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I wanted to be free:

Chapter 1 - Boring existence

"Light off!" Shouted the night guard of the zoo, as he had been doing since this place opened. Then the bulbs that illuminated the room were turned off and an almost complete darkness embraces us.

Another day had passed with the same monotone routine. We woke up, preened a bit, ate the fish that the aliens provided us, swam for a while to entertain the several young human's offspring that came to visit, ate more fish and went to sleep, waiting for the next morning to do the same again. If boredom was physic place, this place would be it.

My name is Isabelle, and I have lived here all my life. I grew up without parents, the humans found me when I was a chick and they raised me here in the zoo. They became really famous when they brought me here. Apparently, I was the only Emperor Penguin kept in captivity in this nation. Cool, huh?

Since I grew up between them, I've learned a lot about these creatures who call themselves "humans". They are not birds like us, but mammals. Actually, they are closer to leopard or elephant seals than penguins, despite some vague similarities like our way of locomotion and the social organization. They lack of any kind of hair or feathers by nature, but they insist in covering themselves with what they call "clothes", which are made with hair and feathers of other animal species. That's gross.

While my life could be considered easy, it wasn't what I wanted. It's not that I didn't like all the cares that the humans gave to us, it just I wanted more. I needed thrills… and adventure! You know that Emperor are use to walk for long distances and swim during long periods. Here I was confined in this box of crystal with a lot of penguins from different races. There were Adelies, Chinstraps, Magellanics, Blues and some other species. It was hard at first, but we all learned to live together.

That night I had a strange feeling, as if something was going to happen. I didn't know what, but it would be important. I lost track of the time while I was admiring the full moon from the only window in that room. All the other penguins had gone to sleep already, I was the only one awoke. Soon my mind focused in another thing, leaving my absurd premonitions aside.

I felt alone.

I was surrounded by dozens of penguins, yet I felt alone. In my heart, I was alone. Most of the other penguins had formed families, and the humans were supportive toward this. I could swear that they even encouraged us to do so.

But I couldn't, and it wasn't because I didn't want. On the contrary, that was always my dream. Meet a nice guy, sing together, form a family. Nothing extravagant, just that. And with that, I would be happy.

But I couldn't. The males here had all tried to win my heart at some point, but they couldn't. I needed a song. I had one, but I needed another to complement it. They couldn't offer me such song. Some tried, yes, but failed. They didn't understand why I needed a song. They kept saying that songs had nothing to do with love, but they couldn't be more wrong. Our songs are expressions of our very souls; they are part of our spirit. They are the most important thing that an Emperor could ever posses.

Which could be a better demonstration of love than uniting your soul to the one of the other penguin in a beautiful symphony?

I had already given up. I had assumed the sad reality that destiny had chosen for me. I would die alone. I was sad at first, but with time I accepted it and continued with my boring existence.

However, that night brought back those deep buried thought again. Maybe they were related with the odd feeling I was having, but it seemed unlikely.

I decided that the best I could do was heading behind some of the fake rocks on out habitat and rest a bit. I had to perform the next day anyways.

In my dreams, I saw myself been embraced by a handsome tall penguin, and two chicks were jumping and giggling around us. I had a huge smile in my face, as well as him. One of the chicks was slim and had stylized body, so I assumed it was a girl, and coquette as her mother judging by her appearance. The other chick was a bit taller, and had a tougher body, very likely a boy.

Everything seemed perfect in this dream. I smiled mentally at the sight of what I wanted the most, as a mental tear fell from my eyes when I remembered that I would never have it. But suddenly I noticed something odd in this dream. Something that I hadn't seen before.

The male chick had blue eyes.

"Strange…" I thought "…but who cares?" I was enjoying the image, why would I allow such insignificant detail to ruin the beautiful moment.

Well, It didn't matter since second after I thought that I woke up at the sound of someone calling my name.

"Isabelle!" I opened my eyes and scanned my surrounding, seeking for the source of that voice "Down here, you mountain of feathers!" The voice mocked me in a playfully tone. There was only one penguin there who called me like that. I looked down and finally found who was speaking.

"Morning, Marcos" I greeted the small Chinstrap penguin in front of me "I don't recall sleeping by your side, you know?"

"Well, that's because you didn't!" I sighed. That was the young Marcos, never understanding an indirect.

"I mean that you are supposed to greet a penguin when…"

"No time for that! Follow me, we've got a new penguin here and he's nuts!"

I was still very tired, but my curiosity was stronger than my own body. Besides, the sun had raised already, I wouldn't have slept for very long anyways.

"Ok, lead the way" He nodded and started walking, with me following closely.

The habitats wasn't as big as it seemed from outside. We had barely walked out of the line of rocks the new penguin came into sight. He was a tall emperor penguin with long flippers, big feet and yellow beak. "Nothing unusual" I thought, before realizing something. He lacked of our traditional black and white feathers. He didn't even have our golden feathered necklace! All of his body, excepting his feet, was covered with the fluffy infant feathers that you would expect a little chick to have.

But, and call me crazy, those feathers somehow suit him. He also had beautiful blue eyes, like the chick in my dream, only that this penguin's eyes were shiny and a bit mysterious.

He had a lean, muscular body that without a doubt made him a great swimmer. In his chest and flippers he had strange black stained feathers, forming some odd figures and adding more mysterious to that penguin. His fluffy chest looked inviting, actually. I wondered how it would feel being hugged by him, but I quickly dismissed the thought.

"Really?" I asked to myself "You are really so desperate that you fantasize with someone you just saw and haven't even met?" My mental self had a point.

He was shouting incomprehensible things about stealing fishes and killing everyone to the little public that we had that morning. He seemed very sad too. He walked from one side of the habitat to the other, shouting and shouting. Many humans were practically force to flee from there, since they couldn't stand the shouts of that penguin anymore.

"Isn't he a freak!?" Marcos said, laughing and walking away, presumably to meet with other penguins and keep making fun of that Emperor.

"Yeah… a freak…" I whispered to no one in particular, while a smile appeared in my face.

'Freak' wasn't the world I had thought for describing him.

A more suitable adjective for him would be 'interesting'.

Very interesting.

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