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This is a high school AU. None of the events of Silent Hill have occurred, and some facts about the characters and the setting have been changed to match this AU. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please feel free to PM me. No flames, please.

Warning: Eventual slash


Shredded papers floated around the destroyed classroom like snowflakes in winter. Glass was shattered everywhere, as well as some wood splinters and a few splatters of blood. The door creaked on its hinges, trying to stay connected. On the floor lay multiple bodies, all of which still alive. They groaned and tried to get up. It took a long while, but eventually all of the bodies were up. There were about 7 of them, 6 boys and a girl. They looked around the ruined room and saw the full extent of their little "experiment." One of the boys, Murphy, was the first to speak.

"We're in trouble. We are in so much trouble."

All of the students looked at each other in horror as the realization of Murphy's words set in.

They were so doomed.

17-year-old Murphy Pendleton entered into the building quietly, trying not to attract attention. It was going to be his first day at Midwich High School, right in the center of his new town Silent Hill. Murphy had moved here with his family, his parents and baby sister Carol and kid brother Charlie.

The junior wasn't excited about starting school a month in, so he made sure to not bring attention to himself. He walked to the front office to get his schedule.

The boy opened up the brown door to see a young woman sitting behind an old desk, looking nervous. Not really caring about what was ailing her, Murphy walked up to her to get his papers.

"Excuse me?" Murphy asked her in a quiet voice.

She looked up startled, but composed herself quickly. Or rather, she tried to, but she only made herself look like an idiot, in Murphy's opinion. A small nametag that read "ANNE" was pinned to the women's shirt.

"Oh, hello, young man. What can I do for you?" Anne smiled after she asked him, but Murphy didn't care for pleasantries. He only wanted to start school and wait for the day to be over.

"Yeah, I'm new here, so I need my schedule. And a map of the school, if it's possible." Murphy told her, speaking low. He observed as the young lady blushed at his voice. On the outside he remained stoic, but on the inside he was sneering at her. He was a high school student, for Pete's sake!

He was pulled from his thoughts when she began to speak. "Ah, yes, we were told that a new student was joining us. What is your name, young man?"

"Murphy Pendleton."

"I thought so. You look like a Murphy." The young women told him, with a slight wink. He was beginning to get creeped out, but thankfully the young lady had retrieved his paperwork. She handed him his schedule and the map of the school, and bid him a farewell as he walked out the door. Murphy tried to wrap his mind around what had just occurred, but he found it was best to simply forget about the encounter. After all, he had no plans to return to the office anytime in the next two years.

With that small goal in mind, the junior made his way to his first class of the day, English III with Mr. Mason.

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