Pokémon/Avatar Crossover fanfiction

Ashley Melody Ketchum (melody)- 15

Jay waterflower-15


Alex- 14



Ash ketchum- 35

Misty waterflower- 37


Ash and misty grew up and married different people. Ash's daughter Melody, is basically lie an avatar and is best with fire. The only people who know this is her family. But what will happen when Jay waterflower runs into her and they appear a lot lie ash and misty as ids.l

Melody walked in the woods listening to the twins arguing beside her. "I told you Cerulean is this way, Ughhh cant you Read a map!" "Well if your so smart how about you do it then!" Drew countered. "Will you guys shut up cerulean is that way" as I pointed toward the right. "How would you know" Drew asked thinking he won. "well if you don't remember AN-drew BLIND avatar, I can see with my feet" Drew turned around and stuck his toungue out at her. "Now will you two stop" Alexa said mimicking my tone. "HaHa" I said sticking my toungue out. "WERE FREE!" Drew yelled once we got out. " Yes I see cerulean city!" Alexa said as she sprinted away. Drew and I looked at eachother before running after her.

When we got there Alexa had already checked us in. " Are you guys ready to go to the gym" They both nodded and we walked out. "will you Stop muttering OW every 5 seconds" Drew snapped. "Its not my Fault this ground is soo hot!" Melody replied. " Well put on some shoes Ashley!" " Why you lit" Melody stopped when Alexa interrupted. "Were here!" Alexa said sighing now that the argument cooled down.

Alexa gaped at the building it was amazing. Also it was a water gym and she loved water poemo