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It was wrong, oh so very wrong. But the most fun things in life were wrong.

Andromeda couldn't believe what the girl did to her, she absolutely beautiful with her bright red hair and brilliant green eyes. Such intense green eyes!

The girl was so young, but Andromeda couldn't seem to care about the age. She was married as well as Lily but that didn't seem to matter to her either.

Lily was everything that Andromeda wished that she could be. She was strong, confident, brave, loyal and just too beautiful for words.

She couldn't help but stare out right at Lily at the Order meetings. She was just so stunning that it should be a crime to look that good.

Andromeda would often find herself daydreaming about being with Lily. She would find herself wanting to wrap her arms around Lily and hugging her close to her.

She knew that it was wrong that she wanted to be with Lily but found herself not caring. When Andromeda found out that James and Lily were pregnant with their first child she was heart-broken that she wasn't going to be the one to share that moment with Lily.

When there was news that You-Know-Who had finally killed James and Lily; Andromeda cried herself to sleep at night. Her husband knew that Andromeda had cared for Lily and was friends with her but he never knew just how strong her feelings were for Lily.

In the end though she managed to move on, it was hard; oh so hard but she knew that she had to. Nobody could know just how she had and still felt towards Lily.

It didn't stop her from visiting Lily's grave though; she would walk right pass James' grave and go straight to Lily's. She wouldn't say anything, she would just stand there holding white lilies in her hands that were never put on her grave.

She never forgot her love for Lily but she moved on with her husband and later on her daughter.