Wrap up

"You've been talking to Cas in your dreams?" Sam tries to keep the skepticism out of his voice, but c'mon now. How did Dean know it wasn't just wish fulfillment? Dean had been pretty down when he came back and thought Cas was dead.

"Want to tell me how that is, please? How do you know it's not, like, just a dream? That it's actually him?" The fidgeting was Sam's first clue that Dean was trying to find a way to tell him something without telling him everything. Years of watching Dean lie to people, and he still fidgets when he tries to lie to me; Sam isn't sure whether he finds that funny or endearing.

Sam stands and looms over his brother a minute, halting the escape from the conversation Dean's eyes are making as they dart around the yard. Dean scowls at his brother. "Wanna back off a little Gigantor? Just stop with the parental authority figure stance. I, umm, I'll tell you … but no judgment calls."

His big bad brother stammering; this's gotta be good. Sam forces his expression into solemn, crosses his heart. "You've got it. No judgment. Did you and Cas ...get close…in Purgatory?" He's trying to find a delicate way to phrase the question, but Dean's puzzled expression says he is not getting through. Then, just like the cartoon figures with light bulbs over their heads, he sees Dean get what he's asking. His eyes fly open enormously.

"You frikkin perv, Sammy! Get your mind outta my, umm, … personal, … sex, no. I mean, …no. None of your business. Don't go there. Don't ask, don't tell."

Sam doesn't know what to make of that incoherent jumble of words, so he takes a deep breath and tries again. "So, no close personal relationship? Then how are you two connected well enough that you –know- he's alive?" Dean mumbles a reply. "Excuse me, Dean. Did you say you were praying?"

Dean sighs. Looks at his brother. "Praying. No judging me, Sam."

Dean knows how many times in the past he has raised his voice to Heaven, and how many times he felt his prayers were unanswered. But after he found Cas again in Purgatory, and the angel admitted to hearing him pray every night, Dean realized that Cas was the Heavenly assistance that he'd been praying for ever since Hell. Not many people got such a personal response – Seemed appropriate to keep talking to God, the absentee father.

The younger brother's eyes brim with tears, but he bites back any hurt retort. Dean, praying? That's pretty major, and it makes him concerned again about what Purgatory was like because his brother hasn't been very forthcoming. He brings his mind back to the point, if he's going back in to renegotiate terms with the U.S. Government to have iron-clad employment contracts drawn up for himself, his brother, and an Angel of the Lord, he'd better go prepared.

"And Castiel wants to work for them? He said that in your prayers or dreams?" Sam's voice is gentle, drawing a slightly pissed-off look from his brother.

"Don't treat me like I'm feeble-minded all the sudden, Sam. I ain't any more so than usual. Cas is gonna be where I am most the time 'cause he's coming back. He just wants them to give him some kind of security clearance, so he doesn't have to hurt anyone." Dean chuckles. "Not like he needs health benefits, Sam. He's got his angel mojo back. But no trying to capture or kill him, or interrogate him, all the time. He says he'll work alongside me because I'm his partner, umm,… his assignment. He's my Guardian Angel."

Sam is considering how he's going to put this in a contract form, and what it means that Castiel is still assigned to guard Dean. "So, security clearance and identification for your Angelic partner and-or body guard? Yeah, this isn't going to make us both sound cracked."

He thinks for a few minutes. "Dean, will Cas make an appearance here to sign paperwork?'

Dean gets a far-away look in his eyes. "Yeah, Sam, he'll be here on cue. He's kinda here right now anyway. Just not visible yet."

"Aside from that you're willing to take their, umm, plea bargain? Contract? You'll sign. Twenty years?"

Dean looks at his brother. "I'd still rather they left you out of it. But, yeah. Be nice to have a clean record again. A job, benefits, and still be hunting things and saving people. Twenty years is normal tour if you're retiring. Damn, Sam, it'd be the first time we've ever had any kind of end date."

"Well, that's how I feel about it too, Dean. Like maybe – finally – we can really have a life, you know. Live somewhere. Work together. Be almost normal."

Dean looks at him. "Wonder why they want me to be military, but you get to be a civilian, Sam? Can't be the haircut 'cause yours is shorter than mine at the moment. But yeah, Captain Dean Mossberg, U.S. Army. I can live with that."

Sam snorts. "Yeah, well, they just could see you make a good soldier, I guess. Or they want to keep you even more under their thumb. S'okay. We'll still be together, and I like the idea of being the civilian research partner."

Sam stands up and offers his hand to haul Dean back up. He grins. "So you promise you'll sign the papers?"

Dean glares at him. "I just said that, didn't I. They do this, I get baby back. And Cas gets clearance."

"As is –you don't argue or fight about any more fine points?"

"Just said that, Sammy."

"Promise, Dean. No going back on it."

"I promise. What do you want? I cross my heart?"

Sam grins. "Then c'mon, little brother, we've got paperwork to sign."

. . . . . . .

Warrant Officer John Smith was pleasantly surprised to hear, that except for giving them back the Chevy Impala he had impounded, they were willing to sign the contract.

Then Sam threw him for a bit of a loop saying Dean's Guardian Angel had to be included in the deal.

"You trying to get out of this on a psych problem?"

Sam gives him a half-smile, Shakes his head slightly. Looks over at his brother. "Told you they'd think you were nuts."

Dean looks at Smith. "You know, I get it. I knew about demons long before I ever met an angel. I had a hard time believing too. But, umm, yeah. Angel. Seraph specifically. He's my Guardian Angel."

Smith is sitting there squinting at him, like he'd grown a second head.

Dean folds his arms, bows his head. "Castiel, please get your feathery ass down here. Amen."

With a rush of wind and the sound of feathers, Castiel appears. "Hello, Dean."