The day at summer school had been the typical boring stuff as normal. I had sat in my desk, ignoring all those around me. I adjusted my glasses slightly, as Komoe-sensei spoke.

"Alright everyone! Touma Kamijou is in the hospital and since I want to see how he's doing, we're going on a class field trip!"

Everyone cheered; whether it was due to concern for Kamijou-kun or just wanting to escape school was beyond me. Since nobody else was asking a fundamental question, I sighed and raised my hand.

Komoe-sensei noticed, and said,"Yes, Luke?"

"What's wrong with him?"

Komoe-sensei said,"They wouldn't tell me details because I'm not family, but it seems he has lost his memory."

Now the class was in an uproar. I sat in my chair, shocked. Touma was my best friend. At first, it was because he was a handicap for my power, but soon we became close friends. He had been missing the last couple of days, which didn't surprise me. His lot in life had always been misfortune. But, he was my close ally in most things. He was the main reason I had hidden my abilities as an esper. If the others knew about my abilities, I'd be on a one-way ticket to the Scientists labs again and would probably never see my friends or this school again. The tiny teacher slammed her attendance book on her desk.

"I know this may be difficult for all of you, but please, let's go to the hospital and see for ourselves first."

Everyone hastily clambered to their feet and headed for the door in mass. I stood up slowly and paced up to the front. There I was met by Tsuchimikado and the blue-haired pervert Touma called friend. I'm not a names person, unless I like the person in question. I turned back and noticed my dear dorm mate, Ray. She and I had shared an apartment for a while now; whether or not she considered me a friend was unknown. I considered her my sister, closer than friends. The only reason we put up with one another is cause we're both level 5's. Someone was always willing to battle us, because they thought I was a lucky bastard with a cute girlfriend. So, being together, as two level 5 espers, was a good contermeasure against attacks. And, hey, I got a cute girl in the deal! She noticed me with my two comrades, but tried to ignore us. So, I spoke.

"Ray, what do you think it is? Do you think it really is memory loss?"

Tsuchikimado, being the dense bastard he is, asked, "Who are you talking to, dude?"

Blue Hair-kun, being the perverted broad he has always been, declared, "I think he's talking to that chick over there. I didn't even know that she was in our class. If I did, I would have asked her long ago if I could dress her up!" Adding pain to insult, he pointed at Ray with his hand. I pushed his hand down and waited for Ray to answer my question. She sighed and replied. "I think that the information is correct. Why would the hospital lie?"

Blue-Hair cut in. "Or that's what they want you to think. Creepy!"

I started to reprimand Blue-Hair, but Tsuchikimado beat me to it.

"Shut up dude. Um, girl... I mean Ray, hurry up or we won't be let into that room."

I turned to walk away and felt Ray's death glare fall upon my back. There would be hell to pay later for disrupting her peace and solitude by introducing these two into her life. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Blue-Hair grab Ray's arm. Big mistake. My hand flew to my glasses, preparing to yank them off. Blue-Hair gasped and released Ray's arm. "Ow!" was the only sound he made. Good...she had barbecued people for less than that before. I still glared at her for burning one of Touma's friends. She suddenly ran past us, so I released my hold on my glasses. She turned in the doorway and said,"Who are being the slowpokes now?"


Our class made it to the hospital in a crowd. I strayed near the back, not desiring to be in the thick of it when the group made it to Touma's room. I bought a drink at one of the vending machines in the hallway. I turned towards the group I was with and ran into a Nun. We both fell, and I lost my glasses. The world seemed to freeze, as I crashed onto the ground. The girl hung in midair, along with my glasses and drink. I pulled her into my arms so she wouldn't fall to the ground, tucked my drink under one arm, and put my glasses back on. Reality returned, and the girl fell into my arms heavily. I set her back on her feet, and handed her my drink. "Be more careful, Sister!" She took the drink happily and headed for the bench to drink it. Seems I had done a great deed. I turned back towards Touma's room and saw a string of disappointed students led by a short teacher make their way down the hall. I ran into the room where Blue-Hair, Ray, and Tsuchikimado were along with Touma. I was in time to hear him sigh.

"What misfortune..." Touma muttered. I noticed the pile of schoolwork, and asked,"When are they going to let you out of this place?"

Touma groaned and said, "Sometime tomorrow." The look he was giving me was odd. Almost like he didn't recognize me.

I laughed and said,"That sucks! That means you can't finish summer school. I'll come by later tonight and help you with your homework."

Call it petty if you will, but I was doing my best to delay going home with Ray. She seemed to notice, giving me another glare from behind. More chills ran down my back.

Touma smiled and said, "Thanks for stopping by you four. I'll see if we can hang around sometime when I'm out of here."

I froze along with the other two guys. Touma had uknowingly stepped on a major landmine. I rarely hung out with Ray, and definitely not with these two.

Ray spoke first, stuttering. "I...I'm afraid that's not-"

I cut her off, declaring with a grin. "Sure! Just give us a call and we'll be there in a heartbeat. See ya!" I ushered the other three into the hallway, avoiding contact with Ray. I turned towards the two guys and we began talking.

Blue-Hair went first. "Why was he acting like your roommate was part of our group?"

I said,"It seems fishy." I wanted violently to deny it, but it seemed like Touma Kamijou had in fact lost his memory.

Tsuchikado spoke next. "Why would he do that?"

Ray turned away, muttering,"Beats me, I'm not his friend."

She began heading towards the elevators on the opposite side of the hospital from where our class had headed. I shouted at her, and she stopped.

"Ray! As of today, you are his friend. If what you're guessing is true, then he now believes you are his friend. So, I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of you around." Blue-Hair had to open his mouth then. "Touma is so lucky! He gets all the girls. Not only does he have the cute nun chick living with him and is all buddy buddy with Miss Komoe, now he gets Ray too? Some guys have all the luck." I saw Ray stiffen, and felt that chill run down my back again. I sighed, then whirled and punched Blue-Hair. "Idiot!" I sighed as he collapsed on the ground. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a letter. It was a challenge from some delinquents, threatening to kidnap Ray if I didn't fight them for rights to date her. They were wrong on two accounts; I wasn't dating Ray, and it would take a miracle and a Level 5 to even coerce her into a room...let alone kidnap her. Normally, I let things like this challenge slide. But, today I was angry at the world for Touma's loss. He was unfortunate, but even that had it's limit. I smashed the letter in my fist and began walking towards towards the stairs. Tsuchikimado looked at me and asked,"Where are you going, Luke?" I smiled deviously as I reached the stairs. I turned and said,"I'm going to take out some trash." Tsuchikimado looked at me skeptically, as I headed down the stairs.