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Breathing was something that he had trouble with ever sense he was younger. That would explain some things. But as he dodged another explosion and a kunai that had been hurled at him with incredible speed, he knew what his priorities were. His coal black eyes flashed red.

Uchiha Itachi

Birth date- June 9th

Age- 21

Height- 179cm

Weight- 58kg

Blood type- AB

Kekkei Genkai- Sharingan, Mangekyo sharingan

Occupation- (formerly) Konoha ANBU Captain

Family- Fugaku Uchiha (Father, Deceased), Mikoto Uchiha (Mother), Sasuke Uchiha (Brother)

Nature type- Fire release, Water release

Nin-registration- 012110

Classification- S-rank/ Missing-nin


He clawed at the ground as the kunai was driven into his abdomen further. "Let's take a break Sasuke-Kun, shall we," the familiar voice hissed. He growled and kicked the Sannin in the stomach, allowing for the pressure being put on the kunai to ease. He hissed as he pulled it out, a break was needed indeed.

Sasuke Uchiha

Birth date- July 23

Age- 16

Height- 168cm

Weight- 52.2kg

Blood type- AB

Kekkei Genkai- Sharingan, Blaze Release, Eternal Mangekyo sharingan

Ninja registration- 012606

Family- Fugaku Uchiha (Father, Deceased), Mokoto Uchiha (Mother), Itachi Uchiha (Brother)

Nature type- Blaze release, Fire release, Lightning release

Classification- Missing-nin

Orochimaru, Sound Base

When she fist started to come to her senses she realized that her world was still black. She tensed up before noticing that she had bandages wrapped around her head. She slightly relaxed but groaned. Her head was killing her. "Sakura-Chan? Are you awake? Can you see me? Baa-Chan! You made her deaf too!"

Sakura smiled, "I'm fine Naruto. I'm fine." She was enveloped in one of his bone-crushing hugs, be she squeezed back just as tight, "Good."

"How are you Sakura?" Tsunade asked as Naruto unlocked his arms from around Sakura's neck. "Well I've felt worse," she replied while grinning. Tsunade patted her leg, "Good, good. In a little bit I'll un-wrap the bandages after I make my rounds." Sakura nodded her head knowingly; hopefully she had pulled herself out of the darkness, and into the light. Tsunade closed the door behind her as Naruto grabbed Sakura's hand.

It'll be alright.

No one can hurt you now, she repeated in her head. She just hoped it was true.

Call it what you may

She called it love

He called it hate

His dark eyes stared at the training grounds in their base, nodding to himself in approval; his sharingan disappeared when he blinked. Someone was clapping for him in approval.

"Very good Uchiha-San. This is exactly what I was looking for." The stench of blood almost made Itachi flinch. Almost. He bowed as his hand curled into a fist, "The pleasure is all mine, Pein-Sama." Pein grunted as he beckoned over a member of Akatsuki to where he was sitting. The member stepped out of the shadows and gave a respectful nod to him, "Yes Leader-Sama?"

"Bring Uchiha-San his new coat and ring. He will make an exceptional member in this organization."

Itachi's eyes narrowed slightly at the man wearing an orange swirly mask. He sounded like a child, Itachi crossed his arms, he couldn't be trusted.

"In the mean time Zetsu will show you to your room, please," he said with a bitter smirk, "Make yourself at home."

Itachi wouldn't.

Sakura Haruno

Birth date- March 28th

Age- 16

Height- 161cm

Weight- 45.4kg

Blood type- O

Classification- Medical-nin

Ninja registration- 01261

Family- Kizashi Haruno (Father) Mebuki Haruno (Mother, deceased)

Tsunade quietly opened her patient's door, knowing that her patient and the visitor were both asleep. How did she know? She could hear Naruto snoring from the 3rd floor and if Naruto was still snoring, that meant Sakura hadn't punched him for being so loud. She smiled softly at them, looking at their hands laced together. She was just about to leave when she heard a quiet, "Tsunade-Sama?" She turned around and gave Sakura a huge smile even though she couldn't see it. "Yes? Are you ready?" Sakura eagerly nodded her head while bopping Naruto's head with her fist. He groaned but slowly opened his eyes, "Is it time?" Sakura nodded her head and Naruto sat up straighter and nodded at Tsunade. Tsunade sighed and pulled at Sakura's bandages. Ever so slowly the white cloth fell to the floor as Naruto paced back and forth. "Naruto!" Tsunade growled, her hands shaking. Naruto's footsteps faltered. As the last of the bandages came off, everyone's breath caught as Sakura slowly opened her eyes. She blinked for a moment, her expression blank. "Well…," Naruto urged. Sakura smirked, "I can see, just not in color."

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