why won't you go down, sabes que?" Alejandro said looking really upset that he wasn't doing that much damage to Ryback, so the meat-eater responded...

... by forcing Alejandro right into the turnbuckle and started doing each shoulder charge just to make Alejandro's spanish ribs tender.

"Ryback is just ramming into him one-by-one!" King exclaimed as Alejandro was grunting in pain each time Ryback was ramming over him with those shoulder charges.

"This is un-fair! Why did Alejandro have to fight Ryback? Why shouldn't he fight someone weaker just like Rey Mysterio?" Cole complained a bit as Ryback threw Alejandro right across the ring like a helpless mouse being slingshotted.

"Get up!" Ryback said angrily to Al as he picked the casanova up with a gorilla body press and just let Alejandro go, much to his mercy.

Al wen't down with such a horrendous thud. This is not the way Al wanted to start off the match. He was now being a victim of his own meat-induced karma. Ryback began bodyslamming him over and over again for a nice few minutes of the match. Just picked him up and slammed him down just like a basketball going down with violent intensity.

"Look at Ryback. It's like Alejandro isn't even trying to make a dent over him!" Cole complained once more as Ryback bodyslammmed the Latin ladies man once again. Alejandro was inching his back in such pain as he begged Ryback for mercy. Of course in Ryback's mind, it was no mercy.

Luckily for Al, the referee broke them up, just so Al would take a breather. Ryback was getting pumped up thanks to the 'Feed Me More' chants he was getting. He was hoping for a quick finish.

Ryback began to set himself up for the Meat Hook Clothesline. Alejandro was gonna be served on a plate wrapped in a flour tortilla with all the garnishings. And Ryback's appetite was so tasty.

Ryback took off only for Alejandro to duck and give Ryback a nice swift kick to the head.

"Ooooh! What a kick to the head by Alejandro to the monster known as Ryback. I've never seen Ryback stumble like that!" Michael Cole exclaimed as Alejandro made a nice diving shoulder block to Ryback, much to the fans annoyance. There was no way that Alejandro was gonna be victim of the latest meat-eaters appetite.

Alejandro then treated Ryback to a couple of elbow drops and nice knee drops, in an effort to keep Ryback down on the mat. Al was doing a mighty good job. And as he picked up Ryback, he gave a nice dirty elbow shot to the referee, knowing that with the referee down, anything was gonna come and go. It was now no holds barred.

Alejandro then put Ryback and got him into a nice powerslam, much to the fans disgust. They began to chant 'Al' throughout the whole match, which made Alejandro shout angrily at the fans that he didn't want to be interrupted like this. But he kept on ignoring their rude manner whatsoever.

"Oh, now where's Alejandro going now?" The King replied in disgust as the casanova began to grab a chair from the announcer's table.

"He's gonna show Ryback and the rest of the fans of what respect really means! And he doesn't really care what the fans think, either!" Cole exclaimed as Alejandro gritted his teeth angrily and began to raise up the chair, knowing that he'll make the final kill to Ryback.

But before Alejandro could seal the deal on a cheap easy victory, he was somehow greeted by Justin, who somehow came to the ring and was welcomed by cheers from the WWE Universe.

"Look at this, Justin's here!" The King exclaimed as the male model took the chair that Alejandro had and just threw it away, much to the fans relief. Alejandro soon noticed this as Justin got out of the ring, just in the nick of time.

"Oh, come on now! What does Justin have to do with Alejandro in the first place?" Cole exclaimed madly as Justin gave Alejandro a cold stare. It was much colder than hell riding on a Harley.

"I'm pretty sure whatever this was. This has somewhat become very personal between them! Believe you me, it's gotta be about jealousy, Cole! Trust me!" King exclaimed to Michael as Justin kept on walking back to the stage with a chair in his hand, leaving Alejandro to lash out at him verbally for interrupting this match.

Meanwhile, Ryback got up on his own two feet and stanced himself consciously. With rage in his eyes and a vein on his forehead, he was waiting for Alejandro to turn right around. And as the Latin rodrigo turned right around...

...he was greeted by a meat hook clothesline, courtesy of the 290-pound Ryback. The impact was so intense that it knocked Alejandro's shiny bull necklace out of plain sight. He was flipped over like a moldy infested crepe at Cinco De Mayo. Ryback soon got up to his feet and turned to the fans, indicating that the end was now near for Alejandro, enough said.

"FINISH IT!" Ryback yelled monstrously as he approached Alejandro's unconscious body and got him into a suplex position. This was definitely gonna be bad for Al one bit.

"Ohhh, no... here it comes!" The King chuckled much to Alejandro's insult to injury, "Looks like Alejandro's gonna get served on a silver platter!"

Ryback then got Alejandro in a fisherman's suplex position and picked him up in a torture rack like move. For enjoyment, he was marching around the ring just like the beat to his own vicious violent drum. This was definitely gonna be Alejandro's end of his world.

"Alejandro! Get out of there!" Michael Cole shouted right to Alejandro as he was still out just like a good Christmas light. It was to no avail.

Ryback took a good run, a nice jump, and...


Ryback gave Alejandro a nice case of Shell Shocked. The Latin ladies man was now stunned and maybe paralyzed waist down because of the impact. Without having no time to waste, Ryback immediately covered Alejandro for the pin as the referee counted away.

"1... 2... 3!"

The bell rang, signaling that match was over, and maybe... so did Alejandro himself. He looked pretty much like one injured veggie.

"Here is your winner... Ryback!"

"Looks like I was right all along Cole! Alejandro did get served on a silver platter! All we need is salsa and some nice nacho cheese sauce and he's ready to go!" King joked out loud as Cole was upset like it was.

"It was all because of Justin! Alejandro lost because of Justin himself! I call that an unfair advantage!" Cole exclaimed angrily as King just scoffed.

"Will you please get over it, Cole? I'm glad Alejandro got what he deserved. He might have won in Total Drama World Tour, but it looks like he doesn't beat Ryback as far as I'm concerned! He's now a new addition to Ryback's food chain!" King chuckled as he saw Ryback do his 'Feed Me More' chant to the rest of the fans, who got a kick of Alejandro getting thrashed like a piece of Hispanic garbage itself. It was certain that Justice was done here tonight.

"Don't even bother, okay! I've had enough meat just to screw a horse." Michael Cole said, just spatting out to The King just like a huge drunkard again.

"I always love the drunk talk of yours..." The King smirked as he saw Alejandro miraculously crawling out of the ring with every bit of his scum-infested strength. "We've got more fun than to shove meat in animals when Total Drama vs. WWE comes back! I can't wait!"

I love writing how bad Alejandro's ass gets kicked. It puts a smile to my face nonetheless!

Next up will be the moonchild herself, Dawn! What opponent will I have lined up for her? I'm not asking which opponent, though! You'll have to find out right after you read and review! Show... off.