She wanted me to write how I thought Season 3 was going to start. So I did.

John was preparing for his wedding to Mary. It's been almost three years since Sherlock's death, and John still can't believe he isn't there. He can't believe his best man is his sister, and not his best friend.

John sighs quietly, and fixes his tie and straightens his jacket. He can't help but feel that this is the wrong thing to do. He loved Sarah, she took such good care of him..but John had a secret that he only dared to tell Ms. Hudson.

John loved Sherlock.


Mary was beautiful, John thought, as she walked down the aisle to him. He glanced over at his sister, who had a frown on her face. She clearly wasn't happy with the situation.

When Mary reached him, John smiled at her

"Dearly beloved, we gather here today-" The priest began. John kept glancing at Mary. God she was so beautiful, but she looked sad. She looked very sad.

The priest rambled on and on then finally, he asked

"If anyone objects, may he stand now or forever hold his peace" Just then, there was a loud crash of doors flying open

"I object" John spun around. It couldn't be…but it was.

The tall, handsome man strutted down the aisle, acting like he owned the place, like he always did. The man reached the aisle and he cleared his throat.

"My name is Sherlock Holmes. And I object to this…arrangement" He said

"On who's behalf?" The priest asked

"On the behalf of miss Mary" He said "She can't marry John"

"Who not?" John asked. Sherlock looked at him dead in the eyes. There was emotion there. Actual, legit emotion.

"Because, John Watson" Sherlock said "I love you much more than she ever could" Out of the corner of his eye, John saw Harry smile

"I agreed to this, John" Mary said quietly "He loves you" She smiled and nudged him towards his best friend.

"I thought you were dead" John said, his voice cracking slightly

"I was." Sherlock said "But dear Ms. Hudson came to my grave and told me you were getting married. I couldn't let that happen"

"Sherlock I-" John began, but was interrupted

"I understand if you do not feel the same, and if you wish to continue marrying Mary. I just needed to tell you how I truly felt" Sherlock said, looking kind of sad. John couldn't take it any longer.

He threw his arms around Sherlock's neck and kissed him. Sherlock didn't hesitate to embrace and return John's kiss lovingly.

"I've loved you for a long time, Sherlock Holmes. And if I marry anybody, It'll be you" John said. Sherlock grinned at him

"I'd like that" He said, and kissed his best friend once more



I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed living it.

Happy Birthday from 221b Baker Street