Kaoru kept tugging at Hikaru's firey hair while Hikaru's hands were roaming somewhere else. Hikaru pulled at Kaoru's waistband, wanting in.

Kaoru shivered slightly at his twin's actions and wiggled his hips back and forth, sliding off of Hikaru's lap and laying back on the bed to allow him easier access.

Hikaru smiled in a very seductive fashion and pulled Kaoru's pants off in a swift motion. Kaoru blushed a crimson red as his hard manhood was revealed. Hikaru loved the sight of it. He rubbed his hand against it and Kaoru squeaked in pleasure and surprise. "Hnn...Hika..." Kaoru pushed his hips up, looking to get more.

Hikaru notices Kaoru's action and smiles lustfully. "You want more, Kaoru?" Kaoru squeezed his eyes shut and nodded in reply. Hikaru smiled and leaned over, positioning his mouth above his member. Kaoru felt his hot breath and gasped in anticipation. He knew where this was headed.

Hikaru slowly licked up the length as Kaoru blushed brighter and moaned. "Hnn...ah...H-hikaru..." Hikaru licked a little more before deciding to take the entire thing into his mouth. Kaoru moaned a little louder and pushed his hips up to get more into his brother sweet, wet mouth. Hikaru hummed softly in response, creating a vibrating sensation against Kaoru's organ. Kaoru squeeled and pushed his hips up again. "M-more, Hika..."

Hikaru started to swirl his tounge around Kaoru's shaft, continuing to hum with the new-found information that it was intensely pleasing to Kaoru. Kaoru continued to moan and squeak as he rocked his hips back and forth. He loved this new sensation and began to wonder why they hadn't ever done something like this before. It was a short lived thought because at that moment, Hikaru began to suck harder and hum louder. Kaoru let out a small scream and gripped the bedsheets. "A-ahh...Hikaru.I-I'm g-gonna..."

Hikaru pulled away and smiled widely. Kaoru let out another moan, but this one was disapproving and needy. "That's not fair, Hikaru!" he whined.

Hikaru smirked. "I can't let you have all the pleasure, now can I? That would be unfair." He unbuttoned his pants and slid them off, continuing to grind against his brother and moaning when his member collided with Kaoru's wet one.

Hikaru composed himself enough to hold up three fingers up to Kaoru's mouth. "Suck, Kaoru."

Kaoru opened his mouth and began to suck on Hikaru's fingers greedily. He liked sucking on things when he was horny. He sucked hard and coated each finger throughly. This was a mega turn on for Hikaru and he was getting harder and more horny himself by the second. He pulled his fingers away and put them at the base of Kaoru's ass, sliding a finger in and moving it around a bit. Kaoru gasped slightly at the intrusion but became accustomed to it. He was actually enjoying it. Hikaru slid another finger in and started to scissor his other half. Kaoru winced slightly at the pain, but it was the best pain he could imagine. He loved the new sensation. Hikaru slid the third finger in and stretched Kaoru even more. Once he was done, Hikaru pulled his fingers out and started grinding Kaoru again.

Kaoru sqeuaked. "Hika...I can't take it anymore...take me now..."

Hikaru grinned lustfully and positioned himself at Kaoru's entrance. "Ready?"

"Fuck me already, Hikaru."

"My my, what language." He pushed into Kaoru, which earned a squeal of pain and pleasure from the boy. "Hnn...a-ah..H-Hiikkaaa...M-move" Kaoru demanded.

Hikaru started to thrust gently but quickly into his twin. Hikaru loved the feeling of Kaoru's tight ass and let out a throaty moan every now and then.

Kaoru wasn't loving it any less. He layed his hands at his sides and gripped the bedsheets as he pushed up his hips to feel more of Hikaru. He wanted to get as much as possible. He adored the feeling of his brother inside of him.

Hikaru let out loud, gutteral moans of pleasure. He started to push harder, faster, more rough than when he started. He was throughly enjoying himself. this was better than all his fantasies combined. He was breathing heavilly and Kaoru was almost screaming underneath him.

Kaoru was getting closer to his climax with every thrust. He took a hold of his neglected and throbbing member and started to rub himself.

Hikaru noticed his brother's masturbation and moaned at the sight of it. Damn, he is sexy... He lifted his own hand and replaced Kaoru's with his own. Kaoru-red-faced and sweaty-looked at him, slightly confused.

"You just enjoy, Kaoru..." Hikaru said, partially out of breath. Kaoru blushed brighter and nodded.

Then Hikaru started to pump the one below him in time to his thrusts, which were getting faster and harder. He let out another throaty moan, getting closer to his climax.

Kaoru was screaming and moaning under the wonderful influence of his brother. He arched his back up and raised his hands, gripping Hikaru's back and digging his nails in. His nails left angry red marks on Hikaru's soft, pale skin.

"Hi-hikaru! I-I'm gonna...gonna..."

Hikaru didn't need him to finish his sentence. It was a good thing he was too. He pushed in harder and slammed into Kaoru's prostate while pumping him faster. He started to let out louder, deeper moans. He kept thrusting, hitting that sweet spot every time.

Kaoru felt Hikaru go deeper and ram against that sensitive area. He arched his back higher. His stomach got hot and he screamed out again as Hikaru pleasured him. "A-ah Hi-Hikkaarru!" Kaoru screamed out as he released the hot, sticky fluid onto their chests. Hikaru thrusted a few more times before releasing his own orgasm. "Hnn..Kaoruu..." He released inside of his brother and slumped against him, exausted after their endeavor.

They were both breathing heavilly and in time with each other. Kaoru rolled over slightly so that they were both on their sides. Hikaru wrapped his arms around his other half and held him tightly.

"Hikaru...I love you..." Kaoru whispered after he caught his breath.

"I love you more, Kaoru. Forever and always." He rested his head on top of his brother's and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

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