The Hokage Of The League

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Chapter 12: Trials

Beads of sweat trailed down Naruto's temple as he focused all his attention on holding back the beautiful Amazonian that he was currently locked in a grip hold with.

Shortly after the meeting with Pamela and Batman had ended, Naruto had returned to his island where he slept on the proceedings of the meeting. After much debate and explanation, Pamela had finally conceded to the negotiations and terms on the condition that she be given a full body scan from the watchtower's medical equipment the following day, and that they would do whatever they could to fix the issue with her fertility. An agreement that Batman had much difficulty agreeing to, as he clearly felt uncomfortable with allowing one of his former enemies into the league's base of operations. It had taken Naruto some convincing to change the Dark Knight's mind to comply with Pamela's terms. Only Naruto's stubborn attitude and determined nature was enough to get Batman to acquiesce to Pamela's stipulations.

Batman had scheduled an exact time in which he would personally escort Pamela aboard the Watchtower. The Dark Knight's paranoid personality wouldn't allow even Naruto to participate in bringing Pamela aboard the space station. Naruto considered the extra security measures a bit over extensive, but given that Pamela had indeed conned the Dark Knight in the past he wasn't surprised in the least. Batman was also to be the one who would execute the diagnosis on the red headed botanist. He was the only one on the league with enough medical experience to oversee the scans, with the possible exceptions of maybe Hawkgirl or J'onn; both of whom were currently on the mission to help John Stewart after he had surrendered himself over to those robots.

While Batman oversaw Pamela's examination, Naruto had the luck of finding the time to have a friendly spar with Diana, who had just recently returned from one of her many escapades in Man's world. The Amazonian was made aware of Pamela's situation beforehand, so she wouldn't attack Pamela on sight if she were to see her. She and the rest of the league were already aware that Pamela had helped them during the invasion; constructing the nerve gas used to destroy the Imperium's ships and ridding the remaining infestation of their kind from the planet.

While Diana was indeed curious as to why both Naruto and Batman were helping a former enemy and villain, she chose not to judge their decision; at least until they give her an explanation first. Which brings us the current heated practice match between the two warriors.

Leaping high into the air, Diana swung her right leg harshly downward with bone crushing force, forcing Naruto to dodge to the side, less he suffer from massive trauma to the head. The amount of power pushed forth into the overhead axe kick was enough to easily dent the metal floorboards of the watchtower. Naruto gave a small sigh of relief at successfully evading Diana's kick. The Amazonian reminded him so much of Tsunade's fearsome super human strength.

Grunting in annoyance from missing her target, Diana pressed the blonde further, not giving him a moment of reprieve. Naruto blocked a vicious right hook aimed for his face before parrying a flurry of attacks sent his way. If anything the woman before him was unrelenting and ferocious, keeping Naruto on his toes and forcing him on the defensive.

Having enough of playing defense, Naruto struck back with equal intensity, managing to break out of Diana's assault, giving himself enough time to enact his counterattack. In a burst of blinding speed, Naruto dropped to the floor, using his right arm as a spring board to launch his left leg upward with the intent of striking Diana's chin. Momentarily caught off guard by the swiftness of his maneuver, Diana barely managed to react in time. Arching her back, the Amazonian performed a perfect back flip, narrowly avoiding the upper kick utilized by Naruto by mere centimeters.

Startled by the fact that Diana had managed to dodge his move, Diana took advantage of his momentary lack of concentration; arching her leg in a sweeping motion toward the arm Naruto was still balanced on. Taking in the situation as quickly as his mind would allow, Naruto instinctually curved the arm he had his entire body balance on into an uncomfortable position that allowed him to retaliate with a side kick. Naruto knew at this distance and with the amount of time he had to spare there was no way of dodging Diana's move, but at least he may be able to exchange a blow for blow.

Naruto coughed in pain as he felt Diana's kick connect with his stomach, launching him above the floor onto the other side of room. Toppling over the floor in a full circle, Naruto managed to get back up on his legs by sending a stream of chakra to them. Gritting his teeth, Naruto skidded across the metal flooring, elapsing a screeching noise from the rough track marks his feet left. Finally coming to a full stop, Naruto immediately brought his field of vision back on Diana, who had just collected herself as well.

Both combatants ceased fighting for a moment to assess the other's condition. Naruto felt the slight aching in the areas on his person that were struck by Diana, especially his abdomen that was most likely bruised. He was lucky that her kick hadn't caused him to lose his lunch; the protective padding in his flak jacket did little to cushion the concussive force from her kick. He smirked to himself, knowing that for all the display of skill that Diana had showed him, she was holding back, just as he was. In order to pose a real challenge to the Amazonian princess, he'd have to probably enter into Sage Mode to really push her.

Diana was having similar thoughts, showing the smallest of smiles on her beautiful features. From their exchange, she had ascertained that the Hokage's fighting prowess was indeed superb. His hand to hand combat skills were somewhat wild and uncontrolled even, but he more than made up for it with his unpredictability.

A smirk encroached across the Amazonians lips. "Seems I won this little bout of ours Hokage." In response to the woman's declaration, Naruto merely smirked in fox like manner, confusing Diana.

Suddenly, Diana felt a warm liquid fall down the side of her cheek. "Hmm?" Diana reached for the side of her face with her hand. Gazing back at her hand, Diana saw the unmistakable sight of red blood smeared across her fingertips. Diana stared at the crimson liquid in wonder for a moment before she recalled the last maneuver that the Hokage has pulled before she sent him sailing across the room with her kick.

The kick had spun by her face, slicing a few strands of her raven colored hair, but she hadn't known that it was close enough to have come into contact with her skin. It was shallow cut, but still deep enough to draw blood; something that not many had been capable of back in her homeland. An impressed smile graced Diana's lips as her gaze drifted back onto Naruto's form.

"It appears that I was mistaken. This duel has ended in a draw. Your skills in close quarters are impressive. Untamed and somewhat unorthodox, but impressive nonetheless."

Naruto was flattered by the Amazon's praise. This was approval from a woman whose entire culture had isolated themselves from men. An accomplishment for the blonde shinobi if he ever saw one. It also had shown that Diana had come great to lengths in immersing herself into the culture of Man's world; though Diana had seemed like a fairly open minded individual to begin with so this came as no real surprise to Naruto.

"Thanks, you yourself are an excellent combatant. Those golden bracelets of yours are really hard, what in the world are they made of?" Naruto asked, stroking his bruising forearms that had been bludgeoned by the bracelets. He had not been exaggerating in the least when he mentioned the bracelet's durability. Never had Naruto come into contact with material with as much durability and firmness as Diana's golden bracelets; not even from the Elemental Nations, which was saying a lot.

Diana chuckled lightheartedly at the Hokage's statement. Raising her forearm forward, Diana brushed a hand across its golden coating, suddenly reminded of her home and her mother. "These bracelets, along with the armor were forged by a great blacksmith. It was given to my people long ago and has since then been worn only by those who have earned the right to bear the armor."

"Well, my compliments to the blacksmith's craftsmanship." Idly, Naruto wondered just what materials the blacksmith had used to make the armor. Their conversation was cut short by the baritone voice of Batman over the watchtower's speakers.

"Diagnostics are finished Hokage. Meet me in the lab."

Naruto sighed, turning to Diana "That's my cue. The Bat calls."

Diana smiled knowingly. "Yes, you wouldn't want to keep Batman waiting. Might cut into more of his brooding time."

Naruto barked out a laugh, "No, we wouldn't want such a thing." Saying his goodbyes and thank you's, Naruto made his way toward the medical lab. Automatically sliding apart from his presence, the doors to the lab opened to reveal Pamela fidgeting on a padded table with lined paper, while Batman was fixated with the computer monitor that scrolled across mounts of charts and other indecipherable data that Naruto would never be able to interpret.

Noticing the blonde's entrance, Pamela slid off the table, gesturing the whiskered blonde over. The two shared their short greetings before standing behind the Dark Knight to start the conference. Batman made no visible response that told Naruto he had noticed Naruto's entrance. The young shinobi was about to grab the Dark Knight's attention when the Bat spoke.

"You know that the speaker's communications work both ways." Naruto laughed awkwardly. That meant that he had heard his and Diana's joke earlier. Someway, somehow, Batman would find a way to get back at Naruto.

Batman paid the fidgeting whiskered blonde no mind. Instead, he progressed onto the meeting. "From what I can discern from Pamela's diagnostic results, the real issue here is her immune system."

Pamela's voice interjected, "My immune system? Elaborate would you please?"

Batman paused for a fraction of a second. "You already know that the accident that bestowed you your powers bolstered your immune system to almost impossible heights. This makes it virtually impossible for you to succumb to nearly any form of sickness, disease, or poisonous toxin. But this immunity is in fact the cause for your infertility."

It was Naruto's turn to question Batman. "I don't understand. How is it the cause? Isn't her immune system helping her?"

"Under normal circumstances, your immune system is what keeps you alive and breathing, helping your body fend off foreign disease and sickness. But her immune system is now actually too strong. You could say that she has a hyper immune system. Her immunity is so impervious that it rejects not only harmful bacteria and viruses but also foreign DNA that normally a human body wouldn't reject. In this case, that would be the male counterpart's sperm. While it can still be inserted inside her body, the immune system would attack the cells the moment they enter and prevent them from mixing with her own DNA to produce fertilized eggs. This gives the effect of a double edged sword. The pros are she is resilient to nearly any toxin or foreign disease, but this also means that she is incapable of bearing children."

Both fell into a tense silence, digesting the Bat's words. Every so often, Naruto would throw nervous glances in Pamela's direction, trying to gauge her reaction. The fiery red-headed woman took the information in with surprising stoicism, or at least that was what the whiskered blond could only assume. Pamela was deceptively adept in containing her emotions when she wanted to, making it ever so difficult for Naruto to interpret exactly what the woman was feeling. Though, Naruto could've sworn that he saw the botanist's eyes darken a shade dimmer for an instant when Batman mentioned her infertility before returning to their usual vibrant green.

Careful to keep her voice both level and neutral, Pamela asked the question that had been plaguing her mind ever since her hope had been rekindled. "Is there any possibility that this can be fixed?"

Batman gave Pamela, for whom in his eyes was still seen as Poison Ivy; a long and contemplative look. "Perhaps…" Bruce chose his words carefully, not wanting to give her false hope in something that he himself was still uncertain of. It was not outright impossible, it was just a case that he was unfamiliar with; being the first that he had ever seen. "There have been many documented cases in which some female or another has had fertility issues; but these usual stem from genetic defects or other accidental circumstances. Yours is not a common occurrence. The changes your body has gone through since the incident that brought you your powers has long since run its course, so rearranging your entire genetic code to fix the issue is nigh impossible. All of the files and data from the experiment that did this to you was either destroyed or purged, making it all the more difficult. I cannot guarantee a cure, so to speak, but I will see what I can do about it."

The Dark Knight shifted his position in his chair, hands locked together. "Now, I've done my part of our agreement, it's your turn." Any hint of emotion or feelings of sympathy had disappeared from his tone, reverting back to his usual cold and calculating one.

Naruto shot Batman a hard look, angered by the fact that he would be so dismissive of Pamela's feelings on the issue. Pamela's brow scrunched together ever so perceptively. The only sign that showed her feelings on the matter. "Don't worry, I'll keep my end of the bargain; if only because you asked so nicely." She said rather hotly.

"Good." Bruce stated with finality. He rose from his chair, briskly walking toward the door without another word. He'd leave the rest for the Hokage to deal with. Naruto let out a deep sigh, sharing a look with Pamela.

"Hey." Naruto began, grabbing Pamela's attention. "There's someone here who I want you to meet. I think you two could get along." Before the botanist could give a proper response, Naruto had already sped off, forcing Pamela to chase after him. Pamela sighed but couldn't hide a slight smile. She knew what the blonde was trying to divert her attention elsewhere so she wouldn't stress upon the upcoming trials that she'd undoubtedly face later on.

Naruto led Pamela through several doors and corridors until they made it to the mess hall. The automatic doors to the mess slid open to reveal a single female occupant, sitting quietly while she ate her meal. Pamela saw the woman's appearance and immediately recognized the woman from past footage as the Amazonian known as Wonder Woman. Pamela looked to Naruto who beckoned her earnestly as he made his way toward the raven haired woman.

Diana paused, aware of the sudden arrival of her fellow leaguer Hokage entering the mess hall with another woman whom she assumed was this Pamela person that the young shinobi had referred to earlier.

Naruto began the introductions with a jovial wave. "Hey, enjoying the food from man's world?"

Diana nodded respectfully in turn. "Indeed. Man's world has a rather interesting diversity of culinary arts. Though, I find the more traditional American food to be far too…hearty," she finished with just a hint of distaste at the cheeseburger and fries on her plate. She'd learned quickly that the traditional American food wasn't the least bit healthy.

"Yeah, that's why I usually stick to what I'm more comfortable with, like ramen. Anyways…" Naruto gestured to his red headed companion. "This is Pamela. Pamela this is… Wonder Woman." Naruto eventually finished, deciding to go with Diana's heroine name in case the Amazonian felt uncomfortable with using her real name.

Pamela raised her hand. "A pleasure." Diana looked appraisingly at the former botanist extremist with a modicum of suspicion but eventually conceded and shook her hand. Before anyone could say a word more, an incessant beeping noise emanated from Naruto. The shinobi blinked once before fishing into his back pocket and retrieving a small oval shaped device. Naruto flipped its tiny monitor on and glanced over the text.

A sigh brushed past the mask covering his whiskered face. "Sorry girls, duty calls. There's a situation back in San Francisco that I need to take care of."

"Do you require assistants?" Diana questioned, willing to offer her services to a fellow leaguer.

Naruto waved a placating hand. "Naw, that isn't necessary. It's not world threatening and nothing I can't handle on my own. Besides, you're on break so you should enjoy it. Keep Pamela company while I'm gone would you please?" Diana acquiesced to the blonde's wishes; both women watching the young shinobi make his way out of the room.

"Oh, and play nice girls." Naruto hollered over his back as the automatic doors shut. Pamela merely snorted in an amused manner before turning to Diana. "So…" the red head began, somewhat unsure of how to start a proper conversation with the raven haired woman. How does one converse with an Amazonian warrior from all-female culture with little experience of the outside world?

"How does Man's world compare to your home? Themyscira is it?"

"Its…"Diana paused, choosing her words carefully. "Different" she eventually finished. "In Themyscira we are told that Man is despicable and are not to be trusted. And on some level I still agree with that assessment, but in these past few weeks, working with the league I find myself questioning the validity of my people's view on Man's world as a whole. There are those whom I've grown to respect and even strive for peace."

"Hmm…I've started to believe that myself lately." Pamela spoke, surprising herself at the honesty in her own words.

Diana drew a whimsical expression on her beautifully sculpted face. She honestly didn't know what to make of Pamela yet. The Amazon hadn't really spoken to another woman from Man's world other than Hawkgirl. Women that lived in Man's world acted much differently from those of her fellow female Amazons on Themyscira. Perhaps this would be a great opportunity to rectify that. Diana was well aware that the woman before her was a former convict and villainess but she'd reserve her opinions until after she had conversed more with the botanist. The Hokage seemed to have placed a great deal of trust in this woman so for now she'd give her the benefit of the doubt.

"You know, recently a garden atrium was commissioned onto the Watchtower. Would you like to see it?" Pamela's eyes twinkled brightly at the prospect of a new garden atrium and lovely plants.

"Yes, I would like that very much." Diana smiled lightly at the woman's response, swiftly picking up her tray and throwing it in the nearest waste dispenser; her food practically untouched.

Pamela took notice of this though and voiced her thoughts. "I take it that the food wasn't to your liking?"

Diana grimaced at the idea of eating such greasy and distasteful foods. "You've no idea. I needed some kind of excuse to show you the atrium." Pamela laughed lightly at that, following the lead of the Amazon as they both strode out the cafeteria, unaware of the video cameras swiveled in their direction.


The next several months were some of the most taxing for Pamela. She'd hoped to restrain the news of the renunciation of her past criminal career on the down low, but perhaps in hindsight that was far too much to hope for in these times. Once news reached out to the public that Pamela Isley, the infamous Poison Ivy had willingly turned herself into the authorities, the public and more so, the news media went into a frenzy. Pamela's once hush and secluded life was immediately tossed aside, as she became the headline of nearly every news cast both popular and non-popular.

At first the authorities were suspicious of Pamela's actions, believing it to likely be some sort of sinister scheme that the eco-terrorist had concocted. They were wary and rightly so given the past actions that were imprinted onto Pamela's file records. So it came as that much more of a shock when the Hokage from the Justice League gave his absolute assurance that this was not some form of trickery, vouching for the legitimacy of the women's claims.

Naruto's involvement and support of Pamela's case brought mixed results from the general public. Some were vehemently against Pamela, outright denying that the radical eco-terrorist had suddenly had a change of heart and wanted to put a stop to her villainess past; especially those whom were directly assaulted or injured by Pamela in her past misdeeds. Those who were more liberal open-minded were sympathetic to Pamela's situation, particularly the people that Pamela had saved during the Parasitic Invasion.

Pamela's case was immediately put through the court system and she was incarcerated into Arkham Asylum for the mentally deranged for temporary confinement until her case could be reviewed in greater detail. Naturally, Pamela was distressed that she was once again imprisoned into that hell hole for the criminally insane. It took some great convincing, but Naruto and in some small part Batman, was able to pull some strings and have Pamela transferred to another institute were she would be contained while her case was pended through the Judicial Court system. Pamela was immensely thankful to escape from Arkham. That prison made her sick to her stomach; being imprisoned on an island that held nearly every accountable maniacal and mentally deranged individual that you could possibly envision, as well as some of the most heinous of criminals. There was an especial motivation to have Pamela transferred as soon as possible since there were those within the asylum that would likely have attempted to murder Pamela for their own twisted pleasure after they heard she was supposedly going to give up crime. Many of the inmates needn't a reason to kill someone. It was nearly impossible to decipher half of the inmates' intentions or motivations, if there were any to begin with.

It was after that point that Pamela really went through a road block. Her case had become serious enough to warrant it going all the way to the Supreme Court, which predictably came with the long and arduous process of waiting and waiting and more waiting. Weeks flew by but no concrete solution had been broached. The subject of Pamela's psyche and mental stability was what had previously prevented the botanical scientist from receiving harsh penalties or perhaps even the death sentence. The psyche evaluation noted on Pamela's personal file in Arkham suggested that she was clinically ill, which proved to be a rather vexing challenge for both Pamela and Naruto.

It was difficult to convince the court and in extension the public of their opinion of Pamela, as they were based heavily on those claims and reports. The Supreme Court couldn't entirely put their faith in the Hokage's words and support of Pamela, even if he came from a well-respected powerful team of heroes that had saved the world. For a moment, Pamela's case was beginning to grow somewhat hopeless as they were met with constant issues that discouraged even Naruto, who was known for his unyielding optimism and 'never give up' attitude.

Pamela's involvement and actions during the invasion of the Parasites was publicly spread by the Justice League, who admitted that the botanist had played a huge part in driving off the main bulk of the Imperium's army and reclaiming back Earth. This admittance and support from the Justice League earned Pamela significantly positive prestige to her image and swayed some in her favor.

A few of the civilians that Pamela had saved in person voiced their opinions of Pamela's actions, broadcasting them on several news cast station. The most impactful and helpful one to Pamela's cause was the child that Pamela had found being chased by a group of parasites. Pamela was relieved to see that the child had managed to find her family, whom proclaimed their deepest gratitude to Pamela for saving their daughter. Pamela had felt an influx of foreign emotional feelings from the child and her parent's sign of thanks. It brought on emotions that she hadn't even known existed.

Despite the positive reinforcement that this gave to Pamela's reputation, there was still much uncertainty on whether or not Pamela's case would prevail.

Fortunately for them, Batman had come to the rescue in the form of Bruce Wayne, the well renowned playboy, multi billionaire, philanthropist that was the direct owner of Wayne Tech Industries; which was one of the few technological companies currently existing that could compete with dominating industries such as S.T.A.R Labs and Lex Corp. According to Batman, Bruce Wayne was a secretly close confidant and huge benefactor for most of the Justice League's financial funds; though this knowledge was extended only towards members of the Justice League.

Many questioned why the immensely wealthy inheritor of Wayne Enterprises would bother to associate himself and in extension his family's reputation and business on the line for a former eco-terrorist of all people. Rumors spread like wild fire, ranging from the logical to the illogically extreme. The most common of them thought that Bruce Wayne had become infatuated with the botanist, or that even worse, that the rich boy had become ensnared in the witch's deadly seductive pheromones. Though, the latter rumor was disproven after an extensive diagnosis performed on Mr. Wayne as per the stipulations of the Supreme Court.

After much deliberation and convincing, the Supreme Court motioned in favor for Pamela Isley, much to the astonishment of the world, both for the courts uncharacteristically swift ruling which normally could take months or perhaps years of careful and painstaking consultation, as well as their ending decision. In return for their ruling, Bruce Wayne was to summarily submit a hefty sum of money, as well as officially take responsibility for Pamela's future actions. If the woman were to ever be involved in a criminal activity again, then she would either immediately be shackled into Arkham Asylum for intensive care or given the death penalty, depending of the severity of the crime. Naturally, the ruling of the case was met with the harsh criticism that comes with every major controversial Supreme Court case. But these were dutifully ignored by Pamela and Naruto, whom couldn't be more thrilled with the final outcome.

In order to avoid the aftermath chaos of the stressful court case, Pamela was again moved to one of Wayne Tech's new facilities, where she would be under house arrest for some amount of time. While only temporary, this did assuage some of the more radicals who were initially against Pamela, ensuring that they knew where Isley was at all times. The house arrest, while deeply grating on Pamela's nerves had proven to be helpful in slowly weaning the normally unsociable woman back into society.

Pamela was put into a new botanical division of Wayne Tech, where the woman would head studies and advancements in Herbology. This directed Pamela's formerly feared talents into a positive and promising direction. Pamela's unique control over fauna and plant life opened new doors into medical advancements and other auspicious studies.

For the first time in Pamela's life, Pamela felt that she just might be able to commit her life to something, something good. With her new position, she could actually make headway in her goals for the environment without having to resort to violent terrorist tactics. And she owed this second chance greatly to both the Hokage, Batman, and Bruce Wayne.


Naruto peered through the large window panels of the Watchtower where the expansive globe of the Earth existed, a faint white hue of light emanating around its spherical boundaries. The view from the transparent window made the planet look as majestic as the first time he was seen the great celestial body. J'onn stood over his usual station, monitoring the world's new channels in case of a potentially dangerous circumstance that required the involvement of the Justice League.

Everyone that had went on the rescue mission to save the Green Lantern on Adjuris 5 had returned safely with the former marine looking far better with his return. When Stewart had first submitted himself to the Manhunters, he'd gone willingly with a heavy heart filled with guilt. The indiscretion of destroying an entire planet and the hurtful accusations from his fellow Lanterns had stuck a hard blow to his pride and will. But discovering the Manhunter's plot and foiling their plans, John's spirit had been rejuvenated, restoring the usual willful and confident man he always was.

Batman sat nearby, his sharp gaze firmly fixated on the controls in front of him, leaving Naruto curious as to what the Bat was doing but not enough to verbally question the Dark Knight. Naruto had long since learned that Batman preferred to keep to himself, which included any of his projects as well. Officially, Batman wasn't even a member of the Justice League, of his own violation, but that was unanimously dismissed by the rest of the founding league members given the fact that Batman had not only created their main base of operations, but supervised the Justice League's bankroll and assisted them frequently on mission assignments.

Naruto walked casually over to the Dark Knight invoking the caped crusader's attention. "You know, I never got the chance to properly thank you" the shinobi started.

Batman dipped his head in acknowledgment but otherwise didn't speak, impelling Naruto to continue. "I hear Pam's been doing great. A bit miffed from being cooped up in the labs but nonetheless grateful. You have my thanks."

Bruce took notice of the familiar nickname that the Hokage had taken to calling Ivy. It was obvious that the man was becoming increasingly close to the red headed woman, as was Pamela for the blonde shinobi. Bruce still hadn't determined whether this was a good thing or not, but he honestly was beginning to think that the Hokage had been right all along in that Pamela really just needed someone to truly connect to and ensure that they could pursue their goals without having to resort to violent and fanatical methods.

"I can't take all the credit. Bruce Wayne was the man who sponsored Ivy and liquated all the cost and legal work for her case."

"Hmm, I suppose so. Give my best regards to Mr. Wayne for me would you." Naruto was eternally grateful to the wealthy businessman and secret benefactor of the Justice League. Without him, Pamela's case would have certainly been a bust. "But there's something I'm still curious about. How did you convince the man to participate in Pam's trial?"

The beginnings of a smirk began to creep upon the Dark Knight's feature but it quickly faded from his visage before Naruto was even aware. Batman tabbed a few keys before shutting the monitor off. He then stood from his position and then proceeded to walk past Naruto towards the elevator.

"Hey! Where are you going?! Aren't you gonna tell me?" Naruto squawked, slightly irritated that he'd been ignored.

Bruce punched in the elevator's button before finally casting a look at the disgruntled Hokage. "Crew shift," Batman spoke simply as the door panels closed with a hiss, all the while smirking. This time Naruto saw the smirk and was summarily peeved. Jokes and teasing were reserved for himself and Flash who had unofficially been deemed the League's pair of comedians.

Over by the pedestal, J'onn chuckled goodheartedly, amused by the transpiring events. Naruto gave the Martian an annoyed glare. "Yeah, keep laughing it up chuckles. You won't think it's so funny when I'm pranking you."

J'onn immediately ceased all laughter. He'd seen firsthand the devastation caused by one of Naruto's pranks and he for one would rather avoid the chaos that would surely ensue. The Martian paled at the memory of the mischievous actions invoked by both the Hokage and Flash, whom had tagged along and assumed somewhat of an informal apprenticeship of sorts with the blonde shinobi.

Naruto smirked triumphantly as he too stalked off, already plotting all forms of mischief that he could enact on the feared Dark Knight. Someone of Batman's caliber required much more planning and time. Batman's moniker as one of the greatest detectives of the current times was by no means an exaggeration. He was incredibly keen and intelligent, highly receptive to detail, but most of all he was more paranoid than a conspiracy theorist. Naruto laughed in a low and diabolical manner, anxious for the chance to test his infamous pranking capabilities against such an opponent.

J'onn J'ones couldn't for the life of him figure out why, but hearing the Hokage's heinous laughter as he mumbled incoherent words to himself invoked an uncharacteristic emotion of fear within his green skin. For everyone's sake, especially for Batman's, J'onn sincerely hoped that there wouldn't another repeat of what happened in Tokyo Japan. He still hadn't gotten over that particular incident.



Omake: The Escapades of Naruto and Flash

"Booooooreing!" Flash, the speedster of the Justice League wailed, spinning the adjustable chair around in veined attempt to stir himself from the monotonous work of monitoring duty. Let it be known to all that Watchtower duty was indeed incredibly dull. Being picked for monitor duty wasn't exactly the speedster's idea of fun, especially not on a Sunday of all days. This was something more up J'onn's alley.

The Hokage sat beside him, curiously fixated on writing something on one of his scrolls. The blonde found the Watchtower shift to be just as boring as the Flash did, so whatever he was working on must've been of some significant importance. Enraptured by the mysterious workings of the young shinobi, Flash couldn't contain his curiosity from taking a quick peek over the Hokage's shoulder as he wrote furiously on the parchment.

Wally was disappointed to find out that the Hokage had written in his native language, unable to decipher the foreign characters that were likely of a Japanese dialect.

"You know it's not polite to peek over one's shoulder as they work," the voice of Naruto startled Flash, whom had unconsciously crept closer towards the blonde.

Wally deflated back into his seat, a sheepish expression on his masked face. "Sorry about that. I I didn't mean to pry."

Naruto gave the speedster a look that said 'yes you did', which made the Flash shift uncomfortably in his seat, shrinking under the reprimanding stare of the Hokage. Naruto had to hold in a laugh at the sight of the proclaimed fastest man, who looked like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"So uh, whatcha working on there?" Managed to make out, trying to change topics.

Naruto returned back to his scroll. "Oh, nothing of importance, just a small hobby of mine to pass the time."

"And what would this 'hobby' of yours be?" Flash asked, his curiosity once again piqued. To be frank, Wally hadn't had the time to socialize with the Hokage yet so he knew little to nothing about the man's personality or interest. Perhaps now would be a chance to rectify that.

"Oh but it's a secret. If I told you I'd have to kill you. You know, ninja's and their secrets and; strictly confidential."

Flash palmed both his hands together with a pleading expression. "Please!" Wally begged.

Naruto bit his lip to stop the tirade of laughter from escaping his mouth at Flash's expense. The speedster was trying and quite spectacularly failing to conjure a convincing Puss In Boots pleading expression. The mask that covered the upper portion of Flash's head certainly wasn't helping his case. In the end Naruto caved, coming to the conclusion that it couldn't hurt sharing his little extracurricular activities with the speedster, whom he'd actually grown somewhat of a camaraderie attachment to in their time in working together in the league.

"Fine, as long as you keep this to yourself then I'll let you in on what I've been doing."

"Mmmhmm, my lips are sealed." Naruto took a quick glance around the room before ushering the speedster closer in a wary manner.

"In here," Naruto gestured to the rolled up bundle of parchment in his hand, "-is a list of all of my ingenious pranking schemes. Everything from tactics to step to step instructions and sketched illustrations are withheld in this scroll. It's my life's work, my flesh and blood." Well, technically his life's work was actually a gloried series of salacious novels with an elaborate storyline, but Flash nor the other league members needed to know that. The novels may provide him a steady form of income, but Naruto's true passion lie in the masterful art of pranking; a skill that the young shinobi prided himself in despite the nasty reputation that it brought him in his younger years.

"Really? Any good ones?" Flash probed with undiluted interest, which was not missed by Naruto's observation.

A scoff escaped the whiskered teen's lips. "Good ones? The pranks I pulled as a child were deceitful enough to fool most of my homeland's shinobi force, even the higher ranking ones. Before Naruto's Genin days, when he was still struggling as an academy student, he was perhaps at his peak performance as a prankster. Most of his time and energy in those days were spent in devising or enacting pranks upon riled villagers and shinobi. Neither were spared from the blonde's relentless antics. The only ones that Naruto never dared to badger were the higher tier shinobi such as the Jounin, as they were they were the only ones capable of retribution with likely success. Though, Iruka was the only exception to this rule as he somehow found a way to find Naruto no matter how well he hid himself.

Flash could practically feel the sense of pride that exuded from the masked teen as he spoke of his prankster skills. Wally didn't doubt by the confidents in the man's voice that he was lying in the least. And if what the Hokage said was indeed true, then he was extremely impressed. Not too many people could claim that they could deceive highly trained shinobi that hailed from Naruto's world and not only succeed, but flourish in the art.

A sudden stroke of thought flashed within Naruto's mind. Naruto subtly nudged the Wally's shoulder, bringing the speedster's attention on him. "I don't know about you but I find this monitoring duty to be a bit on the dull side. My limbs are getting stiff from all of the inaction."

"Shouldn't you think it well that there has been no need for the involvement of the league? As of late there has been no immediate threat or danger. You should enjoy these times of peace, however brief it may be." J'onn's emotionless voice drafted throughout the room, startling the two conversing heroes.

Naruto couldn't help but slightly admire the Martian's attentiveness. Despite the alien's evident lack of social skills, J'onn had a remarkable keen sense of awareness that was only faulted by his reclusiveness. Even as immersed in his work as he was, the Martian still was able to focus on their conversation and even add in his own incentive to the discussion despite Naruto's failed attempt at subtlety.

The shinobi had the decency to look sheepish at being reprimanded by the calm Martian. "I suppose you do have a point, but I'm a man of action, as is Flash. Without some excitement we tend to get a little stir crazy. You can't tell me that you yourself wouldn't go insane with boredom if there was absolutely nothing to do?"

J'onn's eyes wavered over to Naruto and the Flash's station. "I…suppose I can understand your logic. You require some form of stimulants to quell the aridity that derives from inactivity. I too have these moments myself on occasion."

Naruto retained a blank expression throughout J'onn's dialogue. Shaking from his momentary paralyzed stupor, Naruto turned to Flash for assistance. "Please tell you can translate what he just said."

Wally stroked his clothed chin, taking a meditative pose. The Flash snapped his fingers, struck with a moment of epiphany. "I think he volunteered to cover our monitoring shift."

"Truly?" Naruto looked appeased with the thought of retiring from his duties on the Watchtower. "Well thanks J'onn. I knew that there was a reason to like you. You're a good man."

J'onn's usually detached persona was uncharacteristically confused. He knew from his time working with the Flash and Hokage that the pair were the most lighthearted and carefree of the founding Leage members, traits that admittedly was conflicting for the last Martian. He found himself strangely admiring their personality, yet he sometimes found even his normally abundant patience tested by the daftness of the two. "I don't know how you two came to that conclusion. I never-"

Before the Martian could even have the chance to finish his sentence, the pair had already made their way into the nearest elevator. The Hokage waved jovially at J'onn, a devilish smirk hidden beneath the folds of his mask. "Thanks again J'onn. Maybe I'll return the favor sometime."

The shutters of the elevator closed just as J'onn raised a hand in futile attempt to stop the pair. J'onn took a moment to listen to the sustained silence of the tower before heaving a small sigh, coming to terms with the events that had transpired. Though, there was the distinct feeling of foreboding that tugged at the Martian's telekinetic mind. For reasons he couldn't accurately say, J'onn felt that allowing the Hokage and Flash to leave their post would inevitably lead to ruin. Not per say the malevolent and planet threatening sort of feeling, but the kind that he presumed wouldn't bode well for his health. Oh how right he would find himself to be.


~With Naruto and Flash~

Once escaping the dreaded monitoring duty, Naruto and Flash made their way over to the hanger bay where they took one of the station's Javelin's to pilot back to Earth. Flash vehemently suggested that he pilot the small spacecraft. It was well-known by the league that Hokage's driving skills leaved much to be desired. Despite being given the same training as the rest of the team, Naruto's piloting skills were more hazardous than even Wally's, who also was known for his lack of finesse as a pilot. Hawkgirl could personally attest to this, having been the unfortunate soul that was given the responsibility of overseeing Naruto's Javelin training.

Somehow, the two were able to arrive safely off the shore of Japan's coast, where Hokage had told the Flash to fly to. Wally had no idea why the Hokage had requested to travel to the small but influential island of the East, but the blonde refused to sate Wally's growing curiosity.

"Okay Flash, every year there comes a special day. A day where I allow myself to cut the restraints of my pranks and enact my greatest scheme. That day so happens to be today, April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool's Day. Perhaps the greatest holiday ever conceived, followed shortly by Halloween and Christmas."

"Okay…but what does that have to do with us coming to Tokyo?" Flash questioned peering down at the intensely congested mass of unsuspecting people as they ambled by. Both heroes were atop one of the many tall buildings in the metropolis of Tokyo, giving them a good bird's eye view of the whole city. It was the usual rush hour time where people were in transition to and from their jobs or another location.

Naruto rubbed his gloved hands mischievously, eager to administer his soon to be yearly tradition. "This is the location of this year's spectacularly chaotic event, and this one bodes to be one helleva doozy."

Walking towards the buildings edge, Naruto limbered up his body for what was to come, stretching his limbs and flexing his hand.

"You never told me what you have planned for this prank." Flash commented just as Naruto stopped his short exercise.

"You'll know it when you see it. I'm sure you'll find the humor in it." And with those parting words, Naruto bent his knees and gave a mighty leap off the edge of the building much to Flash's shock. Quickly speeding to the building's ledge, Flash gazed downward after the falling shinobi.

Naruto kept his arms and legs folded inward to increase the velocity of his fall, unmindful of the speeding image of the concrete floor. Frightful with panic and worry, Flash nearly moved to assist the Hokage when the young shinobi swiftly brought his hands to bare in the all too familiar motions of hand signs.

"Henge no Jutsu!" Naruto barked out against the rushing wind, unheard by anyone but himself. As soon as he finished his last syllable, Naruto body burst into a large cloud of smoke which enshrouded his entire frame from view. Many of the denizens below turned their heads skyward at the sudden commotion. Worry began to spread through the people, believing there to have been a bomb that had gone off.

When the cloud of smoke dissipated, there was no doubt that a bomb hadn't taken place but something far more terrifying and ridiculous. Towering over the stunned citizens of Tokyo, Japan was the sight of a massively overgrown lizard/dragon hybrid. Its entire frame was covered in grayish black scales with a jagged spikes protruded out along its spine. The intimidating dragon-like creature stood tall on its hind legs, with its sharply defined claws flexing and its mouth stretched wide, revealing a menacing row of carnivorous teeth that was clearly meant for grinding meat and bone.

On the sidelines, Flash was stunned into silence by the spectacle before him. Was it his imagination or did the giant overgrown lizard look startlingly like a certain monster from an old monster flick. The only thing that felt out of place was that the eyes of the beast had that distinct purple ringed pattern eyes of the Rinnegan, enforcing its terrifying image. The beast growled before bellowing a distinctly monstrous roar that shook the entire setting and rocked people off their feet.

One of the many denizens, a short, businesslike man dressed in formal attire and holding a briefcase stuck a shaking finger at the monstrous creature. "I-I-IT'S GODZILLA!" he screamed, voice plagued with terror. As one would expect, pandemonium broke out throughout the city. Like water bursting through a dam, the petrified people fell into a panic, assuming a mad rush away from the demonic beast that glared at them with its unusual ripple rimmed piercing eyes.

Flash knew that he shouldn't have but he couldn't help but burst into hysterical laughter at the scene. Later that day, reports would say that despite the creature's sudden appearance, not a single soul was harmed in the event. From that day onward, a new tradition had been born. A somewhat twisted tradition that occurred every April Fool's Day where some unspecified location would be afflicted by a prank of some kind. No evidence could be found on who was responsible for these mysterious and startling events nor their motivation. The public was split in their feelings about the unusual manner. Some were indifferent about the pranks, others found them highly offensive and dangerous to the people, while several others found the pranks to be hysterically comical. Most just accepted the pranks as a yearly occurrence, not entirely too worried with the unusual phenomena since there were never any accidents or incidents that harmed those afflicted by the pranks, including no occurrence of property damage.



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