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You smile and close your phone.

"YN come downstairs, please," your mother calls for you.

You quickly make your way down the steps and meet her in the kitchen, your little sister, Cali, sitting at the kitchen table coloring.. Your mom pulls out a casserole from the oven, and places it on the countertop. She looks over at you and smiles. "You look very nice," she says.

You give her a funny look, glancing down at your cut off shorts and tank top. You haven't done anything with your hair or put any make-up on yet. "Okay," you say, and sit on a stool and grab an apple. You take a bite and as you chew you ask, "What's that for?" you point to the dish she's trying to cool off.

"We're having the new neighbors over in an hour. They're coming over for lunch."

You shrug. "Awesome."

She rolls her eyes at your sarcastic remark and starts bustling around the kitchen again. "Their names are Deb and Dan. They have a son named Taylor and a daughter, Makena."

"Cool, more babysitting opportunities you'll sign me up for," you laugh, looking over Cali's shoulder as she colors a tiger blue.

Your mom stops and puts a hand on her hip. "Stop with the attitude. You appreciated the money," she says, and starts taking out more food. "Anyway, these kids are a little old to be babysat."

"How old are they?"

"Well, I think the son is your age. Maybe a year older, and the girl is a freshman I believe."

You nod. "Okay."

"Will you go get the mail for me, please? Your father forgot to get it before he left for work."

You jump up and head for the door, slipping on a pair of converse. You walk down the front steps and to the stone mailbox your parents had paid hundreds for. You shake your head and laugh, thinking about all the money they've spent in just the past month. You grab the few letters and bills and head back to the house, but before you make it, someone catches your eye. You look at the next house over, seeing a tan, muscled, boy about your age, mowing the lawn without a shirt. His black hair is a little too long, and falls in his eyes. He feels your stare, looking back at you, giving you a brilliant, white, smile. You blush and look down, rushing into the house.

You toss the mail on the table and rush up to your room, going straight to the bathroom to get a shower. You only have an hour to get dressed and look nice before the guy you just saw comes over.

"YN, I need you to get Cali dressed," your mother yells.

"I'm getting a shower," you yell back.

You turn on the water, drowning out your mother's voice. You grab your cell and start to play your playlist on full blast.

You still wore the same cut off shorts, but traded the tank for a beach bum shirt over a bikini. You put your hair up in a pony tail and wore very little make-up. You examined yourself in the mirror, thinking you looked all right. The door bell then rang, making you put on a pair of flip flops and follow Cali down the stairs.

"Hi, I'm Linda and these are my kids," your mother says as she smiles up at you and Cali coming down the stairs. "Cali, YN, come introduce yourselves."

The neighbors walk in, your mother leading them to the living room. They sit on the couch, the girl, Makena, on her cell, Taylor was watching you.

Their mother, Deb, introduced them all. Your mom was right, Taylor was your age, and Makena was a freshman. Your moms talked for a good twenty minutes. You were about to say something to Taylor, but your phone buzzed.

You pull it out of your pocket and see a message from Kelly.

Where are you? We've been waiting forever!

You glance up at your mom and then at the guests. You knew you would never be allowed to go, but you had to try anyway.

"Hey, Mom," you say. "Kelly texted. Everyone's going to the beach. Can I go?"

"YN," she warned with narrowed eyes.

"You wanna come, Taylor?" you ask, thinking your mom might agree if you took him.

"Oh, that'd be great," your mom exclaimed. "You could show him around!"

"Uh," Taylor looked at his mom and then back at you. "I don't know."

"Go," Deb said with a smile. "Have fun."

You jump up and rush to the door, Taylor trailing behind you. "You want to go to your house and get your swim trunks?" you ask him as you step outside.

Taylor shrugs behind you and follows you next door to his house. He unlocks the door and leads you inside. The house is nice and clean. "Nice place," you say, glancing around.

"Thanks," he replies. "I'll be back. Feel free to make yourself at home."

You nod and watch him as he retreats upstairs to his room. You grab your cellphone out of your pocket and text Kelly back.

On my way. Bringing a friend. See ya soon.

Almost as soon as you had put your phone back in your pocket, it buzzed. You laugh to yourself and pull it out.

What kind of friend? Is he hot? Is she a bitch?

He's a next door neighbor and he's. . .nice looking.

What do you mean by that? Like your being nice, and he's really ugly or you want him all to yourself?

Before you could reply, Taylor came back down the steps, a white tee shirt on, that showed off his muscles, a pair of swim trunks, and a pair of black sunglasses over his eyes. He looked like a model.

"Ready?" you ask, clearing your throat, looking down at your shoes, to avoid staring.

He smiles and looks over at you. "How about we do something else?"

You look down at your phone, knowing Kelly would be pissed at you if you ditched her, but wanting to know what Taylor was thinking. "What did you have in mind?"

His smile widens and he grabs his car keys from the little table by the door. "Come on," he says, pulling you out of the house with him. You follow him to the garage, expecting a Mercedes or Lexus, but find a BMW 5 series and an Audi R8.

"Wow," you say, glancing at the cars. "Are they both yours?"

He nods. "It took awhile before I could afford them, but I got them."

"What do you do? Where do you work?" you ask, examining the expensive cars.

He laughs and shakes his head. "You honestly don't recognize me? Know who I am?"

"Should I?" you ask, confused.

He thinks for a moment then smiles. "No. Never mind."

"Well, I want to know now," you demand.

He chuckles and wraps an arm around you, leading you to the passenger side. "Watch your head," he murmurs as you get in.

As you two pull out on the street, you turn to face him in your seat. "So," you say, "where are we going?"

"It's a surprise," he says. "I think you'll like it though."

You sigh and sink back in the leather interior. "I shouldn't be going out with you," you say. "I mean, I just met you."

"Going out?" he asks.

"Excuse me, 'hanging out,'" you correct.

"Well, if you want to know me, ask away."

"What's your job?" you ask.

"Anything, but that," he says. "You'll find out soon enough anyway."

"Fine," you mutter, crossing your arms. "Where did you move from?"

"Grand Rapids, Michigan."

"Favorite color?"


"Best class?"


"Really?" you ask, surprised.

He laughs and looks over at you. "Yeah, why?"

"Huh," you say, thinking this over. "It just seems like you would like History better."

"No, it puts me to sleep."

"Same here," you say. "Favorite book?"

"I don't have one."

"Favorite movie?"

"Something with Tom Cruise," he says, nodding a little. "Yeah, definitely something with Tom Cruise."

"Favorite TV show?"

"American Idol."

"Oh, God," you say, rolling your eyes. "Really?"

"What's wrong with American Idol?"

"Nothing," you say, shrugging. "It's just I like The Voice much better."

He laughs and pulls off the highway. "We're almost there."

Taylor pulls up to what looks like a flee market, full of what looks to be like old, vintage, radios and gadgets. You unbuckle your seatbelt as Taylor turns off the ignition.

"We skipped out on my friends for a flee market?" you ask.

"They have some pretty cool stuff," he says. "A friend of mine who's lived here for awhile, told me about it. I came the first week we got here. It's retro," he says.

"Retro," you laugh.

He rolls his eyes as you both get out. What you thought was going to be a boring day at a small flee market, turned out to be a lot of fun. Taylor wasn't only gorgeous, but funny, smart, and easy to get along with. It was like you could tell him anything. He was right too, the market did have a lot of cool, funky, things. You ended up buying a few shirts, an old phone for your room, and a few pieces of jewelry.

As Taylor walks you back to your front door, the porch light on, glowing softly in the dark of night. "I had a really good time," you say, juggling all of the bags. "We should do it again sometime."

"So, it wasn't a waste of time? Worth ditching your friends?"

You laugh. "It was definitely worth it."

"I had a good time too," he says.

Silence hangs between the two of you for the first time that day. "Well, I should probably get inside," you say, jabbing your thumb toward the house.

"Oh, yeah. I'll see you later," he says.

As you open the door he calls back to you. "Hey, YN, uh, wanna hang out tomorrow? Maybe go to the movies or something?"

You smile. "Yeah, I'd like that."

He smiles back at you and waves. "Good night."


After you told your mom what went on, you head upstairs pulling out your phone. You had twelve texts, and three calls from Kelly. You mentally slapped your forehead, remembering you hadn't texted her back. You press the send button.

"I'm not talking to you," she said, picking up on the third ring.

"Kelly, I'm sorry," you say. "Taylor thought it'd be fun to go somewhere else. I meant to text you, but I forgot. I'm so sorry."

She sighs. "He better be good looking."

"He is," you say smiling. "We're going out again tomorrow."

"So, what's he look like?" she asks.

"I'll send you a few pictures. We look kinda goofy, but. . ."

"Just send them," she says.

"Okay, hold on."

You go to your pictures and send one of you both wearing big sunglasses and funny hats, and another of the two of you in front of a big sign that was from Cirque Du Soleil. You hear Kelly shriek in the background.

"He's good looking right?" you say, knowing she just got the pictures.

"YN don't you know who that is?" she screams.

"Why does everyone keep asking that?"

"YN, that's Taylor Lautner."

"I know," you say, "my next door neighbor."

"YN, I know you aren't into syfy movies, but you've got to remember Twilight. That movie I dragged you to a few years ago?"


"He plays Jacob Black. He's a celebrity. A major celebrity. He's on the cover of every magazine!"

"You mean, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Lautner?" you ask, remembering all the girls talking about him at school.

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