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Noble six, Fall of Reach:

Six pulled of his helmet, and then resumed firing his Assault Rifle at the storm of Elite contacts. Plasma struck his side, piercing his armor and searing his skin. He pulled his pistol from his side and courageously stood duel-wielding his Assault Rifle and Magnum. Several elites fell before the storm of bullets.

Two of his enemies pinned him to the ground, his weapons skittering out of his hands. An elite zealot leaped on top of him, its energy sword blazing. Before his opponent plunged the super-heated cressets into him, Six tossed it aside and two others advanced on him, nearly ripping his legs off as they held them. The one he threw off returned and drove the blazing weapon through him.

Reach has fallen; I have failed Six thought as his vision faded to black.

Dragon Team, Recapture of reach

Cobra smiled, relaxing in his bunk, the mission to recapture Reach was a success. He was not surprised however; Dragon team had never failed in a mission, no matter how difficult. His team were taking a well-deserved rest, they never fully took off their armor, and Crystal; an Air Assault Spartan, whose armor sported the red and gold colors of Dragon team; and Luna, a Scout Spartan whose armor sported the same coloring, slept across the bridge. Slowly, he too, fell fast asleep.

Master Chief, Pillar of autumn

Chief Stood in his cryo tube as it deactivated. He stepped out as an artificial voice addressed him.

"Wake up sleeping beauty!" Cortana said appearing before him. " We are entering the atmosphere of a planet that seems inhabited." She added, reading Chief's grunt as a question of where they were.

Elrond, Rivendell before Frodo's Awakening

Elrond looked at the sky, as he had done many times before. Suddenly, two streaks of light flashed into view, growing larger. A defining roar arose, and two small metallic rocks smashed into the courtyard. I must see the meaning of this. He grumbled as he walked down a long flight of stairs.