The Hokage Of The League

Hello readers, I suddenly had the inspiration to write my very own crossover of Naruto and the Justice League. It's only my second story and first crossover so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I loved writing it. The beginning will take place in the battle of Madara and Obito vs Naruto and the others and before the start of the first episode of JL. Enjoy!

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"Kyuubi talking"

(Justu Translations)

Chapter 1: Entering a New World/ Pilot Chapter

The chirping of birds and the soft rustling of the wind is what the young man known as Naruto Uzumaki awoke to. His eyes squinted as the sun beamed down his face. Groggily he stood up and blocked his eyes as his vision was becoming focused and out of its blurry state observing the unfamiliar surroundings. The area he was full of trees so he assumed he was in a forest, but it was none he recognized.

It felt like he just had gotten over the hugest hangover of his life, even though he had a high tolerance to alcohol because of the Kyuubi (Nine-Tails). Then it hit him, the events of the 4th Shinobi war and his battle against Madara and Obito alongside Kakashi, Guy, and Killer Bee.

Madara and Obito had summoned the incomplete version of the Juubi (Ten-Tailed Beast) and were dead set on completing the Moon Eye Plan. Even though the Juubi was incomplete it was still bigger, faster and stronger than Kurama and Gyuuki together. The battle only became harder when the Juubi evolved into its second state. However with the arrival of the alliance and Naruto bestowing his chakra to most of the forces they managed to successfully sever Madara and Obito's control over the Juubi. However that's when things went sour as Madara began to fight more seriously, unleashing his Perfect Sussano and all the powers of his Rinnegan, while Obito tried to regain control of the Juubi.

Naruto had never seen anything so powerful since the Bijuu themselves. Madara had begun to decimate their forces easily but Naruto had gone full Bijuu again and engaged him in combat again while the allied forces attempted to halt the Juubi. It was a long and painful battle with Naruto and Madara tearing up the entire surrounding area in what could've become the second Valley of the End. Naruto had momentarily been defeated when Madara used both his Perfect Sussano with Mokuton to weaken him, but thankfully Hinata got him to safety long enough for him to reactivate his Bijuu mode and resume his fight again. The battle went on for a long time until something unexpected happened and Naruto had somehow managed to unlock the legendary Doujutsu (Eye Technique); the Rinnegan (Samsara Eye).

Though it is nearly forgotten the Uzumaki Clan were distant relatives of the well-known Senju Clan who were direct descendants from the Sage of Six Paths himself, also known as the man who created Ninjutsu and the ninja system. Naruto didn't know exactly how he managed to unlock the eyes that the Sage and Nagato had. Maybe thanks to the Bijuu for giving him parts of their chakra it combined with Kurama which unlocked it, perhaps his latest bond with Kurama had some additional effect to him or maybe the it was the late Sage lending him his power to finally end the war and bring true peace to the land. Whatever reason, Naruto accepted his new found power and used it to turn the tide of the war into their favor.

With his newfound abilities, his training in his Clan's infamous Fuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques), and the Kyuubi's help, Naruto managed to reseal the Jyuubi (Ten-Tails) back into the Demon Statue and send it back on the moon where the original Sage of Six Paths entombed the Juubi.

With the Juubi now resealed for good, Naruto was able to defeat Madara Uchiha. Seeing as how their plans had crumbled before them Obito Uchiha orchestrated a plan of revenge against the young blonde ninja.

Using the last charka that he could conjure, Obito ensnared the surprised Naruto into his Mangekyo Sharigan's Kamui technique. Naruto for all his strength and stamina was too exhausted from his continuous fighting and lack of Charka to escape the space time justu.

All of the Alliance Shinobi arrived just in time to see Naruto being pulled into a small swirling wormhole, much to the horror of anyone who was remotely close to the blonde ninja. Obito seeing his success in enacting his revenge upon Naruto gave a final smirk before dying from his own wounds and Charka exhaustion.

Everyone from the Shinobi world would remember this day, for it was both the beginning of Peace to spread across the Elemental Nations now that all the Shinobi had Aligned with one another, and also one of its darkest for the loss of one of the greatest Shinobi to ever live. Many mourned and celebrated their victory and Naruto's death.

Little did everyone know, Naruto had not died, but had been transported into another dimension.


For a moment Naruto fell into a pit of despair at the thought of not being able to ever see his loved ones again.

'Iruka, Hinata, Baa-Chan, Sakura-Chan, Kakashi-Sensei; I'll never be able to see them again.'

For the first time since he had heard of Jiraiya's death Naruto cried silent tears of sorrow. He felt alone and cursed Obito for getting one final shot at him that now left him with no one. He felt the pain beginning to grow as he recalled his closest friends that he'll never see again.

Kakashi-sensei had been by his side along with Gai before the rest of their forces arrived to aid them in their fight. He would miss seeing him arrive late and mentioning one of his stupid and unbelievable stories of why he was late.

Tsunade-baa-chan was as close to him as Jiraiya was and was like a grandmother to him. After the death of Hiruzen he had dreamed of becoming her successor and replacing her as Hokage when she decided to step down and hand her position over to him. She was one of the people he didn't know what had happened to during the war along with the other Kage. The fact Madara had joined Obito in the fight against him and had said that the 5 kages were "not alright" had clearly indicated that he had defeated them and most likely killed them. Naruto could've used Sage Mode to see if they were still alive but he couldn't since he was still in the middle of the fight and also because he was afraid to find out what happened to them. He was afraid he'd find out she and Gaara really did die against Madara.

Sakura-chan he would miss a lot. He had failed her in the past to bring Sasuke back and had continued failing in that ever since and now he wouldn't be able to complete that promise. He'd never see her again to make things right.

Iruka he'd miss a lot, he was like the older brother he wished he had. It always made him think what would've happened if his parents were never killed because of Obito. Maybe they would've had another child and he would've had a sibling. It was something he'd never know for himself.

Hinata would be the one he might miss the most. He could still remember how she bravely fought against Pain's Deva Path while he was incapacitated. He especially recalled when she confessed her feelings and told him the she loved him. Never before had Naruto ever heard someone say that to him. She had been the first and it touched him like he never could've imagined. It was why he became so enraged and transformed into a 6 tails when he thought Pain killed her. Because he thought Pain had killed the first person to ever give him true love, the first person to ever confess to him, the first to ever truly seemingly die before his eyes since Sasuke saved him from Haku.

During the war when she joined them in the fight and he held her hand to give her his chakra he had felt her emotions due to Kurama's cloak. He had felt her warmth, her courage, her love him, he had felt all the emotional strength she had from being by his side and he missed her more than he could imagine. It hurt most of all that he was planning to talk to her after the war about her confession to him where he felt like he actually could return her feelings and want to be with her but now because of Obito he would never tell her how he felt about her.

His depression was broken by the familiar booming voice of the Kyuubi(Nine-Tailed Fox).

"Shed your tears whelp; I doubt any of your friends would want you to be put down like this especially after you managed to save the world from Madara and that wannabe imposter of his like you had promised."

Naruto nodded wiping his tears away. Kurama was right; his family/friends would never want him to wallow like this. Instead Naruto turned his attention to the Kyuubi to discuss their current situation.

"So Kurama, do you know of a way to get back to our dimension?" Naruto couldn't help but show a sliver of hope in his voice.

Kurama frowned, "There could be different ways we could leave this dimension but the main problem is that there are an infinite amount of dimensions in existence; it could take us an eternity to find the right one, and that's if we're lucky. Plus even if we did find it I'm not even sure we could get back. Not to metion the possibility that time might flow differently in this world. For all we know every day we spend here could be months or years that pass back in our world".

That small amount of hope that Naruto held onto was crushed as quickly as it came. He took a moment to collect himself. Taking in a deep breath he exhaled, turning his attention back to the fox.

"Very well, do you know what dimension we were transported to?"

"Like I said, we were teleported to only one of many dimensions. I don't know which exact one we've been sent to so its best if we scout ahead for more info. However I advise you to keep a low profile for now since we have no idea what we may find here"

Naruto nodded exiting his mindscape and began extended his senses in search for a high populace of life source; that would likely lead to a village hopefully. Finding a huge amount of life signatures a few miles from his location he sped off towards the source.

As he neared the energy source Naruto spotted what he could only describe as a large collection of buildings. Upon closer inspection, the structures here were
enormous! So advanced! Even more so than the Yuki no Kuni (Land of Snow), who's land is said to have possessed some of the most advanced technology in the entire Elemental Nations. The city was unlike anything he had ever experienced in his time as a shinobi. Everything gave off a nostalgic yet unfamiliar feeling. Naruto decided to go in quietly as he wasn't aware of what dangers this world could provide.

When Naruto successfully infiltrated the city, he observed its people from the rooftops of the building. What he was seeing amazed him. The city was unlike anything he had experienced in the Elemental Nations. Everything felt similar yet so different. Much to his relief the people here appeared human, but he couldn't sense much if any chakra from them, only the life force that kept them alive.

Despite popular belief, Naruto disliked charging head on into the unknown. It was something he had been forced to learn during the war where he saw that reckless wasn't the best idea less he unintentionally bring harm to his friends. So he searched for a way to find more Intel on this world. In the nearby alleyway Naruto spotted a middle aged man who was casually smoking a cigarette with his back leaned against the wall.

Naruto smirked as an idea formed in head. He closed his eyes in concentration as he sent charka into his eyes. When he opened them, gone were his brilliant blue eyes; replaced by purple colored ones with a unique ripple pattern.

The smoking man didn't know what happened next, all he saw was his vision black out before he was caught in a trance like state; he had been caught in Naruto's Genjustu (Illusionary Technique). Naruto leaped down stealthily next to the man before calmly putting his hand on his head.

Thanks to his newly acquired Rinnegan, it had given Naruto the ability to probe through a person's mind through contact of the head. Although since he had only recently unlocked the Rinnegan Naruto only managed to learn how to use the Deva path to pull and repel things at the minimal level against Madara and Obito while using the human path was new to him and therefore takes him a long while to get the information. It was this very path he used to try and defeat Madara by ripping out his soul from his wretched immortal corpse. However, Madara didn't make it easy for him since Naruto had to find a way to break through his perfect Sussano and get close to him. It was hard but eventually he succeeded by knocking away its sword and disarming it where he fired his strongest tailed beast ball and blew it to bits leaving Madara exposed, but he had also seized an opportunity and used his own Human path to try and rip out Naruto's soul. It became a tug a war between the two of them as they both tried to rip the others soul out while trying to maintain a strong grip on their own souls.

Eventually however Naruto managed to come out the victor thanks to his experience with chakra tug of war that he had with Kurama when he fought against him to gain control of his chakra. With his victory Naruto defeated Madara by sealing away his soul and with him gone Obito was soon defeated as well. Naruto was especially glad that he didn't read his mind since he didn't want to know what twisted thoughts coursed through that man.

This was the second time he was using the Human Path and he had to be extra careful so that he didn't end up pulling the man's soul from his body like how he had heard heard from Shizune when Nagato had done so to her. It was over a good 6 minutes later that he finally managed to gather all the necessary information he was looking for since not only was it a lot of info to take in, but he was still adjusting to all his new abilities.

What he had learned was a lot to take in. Not only was this world's history vastly different from his, but the people here didn't and have never possessed the ability to utilize Chakra. Not only that, but apparently this world harbored a collection of super powered beings, both good and bad that utilized powers that he never even knew existed. Through the man's memories he saw people dressed in all sorts of weird costumes; the most common super heroes as these people referred them as, were two men called Superman from Metropolis and Batman from Gotham. Both were impressive in their own department. They were also like polar opposites. Superman was the yin while Batman was the yang. Superman was the true model of someone who believed in truth and justice, while Batman was someone who lurked in the darkness, using fear against villains. Kurama even approved of the Dark Knight's methods. Naruto however liked Superman's methods more; it reminded him of bringing peace through understanding rather than hatred.

"Hmm this planet is definitely different from the Shinobi of our world. Humans here are even more pathetic than I thought possible. From what we saw from that flesh bag's mind I'd say that these people would hardly pose a challenge against us, except maybe a few." Kurama spoke unimpressed with what he saw.

"I don't know about that, these people may not have chakra but from what I've learned in the past, it's best to never underestimate a person, especially when this world's technology far exceeds the Shinobi's. The Kyuubi gave a low grumble in a reluctant agreement.

With that Naruto disconnected himself from the man's mind and dropped the Genjutsu, but not before leaving the area. He also made sure the man wouldn't remember what had transpired.

What Naruto needed now was a place to rest for a time. He still was feeling the effects of his battle with Madara and Obito, and he was low on Chakra. He managed to find an abandoned apartment that he could safely rest for the night. Before he settled down he made a few Kage Bunshins(Shadow Clones) to research any more info that would be deemed important that the man didn't have.

As soon as he laid down Naruto passed out from pure exhaustion of the events that transpired, he would figure out a plan of action tomorrow; right after a good night's rest.


3 Months Later…

In the past few months Naruto had been both familiarizing himself with this world's society and training with his new found abilities. He made his clones train with his Rinnegan's abilities in a deserted area while he had a few other spare clones research anything important of the planet; geographical features, technology, language as well as the villains and heroes. The clones found many of this available information in the public library. Each clone would Henge themselves so they could look through the library without disturbances.

Though he spent much of his time also working on his father's jutsu, the Hiraishin no jutsu(Flying Thunder God Technique). Before the 4th Shinobi War had started Tsunade had given him a scroll from his father containing the formula for the jutsu along with his other inheritance that included jutsu from his mother as well. Though, there were fail safes placed on the scroll, so only someone with the Namikaze blood could see its contents. Naruto hadn't had enough time before the war to really put much practice into learning the justu, so he couldn't use it in his battle against Madara and Obito, which would have definitely had helped on several occasions. It had taken some time to get used to the technique, especially the instantaneous teleportation part. The scroll didn't mention how disorientating it would be the first few times; he even lost his lunch on several occasions. So far Naruto preferred to use it for mere transportion, rather than actual combat, not that he's even had a fight to use it in for fighting.

He himself was currently in the city that he had first stumbled into, it was a large and popular city known as San Fransico. It had taken some getting used to but he had learned this countries language; English. This world had a wide variety of languages, but he also learned that much to his surprise, this world had his own land's native language, which they referred to as Japanese.

This world's technology had similarities to the shinobi's. While the Elemental Nations had conventional technology like trains, TV, refrigerators, etc. This world, this Earth had a higher level of technology superior to the shinobi. The world he was in was known as Earth and had many similar traits compared to his own but its people seemed to be split into even more factions than the Elemental Nations. Maybe it was because it was vastly larger compared to his world. Unfortunately for him the currency here was different so he had to search for a way to gather more money for some living expenses.

That part wasn't too difficult though, as he wasn't the type of person who needn't had the need for conventional things like a car or house. He led a more nomadic lifestyle anyway. Though that didn't mean he wouldn't try to gather money in case he may need some. He found an editor who was willing to publish his sensei Jiraiya's books, the Icha Icha Paradise collection and his personal favorite Tales of a Gutsy Ninja. The books were a major hit as they became a worldwide sensation and pretty soon he was racking in a lot of money that he stored into a spare Storage Scroll.

While his clones studied the original Naruto continued to train with his new abilities, namely his Doujutsu (Eye Technique) the Rinnegan. Though, he spent much of his time also working on his father's justu, the Hiraishin no justu (Flying Thunder God Technique).

As for his training, he had attained a good deal more control over his Doujustu (Eye-Technique) the Rinnegan, though he had still not achieved full mastery of it.

Thanks to the Rinnegan, it gave Naruto the ability to be compatible with all the five basic nature transformations; Futon (wind), Doton (earth), Katon (fire), Suiton (water), and Raiton (lightening). Right now he had mastered his original Futon element and was proficient in Raiton and Katon; he was still working on the others.

Now he was currently contemplating on what he should do. He could try to become a superhero and protect these people, but he still felt that lingering attachment to his home.

Kurama snorted at his containers attitude, "Why are you so hesitant. You have the chance at a free start so take it and get your ass out more in the world. It'll be amusing to see these so called villains squirm as we beat them to an inch of their useless life, HAHAHA!."

Naruto sweat dropped at his tenant's obvious enthusiasm in the enjoyment of others pain. "Kurama you know were not gonna just go on a killing spree right?"

Kurama huffed "Who said anything killing, I was just saying we could beat them up until they can't stand and strike them with so much fear that they'll wish they never became villains. You'll never know how to have any real fun unless you cut loose and enjoy yourself."

Naruto rolled his eyes in exasperation at the Kyuubi's 'playful' antics. Though, he had to admit that the idea of pounding in a few villains did sound pretty good, not to mention he need to further test his abilities in live combat anyway so why not look for some super villains to test himself with. It was decided, Naruto would test out his abilities the next chance he got, all he needed was the opportunity and a worthy adversary.

Later that night Naruto adorned his superhero outfit which was his new ninja attire. He wore a long white sleeveless cloak that was similar to his fathers, except it was modified to Naruto's liking. The cloak's inside was colored a cool blue with an intricate yet beautiful design of a gold fish stenciled into the fabric. Blue flames danced across its bottom edges. Embedded on the back of the cloak was the kanji for Rokudaime Hokage (Sixth Fire Shadow) as a symbol for his past dreams. He wore a Jonin (High Ninja) flak jacket around his chest area with open toed sandals. A dark blue mask covered the bottom of his facial features like Kakashi had worn his, and a forehead protector with the leaf symbol was strapped around his forehead. His blonde hair had grown out, extending past his jaw line, giving him a similar look to his father.

It wasn't long before Naruto heard a woman's screams close by. Naruto quickly sped off in the direction to find two young women surrounded by four shady looking guys. Three of them were harassing the girls while they had the 4th one keep look out. It was when one of the men pulled out a knife on the girls that Naruto narrowed his eyes in contained anger as he moved in to take out these dangerous men. The man with the knife and there apparent leader grinned lecherously at the frightened girls as he carelessly waved the knife in front of the two.

The man with the knife and there apparent leader grinned lecherously at the frightened girls as he carelessly waved the knife in front of the two.

"Don't be scared, all we want is any cash you got."

The girls backed further against the wall to their back, they were trapped. One of the women, a dark haired brunette held her red headed friend closer to her in an act to protect her friend.

"Aww, isn't that cute. But that ain't gonna do much bi-" his words were lost as something dragged him off into the darkness. The thugs and girls were surprised at the man's sudden disappearance.

A few of the men pulled out pistols but were also pulled into the shadows before they could fire at anything much less see what their target was. There was only one thug left who was now freaking out with the sudden disappearance of his fellow thugs.

A figure arose from the shadows revealing himself to the remaining thug and girls. The figure appeared to be male and wore unfamiliar looking clothes that looked like something only a superhero or villain would wear. The man's identity was covered but his sunny colored blond hair was completely exposed and his mask revealed brilliant blue eyes that were currently glaring daggers at the thug. Said thug felt a shiver go up his spine, the man's eyes seemed to be staring right into his very soul.

The thug pulled out his own gun and pointed it at the women, "D-Don't move or else I'll blow this bitch's brains out!"

Naruto knew of what that weapon could do if fired off. It fired fast moving projectiles but unfortunately for the thug, he could move even faster. In a movement quicker than the thug could see, the blonde man disappeared from his view and the next he saw was blackness as he dropped to the ground unconscious.

Now that the thugs were taken care of, Naruto turned his attention to the stunned girls. He gave them the classic Kakashi eye smiles, "Are you girls okay?"

The girls didn't know anything about their savior, but his now warm demeanor gave them much relief.

"Y-yes thanks for saving us. We were on our way back to our apartment from work when we were surrounded by those thugs." Spoke the brunette.

"Well I'm glad I was nearby when it happened then, although you were very brave in defending your friend here miss-?"

The brunette blushed a little, "Oh I'm sorry, we didn't introduce ourselves. My name is Miranda."

The red head pointed to herself in a chirper attitude compared to just a few moments before, "My names April! What's your name mister?"

Naruto moved to round up the unconscious thugs, "You can refer to me as the Hokage (Fire Shadow). Well it was nice meeting you lovely ladies. Stay safe now." With that Naruto disappeared in a swirl of leaves that left the girls surprised, thinking of the events that had transpired. Naruto tied the thugs up and dumped them at the nearest Police Office, of course without being spotted.

Naruto jumped across the rooftops as he hummed to himself, "A successful first appearance for ourselves if I don't say so myself."

Kurama grumbled in a bored tone, "Yawn, if it was me I would have just squashed those petty flea bags under my paw and wipe them off on the ground."

"Relax, there will be plenty of opportunities to test our strength, and I already told you we won't just go killing random people." Naruto was right in the next few weeks his appearance in the city of San Francisco would grab the attention of many people, including some super powered beings.


1 Month Later…

In the past month, Naruto had made a lot more appearances as the Hokage, grabbing many people's attention in the process. At first it started with many of the city's local crime thugs or thieves, in which Naruto helped stop. In fact, on several occasions Naruto had left tied up criminals on the doorstep of Police Offices. Though, Naruto made sure to only interfere when the police were either unavailable or if a life was being threatened. After all, it was still the police's job to protect the city, and he didn't want to just take their jobs. Although it was becoming a funny gag to them when they would sometimes find the tied up thugs with notes attached that said, "Here's today's shipment of trash to put away" or "Special delivery".

Crime rates had significantly decreased and the people had only caught glimpses of their apparent hero. What little pictures reporters could get, managed to capture him on camera, though much of it was slightly blurred. At the very least they saw the kanji or logo on his back that they immediately translated into Hokage, giving the hero his title.

As for the hero himself, they managed to determine his gender to be male from the reports and eye witness that saw him. So far though, the man hadn't displayed too many abilities other than the fact that he had excellent hand to hand combat abilities and incredible speed that at sometimes, people compared to the Flash himself. This earned him the other title known as the Yellow flash, as that was what many thugs reported as the last thing they saw before they were knocked unconscious.

The Flash himself had heard about this and commented that while he admitted the Hokage was indeed quick, he was still faster; though he mentioned that he wouldn't mind having a race with the new hero to prove his point as he had once done so with Superman.

Many others of the superhero community were curious about the new hero while the villains varied from curios to wary as well. In that short amount of time Naruto had made a major enemy of himself to the city's local gangs; all of them were more cautious and afraid to go against the hero, so most made the wise decision to stay clear of San Francisco and the Hokage's way.

One thing was for sure for Naruto. Things were about to become more interesting in his life once again.


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