Happy Holidays
A Glee Holiday Fan Fiction
A Puckleberry Story
Part 1: Christmas
A/N: While I'm impressed that they've finally decided to acknowledge Puck's Jewish heritage on the show, I feel like they've forgotten the fact that Rachel is also Jewish ("It's my favorite holiday song"-proceeds to sing 'O Holy Night'). So, in the christmas spirit, I will be writing an eight-chapter story about our favorite couple during Christmas time. It's going to take place during their senior year. Depending on the reaction I get from this, I might do a sequel and prequel, about their Hanukkah celebration during Junior year and their year after graduation. Enjoy!

"Rach, I love you, you know that, but I thought that we agreed that the 'things we did wrong this week' list was hurting us rather than helping us. Especially since it was mostly about all the things I did wrong," Finn Hudson sighed, running a hand through his dark brown hair as he furrowed his thick eyebrows together and frowned down at his going-on-two-year-long, on-again-off-again girlfriend, Rachel Berry who was a full foot shorter than he was.

"No, no, no!" Rachel Berry insisted with that bright smile that always managed to make his heart melt. "This is a different list, and this one really will help!" She beamed, and he really expected her to start clapping her hands. "You see, I heard that you were struggling to figure out what to get me for Christmas, so I wrote you up this list to help you with that little problem," She beamed at him, making her smile get even brighter-if that was even possible, because it was already close to blinding him.

Finn sighed as he took the list from her and skimmed it over. It was filled with jewelry-expensive jewelry with diamonds and gold and silver. Nothing on that list was going to be cheap, not in the slightest way possible. But she was still giving him that bright smile that out shine a freaking spot light, and her eyes were all bright and shiny. He could never say no to those eyes. It made him feel like a dick every time he even thought about saying no to her.

"And, of course, you can feel free to write me a list as well," Rachel said happily, ignoring the confusion and discomfort his face was displaying as she went on. That was the wonderful thing about Rachel. She could just keep talking and talking, ignoring the fact that the other person wasn't responding to her words. It always gave Finn, who was typically slow on the update, time to carefully think through what his response was going to be to her constant ramblings, filled with large words he didn't know.

"Wait a second-who told you that I didn't know what to get you?" He frowned. He had only mentioned that to two people-his step brother, Kurt Hummel, who had quickly said he'd get straight on helping him figure that out, and his best friend, Noah Puckerman, who had rolled his eyes and started a long speech about how Rachel didn't just deserve one present for Christmas because she was Jewish and they received eight days of presents. Like Finn could afford that? "Was it Kurt?" He wondered.

"What? No! Of course it wasn't-"

"Yes," Kurt replied swiftly as he walked by with Blaine Anderson at his side, the two gibbering on about something.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter. Besides, all I want for Christmas is you," Finn smiled down at her.

"Aw!" Rachel smiled, and Finn beamed down at her proudly.

It was an awfully rare occasion where he struck Rachel as speech-

"All I want for Christmas is you, too!" She informed him brightly.

He continued to smile, mentally patting himself on the back for getting himself out of the disaster that would be-

"And five things from that list," She stood up on tip toes, planting a light kiss on his cheek before leaving him there, dumb struck.

"Holy shit," Finn shook his head in amazement. "I'm dating Kim Kardashian!" He sighed.

"Rachel's a lot less curvy that that bitch, bro," Noah Puckerman appeared from behind him.

"Look at the list she just gave me!" Finn sighed, turning around and thrusting the paper into his hands.

"So? She's high maintenance. What's the big deal? She's a Jewish American princess, remember?" Puck wondered.

"What the hell does that even mean?" Finn wondered, taking the list back.

"Her dads spoil her rotten year round. Whatever she wants, they go out and buy her." Puck explained.

"Then why is her list so-"

"She's used to the men in her life spoiling her." Puck rolled his eyes, leaving Finn alone once again.

It was probably wrong of Puck to use Finn's torment and pain to his advantage, but he was going to do it anyways. And he was going to have a field day doing it. Because every other time he had done something to help him at Finn's expense? He'd ended up enjoying it, and they had all resulted in a Rachel Berry make-out session.

And damn, could that girl kiss? Puck had made out with a lot of girls in his time. He'd done a lot with a lot of girls in his time. But after his make-out session with Rachel Berry back in sophomore year? Nothing had been able to compare. She was incredible. The things she could do never ceased to amaze him. And he'd been with Santana Lopez.

So, who could blame him for using Finn's stubbornness and refusal to buy Rachel an incredible and amazing gift for Christmas-along side refusing to submit to the fact that Rachel celebrated Hanukkah because she was Jewish-to his own advantage? Yeah, he didn't think anybody could argue with that logic.

Especially when everybody and their cousin knew that he was madly in love with Rachel Berry. He would lie and give Lauren Zizes her pride, allowing everybody to think the sex stud he was had gotten dumped by the wrestling girl at school, but in all reality, they both knew that he'd broken up with Lauren for Rachel. And she hadn't taken it well.

But, Puck would do anything in his power to break up Finn and Rachel, as long as he didn't go and get the girl pregnant. He wouldn't be the other guy, the way he was back in sophomore year with Quinn. But he would play his cards right and make sure Rachel knew that he was better for her than Finn. So that she would eventually dump his sorry ass for the Puckster himself.

Which was why Puck had gone to a god forsaken jewelry store the night before and spent a large portion of his college fund-it was still a pretty hefty account, of course, from all the money he'd earned and saved up-on eight presents from Rachel, all from her list that he'd memorized in the short amount of time he'd seen it.

Day one: he would be leaving her a beautifully wrapped pair of diamond earrings that he'd known she'd wanted since before seeing the list. He was actually glad he knew her locker combination, because taping it to her locker would result in somebody stealing the present. And he wasn't going to have that happen. Besides, he wanted to see the surprise on her face.

So, the Monday after she presented Finn with the list, he called her up around seven in the morning, a good five minutes before she usually left for school, and told her to put her keys down because he was picking her up so they could spend some Jewish bonding time together. After all, they hadn't talked in a while and he missed her.

When they got to the school, he walked inside with her, all the way to her locker. He leaned against the locker besides her own, listening to her babble on about some topic he'd gotten her stuck on, and smirked when she finally shut up upon opening her locker and spotting the silver and black box-black wrapping paper, silver bow-sitting on the top shelf of her locker.

"I can't believe Finn would take the time to be so creative and secretive! It's so romantic and utterly incredible that he would even get this idea. A secret Santan idea-although, I am Jewish-is highly too sophisticated for him. I must admit that I'm impressed," She smiled as she removed the box from the shelf.

Puck's smile deflated as she gave all the credit to Finn Freaking Hudson, who wouldn't have even wrapped the god damn earrings, thinking the silly little box they were wrapped in was more than enough to shield a surprise for her. He rolled his eyes as she opened the velvet box and gasped at the sight of the earrings.

"Oh...there's a card," She whispered, setting the box back into her locker as she studied the paper. "This isn't Finn's writing..."She frowned before she read the card a loud. "'Eight days of presents for a little Jewish American princess, from your Hanukkah Armadillo,'" She frowned, even though it should have been obvious who the gift was from.

Only Puck ever called her anything even close to the title she'd been given in the note, and they'd constantly mocked that old Friends episode where Ross had dressed up as an armadillo to teach his kids about Hanukkah. The little references to their days as best friends should have been enough to give the secret away.

Then again...she'd probably been expecting a gift from her boyfriend. Actually, she'd made it clear that she was expecting a gift from her boyfriend that morning. The obvious slap in the face that came with knowing that the gift was not from Finn Hudson had probably thrown her off guard, causing her to have all her thoughts messed up, leaving her to wonder who had left the gift.

"Some nice rocks you got there, Berry," Puck observed, leaning around her locker door to study the gift. If she was going to ignore his obvious hints, whether she had a good reason or not, he was going to play right along. "Somebody must really like you, to give you those," He whistled, giving her a swift wink before walking away.

It was hard for him, playing the big spender and then having to act as if he hadn't done anything at all that could warrant as being a big deal. He lived for the recognition that came with giving gifts. It was the only reason he had for giving gifts, rather than just receiving the presents. He liked being thanked and having the receiver tell everybody how kind he had been.

But he couldn't do that while keeping the illusion of some mysterious gift giver alive for Rachel. If she thought this idea of a secret-goft-giver was romantic, then he was going to be romantic and keep that idea in her head for as long as he could, before he snapped and forced her to realize that the gifts were from him.

And with the amount of digits he'd had to write on that check the other day when he'd gone to the mall, he was fairly certain she would need to realize who the hell was giving her the gifts before the third day was over, or he would explode from the lack of recognition. He would even take that stupid kiss on the cheek Hyde had gotten in That 70's Show when he'd given Donna the sweetest gift.

"Mr. Shuester, I have a question," Rachel said, her hand snapping into the air like it always did when she was volunteering to sing or asking permission to disagree with one of Mr. Shuester's ideas.

"What is it, Rachel," Mr. Shuester sighed, running a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath with his eyes shut. Dealing with Rachel for almost three years was more than enough to drive a man to drink, despite her talent.

"Last year, you seemed to forget the fact that Noah and I are Jewish and do not celebrate Christmas or the birth of Jesus. So, I was merely wondering if we could perform a Hanukkah song or two in this television-"

"It's a Christmas special, Rachel," Artie Abrams sighed from the front row where he was forever destined to sit due to his wheel chair. "We can't sing Hanukkah songs during a Christmas special."

"Why the hell not? None of you guys ever remember the fact that Berry and I are freaking Jewish and go for the Old Testament. And then, once a year, we have to sing all these Christmas songs and you ignore our culture!" Puck spoke up.

"Noah's right. It is a little unfair that you ignore our beliefs every single day of the year, and we just go along with it. And then, during Christmas time, we're just expected to forget our own beliefs to sing songs about your beliefs," She sighed.

"Well, I suppose that is a little unfair of us. And it would be fair to allow a few Hanukkah songs to be performed this year. Do either of you know any to give us some sort of example that we could go on?" Mr. Shuester wondered.

After all, it was a very rare occasion to find Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman on the same page. If the two polar opposites could agree on something, then there had to be something to it.

"Well, I suppose I have something in my repertoire," Rachel sighed, standing up and making her way towards the front of the room. "But, I'll be needing Noah's help," She said, flashing him that smile.

And, just as it always managed to get her whatever she wanted from Finn, it had the exact same effect on Puck. It was how she'd gotten his help for her terrible music video sophomore year and their duet the previous year.

"Yeah, yeah, sure alright. AS long as you're talking about the one that you forced me to sing at the JCC that year for the Holiday talent show," Puck sighed, making his way towards the front of the room, following behind her, as always.

"But of course! Do you honestly think I would ask you to perform a song that we've never rehearsed? This duet manages to win us first prize every single year, Noah. What else would I select?" She asked in utter shock.

"Well, I'm sorry I don't understand the way your mind works. Please excuse my thoughtlessness," Puck rolled his eyes. Rachel stuck her tongue out at him and shook her head as Puck got his guitar ready.

While the duo prepared for their duet, the Gleeks sat in their rows, trying to comprehend the complex relationship that they all had come to know, love-and bet on getting back together-as Puckleberry.

"Light one candle for the Maccabee children/With thanks their light didn't die/Light one candle for the pain they endured/When their right to exist was denied," Rachel's strong, powerful voice started out the song.

"Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice/Justice and freedom demand/And light one candle for the wisdom to know/That the peacemaker's time is at hand," Puck's smooth, tenor-bass voice took over.

"Don't let the light go out/It's lasted for so many years/Don't let the light go out/Let it shine through our love and our tears," Their voices blended together at the chorus, once more shocking the club members with their excellent blend of voices.

"Light one candle for the strength that we need/To never become our own foe/Light one candle for those who are suffering/A pain they learned so long ago," Rachel went on, singing her verse solo.

"Light one candle for ll we believe in/That anger not tear us apart/And light one candle to bind us together/With peace as the song in our heart," Puck started to sing, cutting Rachel off.

"Don't let the light go out/It's lasted for so many years/DOn't let the light go out/Let it shine through our love and our years," They sang together, a strong and powerful blend of voices, perfectly in tune with one another.

"What is the memory that's valued so highly/That we keep it alive in that flame?" Rachel belted out the next line of the song, turning to face Puck with a wide grin, meeting one of his own aimed at her.

"What's the commitment to those who have died/We cry out they've died not in vain/We have come this fair, always believing/that justice will somehow prevail," Puck sang.

"This is the burden/This is the promise/This is why we will not fail/Don't let the light go out/It's lasted for so many years/Don't let the light go out/Let it shine through out love and our tears," They harmonized together.

"Don't let the light go out," Rachel sang, followed by Puck repeating the verse. Rachel sang it once more, before Puck sang the line for a final time, ending the song with their eyes locked intently on one another.