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In this story Ikuto never left instead his father returned while Amu left without a trace on the same day leaving everything behind. Ikuto, Aruto, Utau and Souku (I think thats her name) are a happy family. Also Ikuto now works as a Music teacher in a 5 years Amu comes back but is cold hearted the total opposite to before. Charas are still there but Amu lost the old ones and got new ones.


Amu and other guardians-19



Ikuto (POV)

I walked down the streets, Yoru nibbling on a sardine on my shoulder. But then flying off saying something about getting more… Already 5 years have passed since my strawberry left and Dad came back, we have been a happy Family ever since but without Amu being here it feels kind of….lonely. I did this every day, walk around the City until my feet would hurt hoping I might find her.

Suddenly I saw a pink head in the crowd. All my thoughts washed away as I followed it into an alleyway, all except for one. She is back. She kept walking further down the ally until it ended in a dead end, I decided to speak but in that moment she turned around, I was shocked. Her hair now reached her slender hips which were adored by a midnight blue mid-thigh skirt and two studded belts that hung loose. Her legs were covered by hot pink tights with black converse, and she was wearing a dark pink tank top with a blue paw print on the stomach area. But what I saw next scared me, as I looked into her eyes I saw no happiness or cheerfulness like they used to be, only sorrow, sadness and loneliness. But all disappeared once she saw me look, her usually warm gold orbs turned ice, cold, void of all emotion.

"Amu…." I whispered as I slowly walked closer until our faces were only separated by a few centimeters. We never broke eye contact.

"Your family is back together right" she said in a cold voice. I could only nod." Good I was worried when Aruto stopped sending letters if he was back yet or not" a smile ghosted over her lips.

"stoppend sending letters?" I asked curiosity flooding my mind. She turned cold again.

"Never mind, I am sorry but I have to go now." She looked at me and then whispered, "Chara Change" suddenly black cat ears appeared on her head a a black tail grew from her back, as she swiftly jumped up onto the wall. "Don't worry we will meet again soon" then she jumped down the other side and disappeared. Exactly then Yoru found me.

"Ikuto~nya what happened?" he asked

"Shes back" was all I said as I turned around and left the alley slowly making my way home a smile on my lips.

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