Percy and Annabeth were fighting back to back, as always. Fighting with her made him complete, like it was the only thing they lived for—killing monsters. they knew each others weaknesses, and did their best to protect it. they knew each others techniques. He and Annabeth had closed the doors of Death, and survived Tartarus. Nothing could pull them apart.

Gaea risen, thanks to the death of Katie and Travis. Not that it was a good thing, everyone grieved at their death. She rose from Zeus' fist, with a simply face that said, Haha, foolish demigods. You can't win. I have risen!

Everyone saw it happen, it was right when the battle started. Katie had gotten cut badly, and told Travis (very loudly) that she had forgiven him for even stupid prank he and his brother pulled. He carried her to safety, but was stabbed in the back by an empousa. Their death was hard on everyone, mainly Connor though. He had just lost his brother, the one he considered his twin, the one who saved his butt millions of times from the wrath of Annabeth...

Percy couldn't help but notice that Gaea didn't die, he thought she had gone into the Styx, but decided against it, he couldn't e imagine Dirt Face in the Styx.

Percy was jarred back to reality when he heard a cry. He turned just in time to see Butch fall, clutching his stomache. Even though this made more than half the people fighting cry, Percy was happy. Not at Butch's death. Not at the death of Katie and Travis. Not at the death of so many Greeks and Romans—but at the fact that they we're winning, people were mad, they kept slashing through each and every monster they encountered, even the Aphrodite kids. Lacy had fallen at the hands of Gaea herself. Connor was a mad man, hardly anything saw him coming before they were turned into a pile of dust.

Three monsters left. Two monsters left. One monster left. The last monster—Gaea. She deflected every knife, sword, axe, and shoe that hit her. Her eyes, Percy froze, he looked into her eyes. Bright blue eyes. Just like Luke's. Now Percy was mad, he couldn't stand it. He couldn't u dear stand how much power eyes hold.

Annabeth ran up to Gaea, her knife aimed a one special point—the heart. Gaea simply dodged and took a swipe at Annabeth's chest.

"Eep!" Annabeth shrieked.

"NO!" Percy yelled, but he was too late.

Annabeth staggered away, staring at herself. She was bleeding everywhere. She collapsed. Percy quickly caught her and brought her down to the lake.

"Take care of her. Save her," he told a couple of naiads. "I'll be back for you. Promise." he said to Annabeth, who's breathing was becoming very slow, and he kissed her head. The naiads took her body down into the lake.

Percy ran back to Gaea. He had to stop her. If she killed Annabeth... No. He didn't dare himself to think about it. Then an idea clicked. Gears turned, he had an idea.

"The heart! It's not in her! Where she rose! Zeus' fist!" He yelled. Percy ran the forest, which was in ruins–trees on fire, trees smashed to shreds, one tree even had someone's sword sticking out of it.

He found the area quickly. The place where the Battle of the Labyrinth happened. He could hear Gaea call out to him,"You're too late, my boy! The girl will die! There's nothing you can do to save her! You'll lose!"

Tears streaked his face. He didn't stop though.