Returning to the Normandy, Shepard makes her way down to the armory to prepare for her mission with Aria. "EDI, I am going to be gone for a day or two, please let the crew know that they may have the next 48 hours as shore leave; they'll need whatever time they can get to keep in touch with their families, before this war goes and throws a spanner in the works". After clipping on her armor, she double checks the mods on her rifle before proceeding toward the shuttle and Steve Cortez.

Shepard can't help but grin at the look of horror on his face when she lets him know she will be borrowing his pride and joy for an undetermined amount of time, "Don't worry Cortez, I will bring her back in one piece". Unfortunately this doesn't seem to console the Pilot as he merely scoffs, "Whatever you say Commander, but I have heard stories about you and the old Normandy's Mako". Rolling her eyes she turns towards the shuttle, "All lies Cortez, all lies." Before leaving the Normandy She adds as an afterthought, "Oh and EDI, makes sure someone feeds my fish".

As she continues on her way to the co-ordinates given to her by Bray, Shepard takes the time to process what she is about to do. Just the idea of being in such close proximity with the rightful ruler of Omega filled the Commander with anticipation. An opportunity to witness the Asari in an environment other than that of a club, away from the couch that served as her throne, was not an opportunity to be missed. As well as this Shepard couldn't help but look forward to seeing Aria in action, with her many years of experience as well as the sheer power and presence she radiated; she was sure it would be a sight to behold.

Aria could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins; it was finally time to take back what was rightfully hers. She had received word from one of her commandos that Shepard was boarding the command ship; and she couldn't help but feel a rise in her excitement at hearing those words. She knew she would need the Commanders help when it came down to the ground war, not necessarily in combat; Aria was more than capable in that department. But the other woman had certain tactical skills that would most definitely prove useful; her own usual walk in biotics blazing may not quite do the job today, and everything had to go as planned. Shepard's company on this mission was a definite bonus. Aria enjoyed the banter between the two, the shameless flirting was fun and the Commander's body was one she could definitely appreciate, pity about all that bulky armor though. Plus, the newest addition of the soft blush that rose to Shepard's cheeks during their last conversation was very promising indeed. It proved that her ministrations were getting beneath the woman's skin.

At hearing the Commanders voice from the other side of the door, Aria turns away from the console to regard Shepard as she makes her way towards her; she lets her eyes travel down the commander's form in silent appreciation. "The guest of honour has arrived, we can finally start". Cocking her hip to the side accentuating her curves brilliantly, she crosses her arms and waits for Shepard to make her move.

Feeling Aria's eyes on her, Shepard chooses instead to ignore the blush threatening to creep up to her face and instead joins her at the console, standing slightly too close to the Asari, yet paying no attention to her appreciative gaze. "If this Cerberus Cruiser is anything to go by, I imagine you're planning on infiltrating the enemy's fleet?" she asks folding her arms under her breasts accentuating them as much as one possibly can whilst wearing armor. Smirking she notices Aria's gaze shift downwards for a split second before she answers, "Exactly, we position ourselves to strike a crippling blow, then my forces join the fun." Laughing inwardly at how ridiculous Cerberus were going to feel after this simple deception she simply answers, "Works for me". Turning to meet Shepard's gaze full on Aria replies, "If you're as accommodating the rest of the way, we will get along very well," her voice heavy with implication.

Turning on her heel, she moves toward Bray giving him his order, her focus already back to the task at hand. "Bray move through the Relay. Signal the fleet to wait. They only follow on my command." As the cruiser moves through the Relay, Aria takes her place at the console, her posture full of confidence; the epitome of a leader. Suddenly a message is sent through to their ship, asking for identification. Well so much for their perfect plan thinks Shepard, but as she turns she is met with a rather smug looking Aria as Bray plays a message recorded by the ships previous Captain. Not sure if she wants to know the answer yet she still asks; "How did you get him to say that?" Aria's grin widens as she retorts "The hard way".

Moving back to Bray, Aria watches the ship progress towards Omega, and the distance between them and Cerberus lessen, "That's it, nice and slow." Her grip on Bray's chair tightens in an attempt to reign in her eagerness to start firing at the Cerberus ship. Briefly distracted by Shepard's reminder to be patient, she rolls her eyes before forcefully commanding "Fire!"

As Aria instructs the rest of her fleet through, Shepard almost comments on the Pirate Queens impatience, but she can't bring herself to distract her from this moment that she has been waiting for. Plus, it worked didn't it? Instead Shepard found herself watching Aria she gave her orders, the Asari's eyes burning with adrenaline' she couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was, and how her dominance excited Shepard in ways that shouldn't be expressed aloud. Brought out of her reverie by Brays gruff voice she notes that they are being hailed by the general himself and makes her way to Aria's side. "This should be interesting" Aria comments whilst bumping shoulders with the Commander and winking, the progress made by her fleet lightening her mood remarkably.

Then up behind the console pops a holo of General Petrovsky, Aria barely seems to be listening as he prattles on about how they should turn back now, they will never make it, blah blah, when finally met with a pause she lazily replies "you're barking up the wrong tree General." Straightening up she turns to regard Shepard, "but maybe you can convince my partner here". The Commander is briefly stunned by the use of the word, the great 'Queen of Omega' admitting to having a partner, wasn't something you heard often, and even though she knew it was most likely said to get a rise out of the general, she couldn't help but be flattered. However the General doesn't seem concerned, and instead coolly responds "Ah Commander Shepard, I have heard great things about you", unwilling to take the compliment her answer is blunt "I doubt the Illusive Man thinks very highly of me". Aria chuckles softly next to her and Shepard's heart flutter momentarily at the sound. Neither pays much attention to Petrovsky's warnings but her attention soon peaks as she hears about the General's upgrades to Omega's defence system. Cannons, that doesn't sound too good. "He sounds pretty confident Aria", her face not giving anything away, the Asari just agrees.

Sighing, Aria cuts off the transmission, "well that went well". She looks up and noticed Shepard regarding her silently, concern etched upon her face. Straightening her shoulders she turns to Bray "Set pre-set course, we're ramming the station, everyone brace for impact". Chancing a look at Shepard she smirks when she sees the shock on the woman's face. "Don't worry yourself Shepard; I've equipped the cruiser with disruptors so we can take out Omega's kinetic barriers on impact." Smirking once again her eyes connect with Shepard's, "we'll probably survive the crash."

As the cruiser reaches the boundaries of Omega, the cannons start to fire. The ship jolts with the contact and Aria stumbles only to find herself in the arms of Shepard who looks down at her with a crooked smile. A few moments pass before Shepard steps away, her Commander mind-set back in place, "we need to sound the evac Aria, we won't do Omega any good if we are blown to smithereens." The alarms sound and everyone rushes to make their way to a capsule, explosions sound from all around the head of the cruiser, a console explodes killing a salarian instantly. Sensing Aria's unwillingness to retreat, Shepard grabs her hand dragging her through the corridors, and into an awaiting escape pod. They belt up just in time as the pod is released and sent tumbling down towards Omega.