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Light and L are linked though they don't know it. At first they appear to be opposites, but they are more similar than anyone could imagine. A peer into the past and a rather interesting present(time). Just who are Y and Z? A glance into life at Whammy's, L's past, Light's past, a bit of BB and A, and a surprisingly different twist on what might happen if L and Light were to meet. Also did I mention sleeping disorders? Well they are rather importunate. . .Enjoy.

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The man presently known as Whammy, sighed to himself. He had wanted to start a school for gifted orphans in hopes of stopping other children from suffering the emotional pain he went through when he was an orphan. Where he had come from, orphanages were especially awful; and back when he was a child, there was no such thing as a gifted orphan. After his wife's untimely death, and having no children, the inventor decided it was time for a change. The painful memories still fresh after years in a stable life lead to a certain path being taken by the aging inventor. This was how Whammy House was born.

While his original intentions were good, he was unable to afford all the necessary payments needed for raising many children. Even his substantial wealth from years of inventing was drying up. When he thought that he had failed and would have to shut down, certain government officials visited him. They were willing to fund the orphanage and more. All they wanted was access to the records, and the rights to train the children for certain professions. Whammy, seeing no alternative, agreed. This was 2 years ago, and he greatly regrets his decision. Sure he could now buy the children anything they needed to excel, but the price seems too high. The children were pushed to extremes. They were subjected to experimental teaching programs that should never have left someones twisted imagination. The children were seen as numbered subjects, not humans.

It is too late though. He had signed a contract. Normally he doesn't think of such things but today was different. Today he met a child who greatly reminded him of himself when he was young. He didn't know if the boy would be any better off than he had been, but Whammy hoped he could do something better for this one. With that in mind, he filled out the arrival form for #22...no. For L Lawliet.

File #12

Whammy House Arrival Form


#22 - L Lawliet Alias: L

Age: 6 DOB: 10/31/1986 Gender: M

Circumstance: Parents murdered by unknown person or group.

I.Q. 173

Skill(s): intelligence, strength, initiative, willingness to learn, etc.

Area(s) of improvement: attention span and social skills

Note(s): Shows great promise in any field that interests him.

Suggested profession(s): detective, military strategist, adviser to political figures

"Hello numbers 1-21." Whammy said to the gathering in front of him.

"Hello Whammy." Only a few replied. Whammy was used to this. Most of his older and pre-government children had left. The remaining 21 were all either too new to be used to their situation, or had not been allowed to retain social skills. Only certain children were allowed those classes.

"First-off, there is a new rule regarding flashlights. They are meant to be used only to find the bathroom, not for reading after lights out. You need your sleep unless you get diagnosed insomnia by the nurse. Anyone caught using their flashlight for any other reason will have it confiscated. Let's see... there are three new classes available. The aptitude for them will be tomorrow. They are obscure martial arts, Chinese military strategies, and a week long tundra survival course. Remember to answer truthfully. On another note, we have two children joining us today. Please welcome numbers 22 and 23, L and P. I have assigned two of you with the job of showing them around. Will number 13, G, and number 7, X, please meet me in the cafeteria?"- The above students nodded before Whammy continued- "Thank you. You are all dismissed. Lights out in two hours so try and get some fun in before bed. Goodnight children."

No one returned the goodnight. All the children just filtered out the door to study for tomorrows next test. Whammy lead the new children to the cafeteria and introduced them to their guides.

"P, this is G. She will show you around. If you have any questions, ask her or myself. Have a good night, and goodbye."

G grabbed P by the hand and walked off. Whammy was privy to a few choice swears about stupid guide duties before G and her poor responsibility, P where beyond his range of hearing. Next he turned to L and X.

"Well X, you know this drill. Just show L around. L if you have-" But Whammy was interrupted.

"Any questions, ask X or yourself. I am aware." L said with a blank expression. Which frankly, looked kind of creepy on a six-year-old.

"Er, ok. You can go as well then." Whammy watched as the pair left in an awkward silence. L being sure not to touch anything, and X not really knowing how to react to ...another weird one.

'He really does remind me of myself, and that is why I worry about him the most.'

"So, uh L, this is your room. #22. You won't get a roommate for a while, so it's all to yourself. Lights out is at 10pm and wake-up is at 6am. Most days you'll have to get up and go to class, but tomorrow you will go to room 103 to take a test to see where you belong. From there you will be assigned classes based on your abilities and possible future professions. I myself am in training for U.S politics. I was born there so that's where I'll end up, hopefully as president. Try to do well tomorrow, and, er...bye." X just wanted to leave, so he did. Part of his training program was to be able to handle difficult people. He had always done well in the class but this kid was just impossible. At Whammy's you'll meet some pretty weird people but that kid was creepier than most, just staring blankly with those cold, gray eyes. Well X just hoped that he'd never meet someone like L on his future campaign trail.

Now that he was finally alone, L could relax. He hated that all the people were constantly surrounding him. All he wants is some silence and solitude so he can properly digest what has happened. He entered his room and sat on his bed. According to the clock on his bedside, he had 33 minutes before lights out. He turned the table lamp on and the room light off. He closed his room's window and turned off the fan. Finally, silence. He had a chance to think. . . But he didn't, he couldn't. His six-year-old mind would not allow for rational thought. Instead L felt. L felt all of his emotions that he had ignored until now. He felt his emotions and fell into them. He finally let it all out.

'I miss my mom. I miss my dad. . . Why did they have to leave me? Why did I have to leave them? I miss my house. I miss my yard. I miss my cake, my room, my toys. . . I don't want to be an orphan. I want my parents. I want my mom to kiss me goodnight. I want my dad to hug me when I have bad dreams. I want them to say, "I love you." So I can say, "I love you too." I just want to go home. I want to go home! I wanna go home...'

L started to cry. Just a little whimper at first but it soon crescendoed into painful racking sobs. L didn't know for how long he cried. He didn't stop for a very long time. After his light cutout he just curled up and cried more. He cried and cried and just kept crying. He didn't stop. He couldn't stop. He felt he would cry himself to death until someone pounded on his wall. Startled, L immediately stopped crying and held his breath in fear. Was the murderer back? Was he coming for him? Before L could get to lost in this new and paralyzing fear, someone yelled through the wall.

"Kid I understand it's hard the first day, but shut the hell up! Some of us have tests tomorrow that our futures depend on. Shut the hell up and go to sleep or I'll make it so you can't cry anymore!" The kid gave one more pound on the wall for good measure before going back to sleep.

L gave one more whimper before falling completely silent. Unfortunately, L's mind made a connection between this sound, and a sound he would never forget. Then L had a flash back.

L walked to his parents room after hearing a sound. He walked to the bed and shook his mom awake. "Mom, I heard a sound from outside. I'm scared."

His mom replied reassuringly. "It was probably an animal, or just the wind. Don't worry L, go back to bed."

"But I'm scared. What if it's a burglar?" L asked. His eyes wide with fear at the possibility of someone stealing his things.

His mom laughed quietly so as not to wake her husband. "Here L, why don't you sleep with us tonight."

L eagerly climbed up over his moms legs so that he was comfortably cocooned between his parents. Right when he was about to drift off though, the sound of a window breaking came from downstairs.

L sat up and turned to look at his mother. "Mom i heard another soun-" But he broke off when he saw the look of absolute terror on his mothers face. She immediately started shaking his father.

"James! James wake-up! Someone is in the house!" Even though she was whispering, L could easily hear the note of urgency along with underlying terror in her voice.

His dad bolted up and quietly got out of bed.

"Dad? Are we gonna be ok?" L asked. All the tension was making him want to cry.

"Shhh. Don't talk. I'll go check it out." His father then went over to the wall safe and got out his pistol. After loading it and turning the safety off, he started for the door.

By now, both L and his mother had gotten out of bed. "James, be careful."

"I will. Now I want you to take L and hide him. Then find the phone and call the sheriff." L didn't understand why his father wanted him to hide. He wanted to stay with his parents. His mom however beat him to talking.

"But he'll never make it here in time! We're 20 minutes from the nearest town."His mother was in tears now.

"That's why I have a gun, and why you're going to hide our son. Linda, L, I love you." His father looked very sad.

"Don't you dare say goodbye, but I love you too." After she hugged him, he left.

"Ok L, we're going to play hide and seek with daddy. I'm going to hide you and you're not to come out until I come get you again." L of course knew what was really going on, he was a child prodigy and all, but he played along.

"Ok. Where should I hide?"

His mother thought for a second before answering."Im going to put you in the clothes hamper." She carried him over and gently set him in. Then she covered him with clothing. "Now remember, don't come out, and try not to move. Also, don't be scared. Everything will be ok. When this is all over, I'll make us all that strawberry shortcake that you love. L. . . Your father and I love you very much. That is why we named you L. L is for the love we have for you. Never forget that. We love you."

"Ok mom. I love you too." L wondered at the new information. L was for love. He was L Lawliet, child of James and Linda Lawliet, and he was named for love.

L heard his mom's bare feet pad off until he could hear her no more. As he sat in the silence, his brain kicked into overdrive. Who were the people who broke in? Why were they here. What did they want. L could find no answers in his panic. What if the burglars stole everything they had and they were forced to live on the street? What if they took all the food? Would they starve? L realized how stupid these concerns were in the back of his mind, but those were pushed behind a blinding panic.

Just as L was starting to wonder at the lack of noise, he heard a gunshot. It was quickly followed by a rather large thud. L froze in fear and couldn't breath. He held his breath and listened. Would his mother come for him now or would it be someone else? L sat for a while but a second gun shot got him moving. He knew he should stay where his mother told him to but he had to know what was happening. Pausing at the top of the stairs, he looked down at the unfolding scene of horror.

His father lay motionless, two bullet holes in his chest. A growing puddle of blood was spreading around his body. L stared at the corpse of his father for quite some time before he forced himself to look away. That's when he saw it. The thing that had killed his father. It was a man he guessed, but that's not what really stood out. No, it was the mask. A cheap, plastic Halloween mask. A skeleton's skull with holes where eyes would be. L was watching the man, and the man was staring at L's father, when both heard a scream.

"NOOOOOOOOO! James! No!" Linda collapsed at the side of her dead husband and began to weep. The skeleton man simply looked at her for a second before pulling the trigger yet again. Linda was shot in the chest and L watched as she fell onto her back. As she lay there the skeleton man spoke.

"This is what you and your husband get for snitching. Witness protection? Don't make me laugh. No one can hide from my boss. Now then, before I kill you, I've noticed some awfully cute pictures of a little boy. Why don't you tell me where he is, and I wont make you watch me kill him." Linda made a gurgling choking sound and said something that L couldn't catch. The skeleton man appeared to be startled for a second, and stepped back. He then leveled the gun at Linda's head and shot her twice.

"So the little boy died of a heart deformity. Well whatever. My work here is done." The man pulled out some bleach from a sack by the window and started dowsing everything. L just watched. He was incapable of doing anything else. He just stared at the man who murdered his parents and waited. For what? He didn't know. He was just waiting. Suddenly the skeleton man stopped and looked L directly in the eye. L stared back at those bright blue irises and waited. The man turned his head and chuckled.

"Count yourself lucky kid. I usually want a clean job with no witnesses but I don't feel much like killing anymore tonight. My job was to send a message, and I consider this a message sent." The skeleton man grabbed the sack and shoved the bleach in it, before calmly unlocking and opening the door. Just before it was about to shut the man yelled one more thing.

"Have a nice life kid." He then slammed the door shut. The loud sound of the door slamming was all it took for L to finally get up and walk downstairs. He knew he needed to get to the kitchen in case his mom never managed to call the police. As he got to the last step he realized there was nowhere he could go without stepping in his parents blood. Steeling himself for the unpleasantness, he took a step. His socks absorbed the blood and turned red. To make the worst day of L's life even worse, his now-wet socks made him slip and fall over his father and onto his mother. Being inches away from his dead mother's mutilated face was all poor little L could take. He screamed only once before passing out. That is where the cops found him when they arrived ten minutes later.

L came out of the flash back and thought for just a second.

'That's right. Go home to what? My parents didn't leave, they were killed. My parents are dead. I saw them get murdered by the man in the skeleton mask. I need to face my new life and get used to it. No more crying. I am no longer L Lawliet, I am simply, L. Now, what is my situation? Well, my parents are dead. I, L am an orphan at age 6. I have been taken to a facility designed for orphans of a higher intellect. It appears that I will be forced to adapt to a rather strict schedule. Judging by the children I met earlier, I am in for a hard time with minimal to no outside help available. That is fine. From this moment on, I will work hard so I am never frozen in fear again. I will never need anything from anyone. I will not let something like this happen again. From now until the day I die, I will be L. My life will be whatever profession I get. I will never get hurt again.'

L awoke after a not so good nights sleep, and turned of the alarm. He knew he had to find room 103 before the first bell rang, so he got out of bed and walked over to his room's dresser. There were only two things in the drawer. A white baggy top and what appeared to be white pajama pants. Opting to just wear his jeans, L changed his shirt and looked in the mirror. His reflection was rather startling. His eyes were rather red and were forming some bags from his lack of good sleep. His hair was almost flat on one side, and a spiky mess on the other. Also his skin was starting to look less pink and more pale. Even at six he knew he wasn't very healthy looking. In an attempt to look better, L grabbed a hairbrush and tried to brush his hair. One pull later and the cheap brush was in half on the floor while a tear was leaking from L's eye. How did his mother manage to painlessly brush this for six years? Deciding he didn't need to care how he looked, L walked over and pushed his door open. Only to have it hit someone.

"Ow!" Said person yelled.

L stepped out and closed his door before looking at his accidental victim. It was the other new boy, P, from last night.

"Sorry" L mumbled. He wasn't really sorry but he didn't want to make any enemies.

"It's fine. Do you want to walk with me? I think we're supposed to eat before our test." P asked. He seemed desperate to make a friend in whoever he met.

L just nodded. He didn't want an enemy but he wasn't too keen on making friends either.

P looked slightly disappointed but turned and started walking down the hallway. "I sure hope we're going the right way."

L looked at the nearest door and chose to speak his mind."We need to go up a flight of stairs as the cafeteria is on the first floor and we appear to be in the basement. The numbers on the room are getting smaller so we are probably going towards the stairs. So in answer to your...hope, we are most likely going the right way."

"Uh thanks." P looked slightly weirded out, but got over it rather fast. He then attempted to start a conversation.

"So what did your guide tell you? Mine said we get to pick a name today. It just has to start with our alias letter. Im thinking of Patrick or Phillip. Or maybe something weird like Pianissimo or Pizzicato. How bout you?"

'Why would I pick a new name? I already get to keep mine.' L waited a moment before answering.". . . I will be L."

"Oh, that's cool too..." P seemed at a loss of how to deal with a boy like this. He was willing to stop speaking as it seemed his walking partner was unwilling to talk. However, L had finally thought of a question he wanted to ask.

"Why are you so happy? We are both here because of the death of our parents. I do not understand your behavior."

P looked shocked at the question and got a far away look in his eye.

"My parents didn't die. They just disappeared for a while. They'll come back soon. They wouldn't leave me here. They're not dead!" He looked rather creepy so L moved just a little bit closer to the wall. P calmed down and acted as if nothing had happened. They had arrived at the stairs. L thought to himself as they climbed.

'Are most of the children here going to be. . . off? I should remain on my guard and- What is that smell?'

"Wow, what a great smell! That must be the cafeteria." P immediately tried to open the nearest door. He kept pulling but it wouldn't budge. L looked and noticed the push sign above the handle.

"It says push..." L watched as P blushed and pushed the door open. He then walked off and left L alone in the hallway.

'Isn't this a school for geniuses?. . . Well I guess he did seem a little different. Oh well. I'm hungry and that smells delicious.' L took off towards where he last saw P, and got in a line. P was right in front of him and still seemed to be embarrassed. L was just fine with this as he didn't much like talking. Soon it was L's turn to eat.

"What do you want kid?" A rather unhappy looking older woman asked. L looked at for her name-tag and found none. 'So no one knows anybody's name here. I guess that keeps things safer if not rather isolated.'

After deciding that he didn't care much about names, L took a chance to look at the foods in front of him. From his short experience here he had expected military food. From the smell on the stairs he expected something delicious. But what he saw was amazing. Food he had never even heard of. Foods from different countries. Breakfast foods, lunch foods, dinner foods, and more. The crown jewel however, was in the back.A wide variety of assorted desserts! L's mouth started watering with just the thought of all the sugary goodness. Right before he just asked for one of everything, he spied a lone strawberry shortcake. All L could do was stare at a beautiful rendering of his mother's speciality. The lady noticed his stare and sighed.

'Of course, another kid with great choices.' "Well go ahead and pick. As a rule, so long as you don't fall ill or become too unhealthy, you can eat whatever and whenever you want."

'Too unhealthy? So it's ok to be unhealthy? Whatever. I just want some cake.' L looked at the lady and waited. The lady, whose name will never be known, was used to this type of behavior and handed him a plate of what he seemed focused on. After receiving his desired item, L happily followed P to an empty table. After sitting two seats away from him, L picked up his fork and started towards his cake. L was just about to dig in when P scooted next to him and started talking. L sadly, had to put his fork down.

"I know I probably don't have to worry since you don't talk much, but could you not tell anyone about earlier?"

'I wonder why he cares? It was a rather stupid mistake, but not an overly awful one. There is probably a deeper reason as to why he is so scared of me telling anyone. There must be something he wants to hide...'

"Can you read, P?"

P's face looked shocked before melting into a grimace. "You better not tell anyone, but no. I am unable to read."

L found this profoundly strange. How could someone get in a school for geniuses if he could not read? "How old are you?"

P looked to be in pain at the question, but answered anyway. "I'm eight. It's bad, I know, but I just can't. I can never get the whole spelling and words thing down."

"You talk a lot though, and you seem to be able to understand grammar. Also, to be in here, you have to be smart. So I don't understand." L found this to be a rather intriguing turn of events. He was actually curious about the answer. Could he perhaps be forming an interest in another person?

"This is actually a school for gifted children. That is what my guide said. And I am gifted. I am exceedingly proficient at any instrument I choose to learn. I am able to read and write music better than even the best composers. I am a musical prodigy. . . or at least I was. That was before Mr. Anderson, the man who taught me music, decided my talent was too great for the rest of the world. Too great for my parents. He took it upon himself to make sure there were no unworthy ears around to hear my music. After a while, my mom and dad showed up and were very angry at Mr. Anderson. I can't remember much after this, but just before I came here, Mr. Anderson was being taken away by some police. I don't know what he had been doing, but he was covered in red paint. I'm a little worried that people seem to think my parents aren't coming to get me, but I'm sure they just want me to learn. They'll come get me when I graduate. I'm sure of it."

Once again P's eyes had a rather glassy look to them, and L was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Also, after hearing P's story L had come to a some conclusions of his own: first off, P's parents were killed by ; second, P is either in denial or insane; third, L really wanted to eat his cake; and finally, L didn't care about P at all. He had only been interested in the mystery. Once solved, the boy himself was meaningless. L turned back to his cake. He hoped it hadn't gotten soggy during the story. Finally about to take his first bite of the succulent treat in front of him, L was once again interrupted. Much to his disappointment, he again, put his fork down. This time he was interrupted by a rather familiar girl.

'Why can I not just enjoy my cake in silence? Ok, who is this girl. I recognize her. Did I see her at the gathering last night? . . . I did. This is G. P's guide. What does she want?' L didn't have to wait long before his question was answered. Did I say answered? Because I meant screamed.

"Ok dumbass, I know I told you to eat breakfast before the test, but I meant something fucking light! You're going to be late if you don't go right now. I don't know about X,-" She looked at L as she said this part, "but I am not going to be chewed out because of you fucking idiots! Now go to room 103 before I castrate the both of you." P immediately jumped up and scurried off, leaving L alone with the rather scary G. Not willing to be yelled at again, and just incase she followed through with her threat to castrate him, whatever that meant, L grabbed his cake and ran for the doors. He didn't stop running even as he caught up with and overpassed P. When he did finally stop, he was at the door to room 103.

'This is it. Once I pass through this door I will take a test that my future depends on. When it is decided what I am to be, I must throw myself into it. No matter what it is. But before that, I am going to eat a bite of this stinking cake.' And L did just that. As he chewed, he was not disappointed. The treat tasted amazing and reminded him of his mother and father At this point, L realized that most of his memories with them took place in the kitchen. Eating the sweets his mother loved to make, and shoving his hand in his dad's pocket to see what candy he had brought home for him to try. These fond memories were all L had to hold onto, and he would never let them go.

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