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Even I don't have the right words to rhyme

But you won't sing along

I am just as real as you are

Somewhere we went wrong

You're impossible to find

I don't want to loose you too

He would always watch her. Not in a creepy sort of way, but he would always look out for her, and she didn't even know. When people started picking on her or would make fun of her hair, her forehead, or...why her eyes were different from everyone else's, he would usually just have to give them the famous Uchiha glare, that he, surprisingly enough, had gotten from his mother. Being the Uchiha that he was though, none of this was surprising.
He fist went up to her when she was sitting on the window sill at school; they were both six years old. Her head was leaning against the glass, it looked like she was staring out the window watching the rain fall. When he walked over to her she lifted her head off of the window and stiffened. "If you're going to hurt me, just get it over with."
Sasuke paused for a moment before he spoke. "I'm not going to do anything to you."
Her eyes widened as she looked past him, for some reason not meeting his gaze. "Why not? All the other kids do."
"Well I'm not 'all the other kids.'" She smiled at him somewhat, "What's your name?"
"Uchiha Sasuke. What's yours?"
"Haruno. Haruno Sakura."

He first stated liking her when it was his birthday and he was finally the same age as her, eight years old. She had come over for his party like the rest of his family. Her father was the one who had dropped her off. While he opened the front door and stepped outside he saw her and her father walking up the driveway, and he heard something that he wasn't supposed to hear. "Now be a good girl Sakura. You wouldn't want me to punish you again..." Sakura unconsciously grabbed her arms as her father made her put on a long sleeved shirt. He could faintly see a bruise shaped like a hand on both of her arms.

He was nine years old when he found out why her eyes were unique, different. His mother had talked to him about it after Sakura had come over to play. "Sasuke, dear? Could you come here for a moment?" He bounced happily down the stairs and smiled at his mother. "Yes mother?" His mother sighed somewhat and sat down at their kitchen table. She rubbed her forehead and gave Sasuke a sad smile. "I know you've been wondering why Sakura's eyes are different for awhile now...so I'm just going to come right out and tell you. Sasuke...Sakura is blind."
He didn't answer her.
Then he changed.

She "saw" him for the first time in a while. They are both fourteen years old. It wasn't raining like she thought it would be, but there didn't need to be dark clouds in the sky for it to rain, because everyone was already crying. A black dress curled around Sakura. She clutched her fathers hand as Mikoto Uchiha sobbed. Sasuke, stood next to her, not the slightest trace of emotion on his face. His father had just died on a mission, an assassination mission. He never finished... His older brother Itachi stood behind his mother, a hand on her shoulder. His face was also devoid of any emotion. She felt her fathers hand tighten around hers, almost too tightly. She knew it was time to go. "Dad?" the shy, blind girl asked. "Is it okay if I go see Sasuke's mother?" She could feel the intensity of his glare, "Fine," he growled. She could sense everyone's chakra signature around her and their emotions as her father pulled her nun to gently over to Mikoto.
When Sakura came over to his mother, he noticed something that was strange. He just now noticed it that she came closer. Sakura's skin was a flawless color of tan so, why could he see a small tint of black and blue on her left cheek? He shook his head as Sakura and her father walked away after briefly hugging his mother, it wasn't his business.
But in all reality, it was.

Soon after Itachi Uchiha disappeared.

She had a feeling that he was leaving. She allowed for her over the top senses to take her to the village gates. She sensed his chakra signature moving slowly away from her. "Sasuke!" she called out. He stiffened slightly and turned around, "What?" She turned her chakra senses on full power so she could "see" him.

"W-Why are you going?"

He didn't answer her for a moment, looking at another black and blue tint on her arm. "During the exams, I was bitten by one of the Sannin. Orochimaru. He left me with a little...gift." He smirked at her. Sakura stepped towards him, "Please don't go, I, have an issue! I need you...," she whispered. He shook his head and turned toward the village gates, "Hn, annoying." Sakura chocked back a sob, "Please Sasuke! I need your help or, at least take me with you!" Sasuke looked at her from the corner of his eye before he disappeared from her sight. She gasped and felt his chakra behind her, but before she could turn around, he pinched a nerve in her neck.


Then her world faded into darkness.

"Are you 100% sure you want to do this? It won't bring him back... Its been two years..."

"I know that," Sakura snapped at Naruto as they walked to Tsunade's office. "I'm not doing it for him-I-I'm doing it for me. Even if it might not work." Naruto thought for a moment while putting his hands behind his head. He grinned all of a sudden, "Don't worry Sakura-Chan It will work dattebayo!" She smiled warmly at him.

She hopes it will...

Tsunade glanced at her warily, "Sakura..." she threw up a hand dismissively, "I know Tsunade-Sama. There's a small chance that it will work." Naruto stood next to Sakura frowning, something he usually doesn't do. "Are you sure Sakura...?" She nodded her head as she entered the prep room. Naruto grinned at Tsunade and squeezed Sakura's shoulder.

He just hoped that the eye surgery would work.

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