Patricia's POV
I was standing on the ladder trying to hang the curtains like Joy said. Why I even had to do this, I have no idea. There is already a door.
"So. How does it feel to have your life in my hands?" Eddie asked.
I can not believe Joy made him help me.
"I would feel safer on the deck of the Titanic!" I yelled at him.
The ladder was jerked out from under me and I fell to the floor.
But Eddie wasn't there. No one was there. I was alone in a small, windowless room. There was a single dresser and some bunk beds.
"Where are we?" Someone asked.
I whirled around. Nina sat on the dresser looking dazed.
"Nina? When did you get here?"
The room lurched forward and I lost my balance.
"Hey watch it." Alfie yelled as I stumbled into him .
I looked back to Nina, who was now wearing a blue beaded gown. Fabian was now standing next to her in a very old fashion suit.
Alfie now was wearing a similar suit to Fabian's. Amber was sitting on the floor next to him. She wore a white, long coat with purple trim.
I slowly got to my feet. This had to be some bizarre dream.
No one said a thing. Just waiting.
Finally Nina spoke up.
"We can't just sit here."
"She's right." I said. I walked to the door, which (of course) was locked.
Normally, this would not bother me. But something was terribly wrong. Something snapped, and I wanted, needed, to be free.
"Ok stand back." I said.
"Patricia what are you doing?"
I ran at the door. The door shattered like glass, sending wood splinters everywhere.
I crumbled into the hallway.
"Patricia..." Nina started.
"I'm fine." I said. I got to my feet and looked around. The hallway seemed to go on and on. There was a staircase a few feet away.
"Ok. Nina and Fabian, you go up the stairs. Amber and Alfie you go that way" I said and motioned down the hallway. "And I'll go this way." I pointed to down the hallway in the opposite direction.
"We meet back here in 20 minutes."
The others nodded and went their separate ways.
I glanced down my end of the hallway. It was completely empty. I found myself hesitant to continue. Something just didn't add up, and I have never been fond of surprises.