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CHAPTER 6- Revelations

(Jay's POV)

I know, I know. You want me to start off rocky and like we're in a ton of trouble. Well- um, we were, but- um; just pretend we aren't, okay? Bear with me.

A normal day on the Bounty. Sensei left to go shopping, and we were home alone.

Ayaki joined us in on some video games. I decided to teach him, because I am the best at video games.

Ayaki seemed like he got the hang of it. He beat me every battle we were in.

"Nice shot, kid. You're getting better and better each day."

"Oh please, it's natural." Ayake shot back.

Then the alarm went off.

Rushing into the control room as normal. Just any normal mission.

Sure, you can call it that.

"There have been multiple sightings of Serpentine in Ninjago City, along with Garmadon and the Mega-Weapon. We need you guys to take care of him." Nya informed.

Her face is so beautiful….

She's just so dreamy! Why does it have to be Kai's sister! I repeatedly admire Nya. I almost blurted it out at some point, but I eventually took back control of my mouth.

"Jay- the video games are going to have to hold a while. I just need to focus on my skills I learned from Cole." Ayaki turned to me in dissatisfaction.

Cole smirked, proud of his achievement in training the Master of Wind.

"Shut up." Kai and me retorted in unison.

Zane was rather satisfied, and congratulated Cole.

"I am rather surprised in your achievement of training Ayaki to his fullest potential. Congratulations."

"Well, we better get on the move. Garmadon is going to leave if he has the chance." Cole headed onwards, motioning for us to follow him to the Raider.

When we went over to Ninjago City, we couldn't find them.

Then we decided to check on the outskirts of the city.

Ayaki checked in with us; he told us he found a cave.

We decided to check it out.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Kai decided to be stupid and trip on some wire.

It's a trap!

Serpentine surrounded us, and Garmadon watched us and simply laughed.

"So you decided to pay me a visit? Do not worry, you'll get your worth." Then Garmadon gives his famous laugh/scream.

We tried our best to fend them off; it only made them stronger.

They chained us to all to the wall. But they only put Lloyd in a rope.

Then Ayaki gave me a face of rage.

(Switch to Ayake's POV)

I can't believe we fell for it! Even I fell for it, even though I can tell a trap no different than of an obvious trap! I guess I got distracted from me and Jay playing video games… I questioned myself.

Jay, honestly why did you get me addicted to that game!?I give him a face that tells him "I am so mad at you."

I see Cole's body quickly repeating flashing bright gold, his eyes glowing light blue. I think he's trying to tap into his true potential.

"Don't even bother. We don't have our powers." Jay admitted.

Then, they started hooking some electric wires onto me.

Wait, electric wires? I'm going to be electrocuted! I hastily realize.

My body becomes tenser, as one of the snakes starts to walk toward the "ON" button.

"Pull it." Garmadon orders, in probably the calmest tone you could hear.

"This won't hurt a bit…." Garmadon smirked.

Then I feel a sharp tickle. But then it starts to turn into pain.

I feel my body fall apart, as my soul starts to leave my physical form.

Then…. blackness.

I wake up somewhere. Somewhere familiar.

This is the Bounty! But it's not somewhere so familiar.

It was in outer space, with the Bounty wedged in the space between the Earth and the Moon.

"Ayaki-" I hear someone mention my name.

I hastily turn around, and there's Sensei Wu.

"I bet you do not know where you are, hm?" Sensei riddles me.

"Sensei, I know where we are. But; why are we in space?" I respond, with the result of me turning around being the ability to look at the beautiful moon.

"Sometimes, life may take you farther than you expect. That may be metaphorically and physically your case." Sensei continues.

"…. Sensei…." I start to ask him the question that's been hanging on to me all of this time.

"Of all of the people… of all time; why was I the chosen one?"

"As you know, the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master picked his descendants of the elemental powers for a reason. Cole was selected for Earth for a specific reason, and Kai was selected for Fire for a specific reason. And Jay and Zane were picked for a specific reason. You were all picked to be the protectors of the Golden Weapons and of Ninjago because I knew my father was of great wisdom. But you-" He points his long wooden cane at me. "You were picked because my father knew you fit perfectly. At one point you are quiet, and the next destructive, and you are amazing at that job. The First Ultimate Master of Spinjitzu picked you is because he thought Aeolus would be satisfied with his pick."


"The Greek god of Wind. Although all types of mythology are accepted in Ninjago, Greek mythology is the most widely accepted, so that makes Aeolus a widely accepted deity. When the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master told the Greek gods who were Iota, the god of Earth, Hephaestus, the god of Fire, Kraer, the god of Ice, Zeus, the god of Lightning, and Aeolus, the God of Wind his picks for the descendants of the elemental powers, they were satisfied. Aeolus was satisfied with all the descendants but one- his own element's. Aeolus wanted another descendant, as he thought your personality and persistence in battle did not fit. The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master disagreed, and that sprouted into a great argument that nearly turned into a war that could have destroyed life on Earth as we know it. But eventually they came to an agreement that both of these descendants would fight to the death in a great fight- the Trials of Wind. They said it would not happen for two millennia, and now that time has come. But right now we cannot find the other supposed Master of Wind, and until we can, we must train you to be able to fight not only your enemies but train you for the Trials of Wind."

I was in awe.

There's another Master of Wind? And I'm supposed to fight he or she to the death just to see who would become the one to fight for the Element of Wind? The phrase repeated in my head. The Trials of Winds; the Trials of Winds; the Trials of Winds; I couldn't gain control over the repeating thought.

"Sensei; do I really have to fight?" I continue to make dumb questions.

"Unfortunately; yes. It is a similar fate of the prophecy of the Green Ninja, where the ill-fated Final Battle is unchangeable.

"Well; should I at least make sure it's not a girl I have to fight?" I'm sure he's thinking it's because I don't like girls.

Really, it's because I'm afraid of them.

"I don't know anything about the other descendant you are supposed to fight in the Trials of Winds, sadly. I wish I did, though."

Then there was silence, as I processed the information that had just been thrown at me.

"I must go now, and so shall you. Your duration in limbo has gone into overtime, and your time on Earth is long due."

"But Sensei! I need to ask you more questions!" He continued to ignore my pleas, as he walked away into the endless void that is outer space.

And then I could feel myself leaving limbo.

(Switch to Cole's POV)

Great. First Ayaki, now me?!

"Oh, look at that. Looks like a new addition to my Mega-Weapon." Garmadon then used his energy to absorb the Kusarigamas into his Mega-Weapon.

This is madness!

"You; you let me go right now!" Zane shot at Garmadon.

"Wow. I honestly applaud you if you think I'm going to let you go that easily this time, ninja." Garmadon laughed.

The same snake as last time inched toward the on button again.

But just as he was switching it, just as I was prepared to leave this life…. something strange happened.

An aqua colored aura surrounded the six of us, cutting off the wire that was put on me which resulted in keeping the snake unable to electrocute me. It also broke out chains (and Lloyd's ropes) that were hanging us.

Then we started phasing through the wall as if there was no barrier at all. We were simply floating through it.

"What!? What is this!" Garmadon suddenly realizes.

Then everybody except me fell unconscious, but they came back to reality just as quick.

"Uh- is this Heaven? Because if it is, I thought you guys wouldn't be beside me." Jay slowly realized.

"Shut up, of course it's not. We're floating toward the Bounty. But who's behind this…?" I inquire.

The it hits me; the light aqua color… Ayaki!

"It's Ayaki! Remember, aqua is his color?" I realize with excitement.

Their faces were absolutely amazing. The wonder that was implemented into their thoughts made them just as confused as I was.

"Ayaki?!" We asked for him to respond.

He didn't.

Everybody slowly begins to stare at Ayaki, who is center of the orb carrying us all, still not alive, with us wondering if he'll ever be alive again.

Then just as we hover over the Bounty, we are dropped onto the deck. Everybody is alive and well except one.

"Are you guys okay? We've been worried sick!" Nya hastily makes her way toward us.

"We're fine, but Ayake's not. We need to bring him over to the infirmary right now!" I order, taking back my place as the team leader.

Sensei just stands there and observes us.

When he's in the infirmary bed, Zane decides to take a medical scan on him.

The infrared light examines the body for about five seconds, and then stops.

"Subject body temperature is 99.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Possible electric shocks found in the upper arm, lower left leg, and forehead. Current state: unconscious. Severe trauma detected in all lobes of the brain." The blank voice announces.

"We should probably give him some sleep. He long deserves it, and he also needs time to heal from his injuries." Kai decided.

The others and I agreed, as we left the room, I took a long stare back at the Master of Wind.

"Cole, come on. We need to leave him alone. He really needs the rest." Kai pushed me.

I obeyed.

Jay and Kai decided to tell what happened at dinner to Sensei and Nya.

"And then- um- there was this giant aqua-colored orb that floated around us as if it protected us! And then we floated through the wall as if it was nothing as the orb carried the six of us!" Jay excitedly informed Nya.

"Wait- aqua blue? Was that- Ayaki?" Nya confuses herself.

"Yep. It's hard to think that he has such power." Kai appreciated Ayaki.

I'm gonna admit, he isn't bad at doing the job.

We went to bed. Everybody was quiet, not even Jay cracking up bedtime jokes. It was simply silent.

It felt as if the room was empty without Ayaki.

"I really miss Ayake. He's a pretty nice guy, and it just feels so strange without him." Jay inferred on my thoughts.

Nobody disagreed with him.

"Well; we need to go to bed. Tomorrow's Wednesday, and you know what that means." I ordered.

Everyone except Zane grunted at the thought.

The next morning we decided to check on Ayaki.

"Hey guys. What did I miss?" He surprised us.

The thought itself that he was nearly dead yesterday and today he's speaking is purely shocking.

"Well, let's not focus on that right now. I have something to tell you guys that Sensei probably never told you."

We huddled around him, waiting for the likely surprises to slap us in the face.

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