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(Ikuto POV)

After Amus explanation yesterday I was anxious to talk to her again so I once I woke up I quickly got dressed, grabbed an apple and walked out of the house with Yoru in my pocket. Since I lived quite far away I chara changed with him and hurried to school before the students would arrive. When I entered the school I walked up to my classroom and placed todays papers on my Desk, soon my homeroom students started to fill the class. (If you don't know, homeroom is a 10 minute time period where the teacher just checks if you are here and tells you about upcoming events and such) Fortunately the kiddy king and his crew where in my group so I could over hear if they said anything about Amu, and soon enough they did.

"Hinamori isn't here today I checker her homeroom, maybe she's sick?" Kukai stated.

"She was perfectly fine yesterday!" Kiddy king muttered.

"Since she wanted to skip school yesterday she might also do it today." Nagihiko said.

"Sounds about right" soccer boy replied and then I stopped listening. She isn't in school, well that makes talking to her a bit difficult…how do I get out of school without problems?...Yes!

"Class I don't feel well so I will now check in with the nurse while you can make your way to your classes." I said making my voice sound sore. Then I walked out of the class and to the nurse's office, knocking softly in the door. "Excuse me? *cough*"

"Yes" a female voice anwered. Perfect. I walked in putting on a kitty face

" I don't feel well would you mind to tell the director *cough* that I am not able to teach today?" I asked looking as sick as possible.

"S-sure." She said a blush on her face.

"Thanks you, I will go home now."

"B-but you are sick you need supervision!" Damn it! Stupid fangirl. I heard Yoru snicker behind me.

"Don't worry my girlfriend is waiting for me" I lied smoothly.

"O-oh, okay goodbye." I walked out of the room and went to my car. Once I sat in my car I started the motor and drove out of the parking lot but then it hit me I don't know where to look, grrr!...Maybe Yoru can sense them or something. "Yoru?"


"Can you try and sense Amu for me please"

"Sure I'll try~nya!" he said and then closed his eyes while impatiently waited for the traffic light to turn green. Suddenly he jumped up his tail swishing wildly and eyes wide "She is at the Park!"

"Good job Yoru. I'll treat you to some catnip later." I said smiling at my Chara. When the light finally turned green I stepped down onto the gas and drove towards the park. Once I arrived I quickly parked the car and walked around the park when suddenly Yoru clutched onto my neck whimpering slightly. "What happened?"

"Its Amu….she chara transformed with that evil looking chara and now s-she is dark!" I yelped not letting go of me. Amu went dark? I ran as fast as I could towards the center of the park where I then hid in a tree watching the scene unfold.

Amu was just landing on the ground when she said:"Chara-nari, Amulet Dark Galaxy" she wore a skin tight black halter top with bright pink striped which stopped a few centimeters under her chest, dark red short shorts and black heels which had strings running up her leg up to her knee. But not only her clothes changed, her hair turned blood red with black tips and her eyes changed to a dark red with black edges. Damn, she looks so ho- wait, no wrong time FOCUS! She walked a few steps and then froze holding her hand out in front of her "Dark Void" a small black hole formed above her palm and everyone in the park dropped to their knees, eyes turning dull as X-eggs came out of their chests and floated towards Amu who seemingly didn't care that she was destroying the dreams of all the people. Soon she was circled by hundreds of X-eggs from all over the crowded park she then lowered her hand and the eggs started to go wild "Force field, on" a matte circle enclosed her and the eggs inside its self-forcing them to stay in place, "pressure up" suddenly all the eggs shattered at once their shells crumbling into nothing "force field, off" it sounded as if she was crying.

(Amu POV)

"Force field, off" I felt a tear slip down my cheek. Got to cry when we have an audience… I took a deep breath, "Mitsuki, go!" I yelled.

"Lets go Am~nya!" she yelped and jumped towards me as we used our chara switch, "Chara-nari Amulet Neko" now instead of Amulet Dark Galaxy I was standing there as Amulet Neko in my dark blue tube top with a pink paw print in the middle that stopped a few centimeters above my belly button, a pair of dark pink shorts that had a dark blue skirt over them that was cut up on both sides like Mitsukis and I was wearing dark blue sneakers with pink laces. On my head were my black ears and my black tail appeared on my lower back while the humpty lock turned into a bell that now hung around my neck on a pink choker.

"Chiming bells" I grabbed the bell from my neck and it turned into 3 slightly bigger bells that were dangling off a string. I shook them making them chime in harmony sounding as soothing as Utaus Heart full song. After minute of shaking they took effect, the earlier smashed eggs formed again but now they were back to their original pure form then they floated back to their owners chest. "I am sorry" I whispered as the last egg went back. I jumped into the trees and looked up into the sky The embryo didn't show ugh… I landed back on the ground and checked my phone for the time. 3:32 pm. I then clicked the SMS icon and typed "Created about 100 eggs, he didn't show up though. That is my report" and sent it to the boss. He answered immediately "We already have a plan to create more, I will tell you when were finished the plan" Great, he has a plan. I sighed walking to the next ice cream parlor and bought a strawberry and one chocolate filled cone. Sitting down under a tree in the park I started licking at the pink treat. "Ikuto come out your ice cream is melting" I heard him groan in annoyance while Yoru snickered on his shoulder.

"how do you do that?" he asked sitting down next me. I handed him his ice cream and he started eating it immediately.

"Practice makes perfect I guess….and by the way I saw you when I did that little thing back there."

He suddenly stiffened as if he had forgotten about it and then his expression looked like a hurt kitty. "Amu, what you-" I sat down on his lap and laid my head on his chest yawning.

"Im tirred from the action from before, I'll take a nap on you ok?" I said looking him in the eyes, I nodded still in shock; I kissed him and then placed my head back on his chest "Night Ikuto-koi…"

(Ikuto POV)

After I recovered from the shock I smiled and hugged her closer to me laying my head on top of hers, since I suddenly felt tired as well.

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