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The Babysitter

By Diana AKA DeeReadinQueen

Ch. 1 – Summer of Opportunity

June 5th

Dear Diary,

Tonight, I babysat for a new family, and they might choose me to be their summer nanny! I know I said before that this summer was going to be all about fun and friends and parties, but what Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore proposed sounds more like a paid vacation than a nanny-job to me. The Salvatore family has owned a home in Mystic Falls since the 1860's, but they haven't lived here for years. Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore re-located their family to Mystic Falls this spring, so they've really only been in town a few months. They had a live-in nanny to care for their twin girls, Katherine and Emily, who are six, but she quit last week. That's why they called me. I was highly recommended to them by Mayor Lockwood and Mrs. Young, whose kids I've babysat for years. The Salvatore Mansion is even bigger and more extravagant than the Lockwood Manor, and I was more than a little bit nervous to be left alone in that giant house with two little girls I'd just met. Katherine is the older twin, by three minutes, and Emily the younger, and I learned pretty quickly that Katherine is the boss. She may end up being a handful…

Anyways, tonight was only a trial-job. Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore met and interviewed me for the position, and then left me alone with the twins to see how I'd handle making them dinner and putting them to bed. I must have passed the test, because Mrs. Salvatore was very pleased when she returned home with her husband. Mr. Salvatore suggested I come over and babysit for them this coming Sunday afternoon and then Thursday night. If all goes well, they want to hire me as their full-time summer nanny, and they'll pay me $100 a day! That's not even the best part. If they choose me, and if I accept, I'll be spending my summer vacation in The Hamptons! How cool would that be? *Sigh* The Hamptons. I can only imagine how beautiful it is there. Everybody is filthy stinking' rich and they all wear white and shop all day and party all night…well, that's what I think they do, at least. And I'll get to play at the beach with Katherine and Emily in my bikini, soaking up the sun and drinking non-alcoholic margaritas (maybe not while I'm watching the twins)…If the Salvatores pick me.

I hope they pick me! Wish me good luck!;)


"Elena, Elena, I don't wanna go to sleep yet!" Katherine bounced around me in circles while she chanted my name in a sing-song voice. She grabbed her sister's hand and Emily joined her, both of them dancing around me as they sang, "Elena, Elena, we don't wanna go to sleep yet!"

Tonight is my third time babysitting for Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore, and my final chance to prove to them I'm the right girl to hire as their summer nanny. So far, Katherine and Emily seem to like me, but I've been babysitting since I was thirteen, so I know how tricky kids can be. I don't know the reason as to why their last nanny quit, but Mrs. Salvatore mentioned she was with them since the girls birth and it was hard for them to let her go. I hope the girls aren't putting on an angelic front while waiting for the perfect moment to push me into a nanny trap...I don't want to be tortured by six year old girls. That's why I had to put an end to their bedtime protest immediately.

"Well girls," I announced, hands on my hips, "You had your bath, you brushed your teeth, and you put on your pajamas. The clock says eight o'clock, and that means it's bedtime."

Katherine and Emily are fraternal twins, not identical, so at least they can't try and pull a switch on me; I saw that in a movie once. Katherine has the long chocolate brown curls and big blue eyes, while Emily has thick, raven locks and the hazel-green eyes. They both have the same nose and smile, but Emily has a darker olive-toned skin, while Katherine's skin is pale and porcelain. They are a beautiful pair.

"We can't go to bed yet," Katherine insisted, batting her pretty blue eyes, a small pout on her lips, "You haven't told us a bedtime story."

"Yeah," Emily echoed, "You have to tell us a bedtime story."

"Esther always told us a bedtime story," Katherine pointed out. I assumed Esther must have been the old nanny. "She used to sing us songs too, but we'll settle for a story." She looked to Emily to agree with her.

"Yes," Emily nodded and asked politely, "Story, please, Elena."

"All right," I agreed. "Get in bed, you two."

Katherine jumped into her bed, and Emily climbed in beside her sister, leaving room in the middle for me. I squished between the two little girls and began to tell them the story of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. I knew it by heart because my mom used to tell it to Jeremy and I when we were little, every single night.

"Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoe; sailed on a river of crystal light into a sea of dew. 'Where are you going, and what do you wish?' The old moon asked the three. 'We have come to fish for the herring-fish that live in this beautiful sea; nets of silver and gold have we,' Said Wyken, Blynken, and Nod..." I could tell from the looks of intrigue on Katherine and Emily's faces that they've never heard this story before. Emily yawned and snuggled her teddy bear to her chest, leaning back against the pillow beneath her head. Katherine remained sitting upright, fighting the sleep that was obviously written on her face. As I continued, she slowly relaxed, and by the end, both girls were about to fall asleep. I climbed out and carried Emily to her bed, tucking her in and then Katherine, as I told the conclusion to the story, "Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes, and Nod is a little head, and the wooden shoe that sailed the skies is a wee one's trundle-bed; So shut your eyes while Mother sings of wonderful sights that be, and you shall see the beautiful things as you rock in the misty sea...Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod."

"Goodnight, Lena," Katherine murmured as her eyes fluttered shut, "Goodnight, Em."

"Goodnight, Kat," Emily replied as she tugged her blanket up to her chin, "Goodnight, Elena." She stuck her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight," I whispered as I flicked off the light, leaving the room in the cozy glow of two night-lights. I quietly shut the door and turned around, ready to creep down the hallway, and nearly ran into Mrs. Salvatore. "Oh!" I grabbed my chest, startled for a moment. "I'm sorry; I didn't know you were there."

She smiled and put a finger to her lips, motioning for me to follow her down the hall so we could speak. She talked quietly to not disturb her sleeping daughters, "I'm sorry for spying, but we got back early. I heard you with the girls. You're really great with them, Elena. I can tell they like you already." She led the way downstairs to parlor, where Mr. Salvatore had poured himself a glass of scotch while waiting for us. "Peppe, Elena just put Katy and Emily to sleep. You should have heard her; she's a story-teller! It was wonderful."

Giuseppe Salvatore is a handsome Italian businessman in his mid-forties. He has black hair, which is graying but doesn't detract from his good looks, and a tall, sturdy build. He looks great in a suit, which is the only thing I've ever seen him in. He is a serious and smart man, and so far, I like him. Tatia Salvatore is a beautiful Russian woman with the same rich, chocolate curls that Katherine sports, and blue eyes. In fact, Katherine is like a mini-Tatia. She's going to be quite the heart-breaker when she grows up. Tatia must be at least ten years younger than Giuseppe, and they've been married for ten years this summer, which Tatia told me the first time we met. They chose to vacation at their Hampton summer home because it is their favorite place to have parties, and they have two big celebrations in July: their 10-Year Wedding Anniversary, and Katherine & Emily's 7th Birthday.

"I'm very glad to hear that," Mr. Salvatore commented with a nod and slight tight-lipped smile. "Have you made a decision, Tatia?"

"Yes," Mrs. Salvatore smiled and reached out to give my hand a squeeze. She requested formally, "Miss Gilbert, I would love it if you'd accompany us to The Hamptons this summer and be Katherine and Emily's nanny. We'll pay you one-hundred a day, plus bonuses for additional services, like if we're attending a party. You'll get Sunday off, and you may have the use of one of our cars any-time; both when you're with the girls or by yourself. We're leaving Saturday the 20th, and we'll be returning to Mystic Falls on August 21st." She pauses to give me a moment for all the information to sink in; then asks, "What do you think, Elena?"

"I'd love to!" I replied eagerly, beaming from ear to ear. I couldn't believe she picked me; I was so excited! A summer in the Hamptons. What an amazing opportunity.

"Excellent," Mr. Salvatore replied. "We'll have a nanny agreemant written up for you to sign, which will include the rules for you, the children, and the house. As long as you agree to everything, and sign, you'll be all set. Can you come by tomorrow to look over the paperwork?"

"Sure," I agreed.

June 11th

Dear Diary,

They picked me! I'm so excited! Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore asked me to be Katherine and Emily's nanny for the summer and I said yes! I can't stop smiling. I have never been anywhere outside of Virginia. This will be my first time vacationing out of state, and the first time going without my family. We're going in one week and two days. And two days after that, it's my 17th birthday. I'll be working, and I won't get to celebrate with Caroline and Bonnie, like they wanted, but maybe we can do something before I go so they don't feel left out. I wonder what I'll do for my birthday in The Hamptons...It doesn't matter, it'll be fun no matter what. This summer is going to be a summer of opportunity; I can feel it. I'm going to remember it for the rest of my life...

That's all for now,


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