"Sledding? Where do you think we're going to sled, Stark? We're in New York City. To be exact, we're on a skyscraper. There's nowhere for us to sled on!"

"The rooftop is plenty big. If we piled enough snow up from the overhang, it would work."

"You're mad. There's no way that would work! What if someone fell off the side of the building?"

"I can use my suit, Thor can catch them, Loki can zap them, or the green guy can come out and catch them. Don't worry so much, Natasha. You have to live a little bit!"

"I fail to see why I need to sled on top of a skyscraper to potentially fall off of the aforementioned skyscraper in order to live a little. In fact, I think it is more likely that we'll all die trying to sled instead of having fun," Natasha deadpanned. She hated the way they were all looking at her. Tony was about to start begging, Clint had doe eyes activated, Steve looked like he was about to shyly ask her to give in, Bruce was looking out at the snowy rooftop longingly, and Thor was already trying to drag his brother out into the snow(Loki was vehemently protesting).

"But I told you! It'll be all right, Natasha! We got it covered. I'll just have to start piling up the snow and we'll be cool! Plus, there's a rail," Tony said nonchalantly, waving his hand carelessly.

"The rail is tiny! Do you really think it will prevent Thor from falling when he's rolling down from the roof?" Natasha groaned and rubbed her forehead. "Actually, I give up. I'm never going to be able to control you all. I wish Coulson wasn't on leave right now. He's back me up on this."

"Good point, Natasha!" Tony chirped. He turned back to the rest of the Avengers and said, "You heard the lady! We need to go sledding before Coulson comes back, so let's hurry up and make that hill!" Clint cheered and bolted out onto the rooftops, leaving a tired Natasha behind.

Thor dragged his brother onto the rooftop and point to the snow. "Brother, can you help us move the snow?" Loki snorted.

"You must be joking. You cannot be really asking me to move snow with magic are you? Is that not just... trivial?" Thor drooped his head a bit, and Loki groaned. "Fine. I shall do it only because it is... what is it? Christmas?" Loki clapped his hands twice and held his palms out at the snow that covered the deck. Snow flew from Steve's hands as a gigantic snow ramp formed. Loki waved his hands around carefully as he sculpted the snow slide. Within a few minutes, he was done. There was even a snow staircase leading up to the overhang for the Avengers to reach the top easily.

"That is incredible, brother!" Thor exclaimed, admiring the snow structure.

Loki crossed his arms and looked away, "It was nothing. Now are you not going to go up there yourself? I shall watch from down here, so go on." Thor looked scandalized.

"I cannot leave you down here on your own, brother! You shall come up with me!" Thor grabbed Loki by the arm and dragged the horrified Asgardian away. Tony sniggered as Loki tried to whack Thor away with his fists, obviously failing.

"Come on, Brucie! We have to go up too! We can't let them have all the fun!" Tony herded Bruce towards the complex structure with a gleeful look on his face.

Natasha sat cross-legged in one of the few dry patches of the deck and watched as Thor jumped down the huge slide with Loki. The younger Asgardian screamed what appeared to be Asgardian profanities as he tumbled down the slope. Natasha counted the seconds on her fingers until finally the two slammed into the guardrail. Thor was the one who took the brunt of the impact, lying on the ground dazed for a few moments before getting up again.

"That was very fun! Come, brother! We must do it again!" Loki's head whirled as he faintly felt Thor drag him around again. He was going to be sick soon. Oh why didn't he have it in him to blow up his brother? It would make his life ever so much simpler.

"Come on, Nat! You have to come and sled with us too!" Clint said, tousling Natasha's head. Natasha quickly swatted his hand away and glared at him.

"I do not have to. In fact, I'm going to sit right here if you don't mind," Natasha replied, watching as Tony spun around in circles on his way down the hill. Sledding looked so... undignified. A loud crash was heard, and Natasha cringed. It looked awfully painful too.

"I do mind actually. Come on!" Clint yanked Natasha up by the arm and began dragging her towards the hill.

"No." Natasha tried to pull her arm back onto to realize that Clint wasn't going to let go that easily. "Let me go, Clint!" Clint just smiled as he practically hauled her up the stairs to the top of the hill. "There is no way I'm going to do that."

"Yes, way. Now come on. In three, two," Natasha's eyes widened as she realized what Clint was about to do. She tried to pull her arm out quickly, but it was too late. "Let's gooooooo!" Clint pulled Natasha to the side, causing the two of them to fall on one of the waiting pieces of cardboard. Natasha gave an undignified scream as the two of them hurtled down the hill.

She stuck a leg out and kicked the cardboard off to the side, sending them spiraling away from the guard rail. Natasha clamped her eyes shut until the cardboard finally pulled to a stop. She opened an eye to see Clint laughing at her from his spot on the cardboard. "You're such a chicken, Nat!"

Natasha growled, "I am not!" She stood up from the snow and brushed herself off. "I'll prove it to you! We're doing that again!" Natasha picked up the piece of cardboard and marched back up the staircase, leaving a dumbstruck Clint behind.

"We'll see about that!" Clint said with a laugh as he ran after Natasha.

Author's Note: And that's the end! I hope you enjoyed all of the one-shots, and I especially hope that all of you had a fantastic Christmas! I got a US Army and Marine Corps guide to counterinsurgency (woohoo!). It's my weirdest gift, but I love it. xD I also got Pokemon Black 2 and Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. What did you all get?

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