At last, it was finally the weekend. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin were already in their home. They practically ran out of that music room at the end of the day.

They were sitting in the bedroom at that point; Kaoru working diligently on his homework while Hikaru just looked off his twin's paper to get all the answers he was too lazy to find for himself.

Now normally, this wasn't a problem for Kaoru. He was usually okay with giving Hikaru the answer to homework. But for some reason, it irked him today.

"Hikaru, do you really have to look off my paper like that all the time? Can't you just do you own work for one?" Kaoru said, his eyebrows creasing.

Hikaru blinked rapidly, trying to figure out why Kaoru just snapped all the sudden.

"Kaoru, what the hell? Who shoved a stick up your ass today?" He asked, mostly joking. "This never bugged you before. What's up?" he asked, looking at him with wide, concerned eyes.

Kaoru sighed, honestly surprised at himself for snapping at his brother. "I don't know…I should be happy-it being the weekend and all-but I don't know. I'm probably just…in a bad mood or whatever." He placed his head in his hands, trying to clear his mind,

"Well, is there any way I can help?" Hikaru said, lifting the other's chin up to look at him. "I want to make sure you're okay."
Kaoru froze; his heart skipped a beat for a moment. Sometimes it was hard for Kaoru to believe that they were identical. Sometimes Hikaru looked ten times more beautiful than he saw himself. Kaoru started to blush a faint pink.
He always loved Hikaru. He never told him, he didn't really want to get rejected by his own brother. But if he was going to make a move, now was his chance. They were already close enough…
Kaoru leaned in slightly and pressed his lips to his brothers.
Hikaru gasped softly in shock, but made no move to stop him. He was jumping for joy inside. He has been waiting his whole life for his true love to finally kiss him. He just sat there, not quite sure of what to do.
When Kaoru finally pulled away, his face was flushed a crimson red. He looked away, embarrassed about what he just did. He just couldn't help himself.
Not that Hikaru particularly minded.
"S-sorry, Hika…" Kaoru said, almost inaudible. He stood and started walking away from the desk. Hikaru jumped out of his seat and ran over to Kaoru, grabbing his arm and spinning him around.
"I'm not." Hikaru said lovingly.
"Absolutely not." Hikaru leaned in and kissed Kaoru himself, pulling him closer to his body.
Kaoru kissed back and they exchanged a deep, passionate kiss. Hikaru's hands slid down to Kaoru's waist and Kaoru's hands floated up mindlessly to wrap around Hikaru's neck.
Kaoru let out a small whimper of happiness and Hikaru pulled his other half to the bed and layed him down. Kaoru pulled away slightly and looked at Hikaru, confused at his actions.

"Laying down is more comfortable than standing, isn't it?" Hikaru replied, looking at the other lovingly.
Kaoru blushed impossibly bright and nodded, pulling Hikaru back to kiss him.

Hikaru was like his poison. But he was too good to quit. Like a wonderful drug.
Hikaru was too busy enjoying himself to actually think about what he was doing. He was running his hands along Kaoru and taking it all in; the feel of his lean yet muscular body. He felt bad that it was still clothed, but he didn't want to take anything further than what his brother wanted. So he'd wait for now. He was perfectly fine with just being with him right in this moment.
They continued to kiss when suddenly; Kaoru parted his lips and slid his tongue along Hikaru's lip rather hesitantly. He wasn't used to this or being so controlling when it comes to kissing.
Good thing Hikaru didn't mind taking over.

Hikaru parted his lips and slipped his tongue into Kaoru's mouth in one swift motion. Kaoru gasped and let out a small, squeaky moan. Their tongues battled against each other and Kaoru lifted his hips up, pushing against his twin's torso. His hands slid up to tug gently at Hikaru's hair.

Kaoru loved every second of this. He loved being so close to his other half. And he was extremely ecstatic to have shared his first kiss with the one person he loved the most. He was so happy, he forgot about all the troubles he had that day. He just focused on loving Hikaru. That was all that mattered. He felt pure bliss with every touch. Every place Hikaru touched was tingling with passion. He pulled at Hikaru's hair a little harder, trying to get him as close as humanly possible. He pushed his hips up again and squeaked in pleasure.
Hikaru grabbed Kaoru's legs and wrapped them further around his torso. He pushed his hips up to meet Kaoru's and moaned at the wonderful friction that was created.
They were both getting quite hard at this point. Not that either of them cared, but they didn't want to take it further simply because they were afraid of how the other would react.
Kaoru sat up, sitting in Hikaru's lap and kissing him deeper. The continued to grind against each other, letting out small moans of pleasure. Kaoru was still tugging on Hikaru's hair, but Hikaru's hands were drifting to another location. He really couldn't help himself. He was much too tempted. He pulled gently at Kaoru's waistband, wanting in.
Kaoru pulled away and looked with slightly mournful, disapproving eyes. "N-Not now, Hikaru…but definitely another time." His face was bright red as he rolled off of his twin's lap.
Hikaru laughed. "You are too damn adorable, Kaoru." When will he know how much I want him…he thought to himself.

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