Patricia's POV

I was nearing the end of the hallway. I could make out two double doors just up ahead.

I picked up my pace. Something was weird. I slowed down. It was getting colder the closer I got to the doors.

I crept closer to the doors, painfully aware of the water that seemed to be seeping in from under the door. I threw the doors open.

The hallway extended for another fifty feet or so before there was another set of double doors. Water rushed under the doors and was bursting

from around the doorway and between the doors.

I stood there frozen, no idea of what was going on. The floor seemed to be slowly tilting forward. The water, now a foot deep at the end of the hall,

slowly crept towards me.

I could hear a low groaning that seemed to be coming from all around. Other than that, I was in complete silence.

I looked back from where I had come, hoping to see something that might explain all this, though I had no idea what. A sharp crack echoed

through the empty halls. I turned back to the doors. A deep crack had appeared on the surface of the doors. Another crack appeared, then

another. Water was rushing in faster now. It lapped at my ankles, painfully cold. Something gave way and the doors burst. A wall of water broke

through and rushed down the hallway. I didn't even have time to think. I just turned around and ran as fast as i possibly could. I flew around a

corner and soared down another hallway. I could hear the crashing of the water growing closer. Just at the end of the hall I could make out Amber

and Alfie.

Amber, who noticed me first, waved cheerily in my direction.

"AMBER! ALFIE! RUN!" I screamed at them. I willed myself to run faster.

Amber gave me a confused glance then started to walk down the hall towards me.

"NO! RUN! AMBER, ALFIE GOD DAMNIT! RUN!" I screamed at them.

I was close to them now.

Amber grabbed Alfie's arm, having seen the wall of water, and dragged him to a staircase a few feet away from them.

Water was rushed below my feet. The staircase was just ahead.

I was slammed to the floor, then picked up again. I was tossed around like a doll. I couldn't see. I couldn't breathe. The freezing water felt like

being stabbed by thousands of knives.

Someone grabbed my shoulder and I was yanked to the side.

I broke the surface, coughing and sputtering. Amber and Alfie stood in the narrow staircase, looks of absolute terror on their faces.

Amber helped me to my feet and the three of us ran up several flights of stairs before Amber decided we were safe.

"What the hell was that?" She screamed.

"Water. A lot of water." I said hoarsely between fits of coughing.

"Where did it all come from. What is going on?" Alfie asked.

Just then, Fabian and Nina crashed into the narrow stairwell, completely out of breath and terror in their eyes.