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"There are bad things in the world. There's no getting away from that. But that doesn't mean nothing can be done about them. You can't abandon life just because it's scary, and just because sometimes you get hurt. "

Jim Butcher, Turn Coat

The sound of a window opening woke Naruto from his place on the couch. He blearily looked over to see a giggling Jiraiya headed for the stairs with his notebook in hand. It took him a second or two to get the implications, and when he did, he dive tackled Jiraiya as he started upstairs.

"Ero-Sennin! What the hell do you think you're doing?" He hissed at his sensei.

Pouting, Jiraiya put his notebook away.

"I was just going to do some research." He said lecherously. "I have an idea for a new book I call Icha Icha: Desert Rose."

"Ero-Sennin!" Naruto growled at him. "If you dare put me and Temari-chan in one of your books, I'll tell Baa-Chan about how I got you to train me for the Chunin Exams!"

Jiraiya paled at the threat, holding his hands up defensively he stuttered.

"Now, now Gaki, no need to be so hostile. Today I come in peace!"

"Umm hmm." Naruto said, eying the man. It wasn't that he disliked the self-proclaimed super-pervert, Jiraiya had actually taught him some cool stuff, but he'd noticed a certain trend. Whenever Jiraiya showed up, sooner or later, his life got harder.

Extending a hand to help Jiraiya off the floor Naruto asked the first question that came to his mind.

"Can I ask what exactly brings you by this early Ero-Sennin?" Seeing Jiraiya assume his usual perverted leer, Naruto cut him off. "No, what really brings you here."

Jiraiya instantly assumed a far more serious expression and posture.

"Tsunade wants me to be there when you go to speak with the Fox. If things go wrong, I can you use this to stop you." He said, showing Naruto a complicated paper seal.

Naruto examined the seal closely.

"If I'm reading this thing right, you slap that tag on me, it will cut off my chakra and I'll drop right?"

Jiraiya flashed him a wide grin.

"You're getting better with your fuinjutsu. That's exactly what this does." Jiraiya frowned as he continued. "Tsunade wants us to do this away from the village just in case. I'm gonna take some precautions and set up a barrier seal. You go grab Inoichi and that fox of yours and meet me back where you trained for the exams."

Naruto nodded, then froze.

"Ero-Sennin, I think I should let Temari-chan know what's going on." He glared at Jiraiya when the eccentric sage made whipping noises at him. "Or, I could not tell her, and when she tracks me down and I'm in my head talking to the fox, you can deal with her."

"Well, you should probably let your wife know where you're going." Said Jiraiya as he bailed out the window.

"Wuss." Naruto muttered under his breath as he climbed the stairs. Opening the door to their bedroom, Naruto found Temari sprawled across the top of the bed in her usual nightwear of a large baggy t-shirt and panties.

Naruto paused to drink in the sight of his wife's long toned legs. If there was one physical feature of hers he truly appreciated other than her eyes, it was those legs. He blushed as he remembered how smooth they'd been his wedding night, and it was with great effort he focused back on why he was here.

Approaching the bed, Naruto gently shook her shoulder.

"Temari-chan." He called softly. "Wake up, Temari-chan." He suppressed his desire to laugh when the girl jerked away and groggily turned to him.

"Narto? Whazit?" She mumbled, still more than half asleep.

Naruto sat and ran a hand through her unruly hair.

"Ero-Sennin stopped by this morning. I guess today is the day I go talk to the Fox with Reynard."

Temari had been relaxing, enjoying the feel of his hand through her hair until she mentally processed the conversation. Her eyes snapped open and she jerked up into a sitting position on the bed, startling Naruto. Rolling her shoulders to work out the kinks, she yawned.

"Alright, I'm awake. Give me ten minutes and we can be on our way."

As she slid off the bed and gathered her things for a shower, Naruto called out.

"I was just coming to let you know. You don't have to come with."

Poking her head back through the bathroom door, Temari glared at him.

"Naruto, if you're going to do something as stupid and suicidal as taking other people into your head to talk to the Kyubi no Kitsune, I'm not letting you out of my sight!"

"Ah, it's not that bad Temari-chan. I get stuck talking to the fox from time to time anyway." Naruto replied, somewhat defensively.

Calling out from the shower, Temari sounded annoyed.

"Baka, you do remember what happened the last time someone was in your head right? Just in case you forgot, let me remind you, you rammed your own damn kodachi through your stomach!"

Naruto winced. He had a feeling that particular act would be used against him in the future with depressing frequency. Sighing as he got dressed for the day, he considered just taking off while she was in the shower but decided against it. His decision ultimately hinged on one crucial fact - he didn't want to sleep on the couch again.

Now prepped and ready for the day, his stomach growled reminding him he hadn't eaten.

"Headed to make breakfast," he called towards the bathroom as he headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Pulling her hair into her trademark style, Temari followed her nose to the kitchen as short time later to find Naruto putting the finishing touches on a pair of omelets. Seating herself at the table, she smiled as he theatrically slid the plate in front of her.

"Mm, smells really good Naruto." She said happily as she prepared to dig in. She was a bit irritated that Naruto was a better cook then she was but her annoyance faded away as she savored her omelet. Still, I really need to learn how to cook, she thought to herself. I'd like to be able to surprise him with something good one of these days.

Finishing up, the teens checked their gear and headed out the door and exited the estate. Exchanging glances, the two quickly took to the rooftops as they headed to the Yamanaka flower shop. It felt odd to the two that they weren't linking arms, but it would have made roof running difficult and they were wearing their shinobi gear anyway.

Dropping to the street, Naruto was about to enter the shop when he noticed Inoichi walking around the side of the building.

"Hey, Inoichi-san." The boy called politely. "It's time!"

Nodding at the boy, Inoichi signaled for him to wait as he turned around and headed back around the building. Bored, Naruto amused himself by practicing levitating a kunai with chakra over his palm. He was having some difficulty as he was supposed to use regular kunai, not the much heavier tri-bladed hiraishin ones for this control exercise. So, focused on trying to hold it steady, he didn't notice as Inoichi and Reynard walked up behind him until Reynard spoke.

"Good Morning Naruto-Sama." The large gray and red fox said perhaps a bit too loudly.

Cursing, Naruto barely got his hand out from under the blade as his attention was pulled from the exercise.

"Damn it Reynard, you did that on purpose!" The boy said, pointing accusingly at the fox.

The fox bowed.

"My apologies, Lord Regent, I was merely trying to get your attention."

Naruto glared just knowing the fox was mocking him. Maybe having him spend most of two weeks with the Yamanaka's was a bad idea Naruto thought considering the new attitude Reynard had. It was subtle, but the fox seemed to be enjoying annoying him. Making a mental note to find some way to seek revenge, Naruto pushed the matter out of his mind for the moment.

"Inoichi-san, Reynard." He nodded at each in turn. "Baa-Chan decided she wanted Ero-Sennin nearby in case of any complications. He is currently setting up a barrier seal where we are to perform the mind-walk."

Seeing the look of confusion on Inoichi's face, Temari decided to clear things up for the man.

"Baa-Chan is what Naruto calls Tsunade-sama and Ero-Sennin is his nickname for Jiraiya-sama."

Inoichi's eyes widened in both shock and amusement as he studied the boy in front of him. He had to admit the boy's name for Jiraiya was both amusing and accurate, but calling Tsunade Baa-Chan? He'd only known one person with that sort of audacity, and he briefly superimposed Kushina's image over Naruto's in his mind. He may look like his father, Inoichi thought in amusement, but he definitely inherited Kushina's flippant attitude. Inoichi noticed that both teens and the fox were staring at him and he realized he must have gotten lost in his thoughts.

"Alright Naruto-san, I assume you know where we need to go?" Getting a nod, Inoichi motioned for him to lead on. As the mixed party left, Inoichi couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if Naruto hadn't married Temari. It was a shame, the kid probably would have been good for his little princess. He mentally filed that thought away for future consideration.

When the group arrived at their destination, Naruto couldn't help but groan. He'd forgotten exactly why Ero-Sennin liked this particular spot. Apparently Jiraiya had gotten bored after he prepped the middle of the field because sure enough, he was sitting in the bushes overlooking the waterfall giggling away as he peeped on the women below.

Temari knew that Naruto called Jiraiya Ero-Sennin, but she had assumed it was because of the books the older man wrote. Watching him in action, she now fully understood exactly why her husband called him that to the exclusion of everything else. Growling low in her throat, she pulled her fan off her back and fully opened it.

"Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" She called as she swung her fan, creating a visible funnel of wind around Jiraiya as her attack picked him up and tossed him off the cliff.

Naruto laughed hysterically at the irony of Jiraiya being thrown off this particular cliff as Temari closed her fan with a victorious smirk. Noting her questioning look, Naruto managed to quiet down though the occasional chuckle still escaped him. Walking over, he pulled the surprised girl into a fierce hug as he spun her around.

"Have I told you lately how awesome you are, Temari-chan?"

Temari blushed at the compliment and the public display of affection and demanded to be put down. At least the aptly named Ero-Sennin wasn't here to see it she thought as she sent unamused glances at the smirking Inoichi and Reynard. Well, Reynard wasn't really smirking, being a fox and all, but having spent several weeks surrounded by foxes, she'd learned to read kitsune body language and he was definitely amused.

She was silently vowing retribution when a battered hand appeared at the edge of the cliff. Looking like he'd lost a fight with Tora the demon cat, Jiraiya pulled himself over the edge of the cliff and flopped to the ground with a groan. Seeing Naruto laughing at him, Jiraiya pouted.

"You think that's funny, Gaki?"

Naruto walked over to the prone form of his sensei.

"No Ero-Sennin," He said quietly so only Jiraiya could hear him. "I'm pretty sure it's karma."

"It worked didn't it?" Jiraiya told the boy.

"Oh, I never said it didn't, Ero-Sennin but the idea that the wife of the kid you tossed off the cliff, ended up throwing you off the same cliff was funny as hell." Naruto replied with an easy grin.

Jiraiya chuckled and held a hand up for his apprentice to help him to his feet.

"I suppose when you put it like that, it is kinda funny." Back on his feet, he scanned the area. "I see we have everyone we need," He paused, warily eying Temari. "And an extra. Gaki, I thought you were just going to tell her you were leaving?"

"She insisted she was coming along, something about me being suicidal and stupid and she wasn't letting me out of her sight. I'm not sure really, I was sort of distracted at the time."

"Oh?" Jiraiya saidl amused, as he watched Temari give Naruto a look that spelled trouble. "How were you distracted?"

Naruto flushed, images of Temari in her sleepwear flashing through his head.

"Nothing." He mumbled. "It's not important."

His reaction didn't go unnoticed by Jiraiya, but the old pervert decided to simply file that fact away for future teasing of his apprentice. Clapping his hands for attention, he gathered everyone at the center of the barrier seal.

"Alright, you all know why we're here. Naruto, I need you to sit here at the center of the barrier. Inoichi, you can be anywhere you want as long as you don't try to cross out of the barrier while it's up. Reynard, same thing as Inoichi."

Naruto sat and began to relax himself. He wanted to be able to enter his mindscape as soon as he could. Inoichi sat next to him, and Reynard lay his head on Inoichi's lap. Seeing this, Naruto raised an eyebrow at the two.

"It's easier for him to transfer my mind like this." Reynard told Naruto. "It is also really comfortable."

Seeing that everyone was ready, Jiraiya sat on the inside edge of the barrier.

"You sure you want to be in here?" He asked Temari when she sat next to him.

"He is my husband." Temari replied with an edge to her voice. "I shouldn't have to remind you that if something happens to him, it will negatively effect the Leaf/Sand alliance."

Jiraiya gave her a knowing look.

"Those are valid points, but I noticed that none of them require you to be in here. Is there perhaps something you're not telling me?"

Temari flushed.

"Shut up."

Jiraiya laughed, then assumed a serious expression. Reaching his hands to the inked line in front of him he called out, "Naruto, I'm raising the barrier. You may begin." When he pushed his chakra into the seal, a clear shimmering dome formed around the group.

When Jiraiya called out, Naruto instantly dropped into his mindscape. He didn't have to wait to long before Inoichi and Reynard arrived.

"Ha, welcome to my mind. Watch your step, it's a bit damp here."

Motioning for them to follow him, Naruto lead them to the Kyubi's cage.

"Ahh, it's the Warden, and guests, I see." Kyubi said as the group arrived before him. "Tell me ningen, why is one of the lesser cousins with you?"

"Eh? Lesser cousins? Oh, do you mean Reynard?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"If the kitsune next to you is named Reynard then yes." Kyubi turned his gave on Inoichi. "Ah, I see, you had the father of that mind walker bring him here. You went through a lot of trouble to bring him here. Why?"

Naruto stared suspiciously at the giant fox.

"You're not insulting me or threatening to destroy the village or anything. Why?"

Kyubi looked annoyed and it showed in his response.

"You've brought a kitsune. I assume that this is business and business comes before pleasure."

"Ah, I see." Naruto said as he massaged his temples to ease his sudden headache. "As you have guessed, yes, I have brought Reynard here to discuss something with you. The kitsune consider me to be your regent since you are sealed within me. What are my duties as regent?"

Kyubi chuckled in his cage.

"Ah, I see. Very well, I'm surprised that a human would honor my old oath. Your duties are fairly simple. You must protect and defend the kitsune if and when they request it. I am assuming from the presence of the lesser cousin that the kitsune have requested protection?"

Naruto sighed.

"Hai, the idiots in the village hate anything to do with foxes after your attack 13 years ago. So in addition to treating me like crap, they've been hunting and killing the kitsune. All that are left from the woods surrounding the village are now on my estate." Naruto closed his eyes sadly and shook his head. "There are probably only a couple dozen left."

Kyubi seemed to expand in his cage as a growl sounded though the chamber.

"Those fools will pay when I get out of here! You, ningen, what have you done about this?"

Naruto shared a wide-eyed look with Inoichi and Reynard - dear Kami the fox sounded pissed.

"I've arranged for Inuzuka vets to tend to them, and have offered sanctuary on my land. To get the Inuzuka to agree, I had to consent to the Inuzuka sending young members of their clan to attempt to form life-bonds with some of the kits."

Kyubi considered this - it wasn't a bad idea for the kitsune. Inuzuka bonded with a partner for life and while not bred for close combat like the ninken, the kitsune had advantages of their own.

"I suppose your solution is acceptable, since you won't raze the village like I would. You, lesser cousin, Reynard, the ningen called you. Come here."

Reynard bowed and edged forward to the bars, his body screaming his reluctance.

"Yes, Kyubi-sama, might this one inquire, why I am approaching your greatness?"

Kyubi gave one of his terrifying smiles.

"I have a present for you little one." Pressing the end of one of his claws to Reynard's head, Naruto and Inoichi saw a brief flash before Reynard disappeared from Naruto's mindscape.

"Oi, Fox, what did you just do to him?" Naruto yelled in rage.

"Relax foolish ningen, I have not harmed him. I simply transferred the basic knowledge of Kitsune ninjutsu to him."

"Kitsune ninjutsu? Wait, what? Fox! I really don't think the village is ready for foxes spitting fireballs."

Kyubi sighed - Naruto may be a more interesting container then Mito or Kushina but he frequently annoyed the hell out of the great kitsune.

"I do not care what the fools in the village think! When Reynard teaches the others the skills I have shown him, the next pathetic meat-sack that attacks one of Inari's blessed will suffer greatly for the mistake!" Kyubi began to laugh as he visualized the delicious shock and horror awaiting the next fool to attack one of the lesser cousins.

Naruto glanced at Inoichi and shrugged. He doubted that the foxes would go and seek revenge but he did like the idea that they would be able to defend themselves if attacked. I wonder, since I'm stuck with fur-ball here, maybe I should take a page from the Inuzuka clan. I can see some advantages to kitsune-nin and to hell with any villagers that don't like it.

"Pardon Kyubi-san," Inoichi spoke to the Fox. "I have a question. When my daughter was trapped here, what did you do to her? In the time since, she has had trouble with her chakra control and I believe you would know why."

Kyubi stood behind the bars, tails whipping around behind him.

"Mortal, you sorely mistake me. I care not what happens to your spawn, but if I do not answer I'm sure the ningen there will hound me for it and I do not appreciate being annoyed. Your pathetic clan jutsu requires you to send your soul into the target vessel. Your offspring's soul was in direct contact with me, the strongest of the Biju! I assume that such contact forcibly increased her chakra reserves. Now, if you are satisfied, I believe our business is done here."

Naruto gave Inoichi a questioning glance and the man nodded that he was done.

"Yeah, I think that's all fox."

Kyubi gave them a truly malevolent smile.

"Good, now that business is done, it is time for pleasure!" Concentrating, he forced as much chakra through the seal as he could and then used Inoichi's link into Naruto's mind as another channel to attack. He laughed as the two vanished in a wave of red chakra and he sat back to watch events unfold. "Foolish mortal."

Back in the waking world, the first sign of trouble for Temari and Jiraiya was a large explosion of red chakra from Naruto that tossed Reynard and Inoichi hard against the barrier. Temari watched horrified as her husband grew fangs and claws, his whisker marks widening below his red eyes. The red chakra settled around him and formed what almost appeared to be a large fox as three bubbling red chakra tails formed behind him.

"Oh, this is not good." Jiraiya muttered as he viewed Naruto's transformation. He attempted to get in close to slap the suppression tag on the feral boy, but was forced to back off when a tail swiped through where he would have been. "Oi, Girlie!" He yelled to Temari. "I need to get this tag on him. Can you distract him?"

Temari nodded shakily. The killing intent was even worse than Gaara's but at least she had experience dealing with something like it before. A normal shinobi would have been paralyzed with fright but Temari pulled her fan off her back and prepared to fight.

Naruto's form seemed to crouch, then exploded forward, charging the girl. She wasn't ready for the speed and barely managed to deflect him with her wind. As he rebounded off the barrier, she was just glad that Naruto didn't seem capable of jutsu like this. She shuddered to think of how bad things would be if he could use his clones like this. Getting the timing down, she began trying to drive him towards Jiraiya using wind blasts but it wasn't working as well as she had hoped. She could knock him back, but he would just use his tails to reposition himself midair to avoid the Toad Sage.

Jiraiya was growing frustrated. This version of Naruto was very fast and agile. He and Temari were under the handicap of trying to fight to subdue the boy while he was under no such limitations. He was considering summoning Ma and Pa to use sage mode but he really didn't want to. It would be like hitting a mosquito with a sledgehammer, and then there was the problem of Temari being present. He really didn't like using the technique in front of women.

Growing tired, Temari decided to take a more proactive stance.

"Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" She yelled with a slash of her fan. A visible whirlwind formed around Naruto and lifted him into the air. He began to cut through the jutsu with his tails but ran out of time when he slammed full force into the barrier.

Bouncing off the barrier, he slammed into the ground hard enough to leave a small crater. Pulling himself to his feet, he cocked his head at Temari, then two claws made of chakra launched themselves at the girl.

Temari tried to deflect the attack but the claws ripped through her jutsu and she desperately threw her fan up trying to block. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the attack she believed would kill her. The claws ripped through the chakra enhanced fabric of the fan but stopped right before they struck.

Temari opened her eyes to see the chakra claws hovering in front of her face. She looked past them in confusion to see Naruto with his hands pressed against his head. A flicker of blue showed through the red in his eyes and she heard him croak, "Temari-chan?"

Not one to waste an opportunity, Jiraiya dashed in while he was distracted and slapped the suppression tag on the boy. The red chakra swirled then appeared to drain back into Naruto as he dropped face first into the ground.

Temari closed her damaged fan carefully then ran over to the prone form of her husband. She flipped him over as gently as she could and checked him over. She was relieved when he seemed to be fine, just unconscious. Sitting down she placed his head on her lap and ran her hand through his hair.

After checking Inoichi and Reynard and finding them to be in reasonable condition, Jiraiya checked the barrier seal. He was concerned that the formerly shimmering white chakra shell had taken on a reddish tint. He cursed under his breath as his inspection confirmed his suspicions.

Seems that when Temari slammed Naruto into the barrier, some of the Kyubi's chakra had transferred into the seal supercharging it. It wasn't too much of a concern - he couldn't take the barrier down but he could feel the rate the chakra was being used and he figured they were trapped for maybe another couple of hours. The fact that Kyubi's chakra seemed to supercharge the seal was something he might have to bring up with the Gaki at a later time though.

Wandering back over to the teens, Jiraiya smiled when he saw Temari fussing over Naruto. Good, the girl was strong and didn't seem to hold Naruto's jinchuriki status against him. He could read between the lines, he knew the two were much closer than even they seemed to realize.

He mentally sighed. It seemed that both of his apprentices had surpassed him in at least one thing. While he lived with the knowledge that he would never have the love of his life, both Minato and his son had found strong women to support them. Or was found for him in Naruto's case, he thought with a snort of amusement.

He sat down next to Temari.

"I like you girl! You've got spirit!"

Temari eyed the man cautiously, wondering what he wanted. It was nice to get a compliment from someone like Jiraiya, even if he had somewhat insulted her with the name "girl", but she wondered at his motives.

"Oh," She replied coolly, eyebrow raised. "I appreciate the compliment Ero-Sennin, but I do wonder why?"

Jiraiya stared off into the distance as he answered.

"You're good for the Gaki there. He's a good kid and he has tons of potential but he needs someone close to him to keep him in check sometimes."

Temari nodded in response.

"Yeah, I thought about that during the council meeting the other day. I've never seen anyone able to react on the fly the way he does, but I decided then that if he lived in the present, I was going to take the long view."

Jiraiya grunted approval.

"Speaking of the long view, have you considered your training in the near future?"

"I'm not sure what you mean?" Temari replied.

Glancing at her stomach, Jiraiya carefully considered his words.

"Soon, your condition will prevent you from physically training. Have you considered branching out into other skills?"

"I haven't really thought about it yet. This is all still really new to me." Temari replied with a frown.

"Ahh," Jiraiya replied. "I can see that, but I know Tsunade is beginning classes for mednin soon." Glancing down at Naruto, Jiraiya smirked. "Knowing the Gaki here like I do, it would probably be a good thing for you to learn at least basic mednin jutsu while you can't train your body."

"Hmm, I can see your point, but I've never really thought about being a mednin. There really aren't a lot of them in Suna."

"Well, it's something to think about anyway, but I know that most of the girls near your age will be there. It might be helpful in that long view you talk about if you formed some bonds with them."

Temari scowled - the old pervert didn't play fair at all. She knew he had a point, several of them in fact, but she dreaded dealing with the fan-girls that would be there. Still, she couldn't see Tsunade putting up with that sort of behavior and Jiraiya was right, she would need something else to train on for a while.

Watching the changing expression on the girl's face amused Jiraiya, but he was smart enough to keep his amusement to himself. Laying back on the ground with his hands behind his head, he told her, "Well, we have a couple of hours till the barrier will drop. Wake me when it happens."

Temari glared at the man as he fell asleep. Leaning down over Naruto, she whispered to the sleeping boy.

"Naru-kun, you had better never turn out like him or you will regret it."

The sun was setting over Konoha as Sasuke stared out the window of his study. He was tired, he was frustrated and he was angry. His life was nothing like he had planned and he truly wanted to blame Naruto. His rival seemed to have taken an advantage over him and there didn't seem to be any way to slow the other boy down.

Pain from his arm reminded him of yet another reason to be furious with Naruto and as he thought of how the dobe had ruined him, he felt the curse seal begin to activate, feeding on his rage. A timid knock on the door forced him to tamp down the flames of his temper and the curse seal retreated but it would be back. It always came back.

"What?" He called out at the door, irritated.

The door slid open and Sakura cautiously poked her head in.

"Sasuke-kun, you have a visitor."

"Hnn." Sasuke responded. "Well, don't just stand there. Show them in Sakura."

Flinching from the anger in his voice, Sakura bowed her head and shuffled out. A few moments later, the bandaged figure of Danzo entered the room.

"Elder Danzo, to what do I owe the honor of a visit?" Sasuke said attempting to be hospitable but mostly coming across as surly.

Taking a seat, Danzo studied the boy before him.

"Tell me Uchiha-san, do you still seek power?"

"No one is an unjust villain in his own mind. Even - perhaps even especially - those who are the worst of us. Some of the cruelest tyrants in history were motivated by noble ideals, or made choices that they would call 'hard but necessary steps' for the good of their nation. We're all the hero of our own story."
― Jim Butcher, Turn Coat


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