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CHAPTER 6- Questions and no Answers

(Ayaki's POV)

I'm still in my infirmary bed.

I'm still talking like some psycho who writes down violent things in his diary.

People still think I'm mentally ill after my lobes in my brain were severely damaged.

The question still hangs over me.

Of all of the people who ever lived, why was I picked to be the Master of Wind?

I begin to think of my past, how my life was normal. Average. Ordinary.

And to think of how quickly it escalated from a smart, normal kid to the "destined Master of Wind" gets me confused.

I'll tell you what the others' reactions to what I told them a couple of days ago.

Their faces were of pure shock. Confusion. Bafflement.

"So- let me get this straight. You, the 'supposed' Master of Wind, are supposed to fight to the death of another descendant of the Element of Wind?" Cole tried to comprehend.

I nodded in response.

Then Sensei slowly walked into the room, his cap down to provoke a sense of mystery.

"Ah, I see that the secret is out."

"Sensei; why did you not tell us about this?" Kai calmly inquired.

"I feared that if it was out, you would focus more on Ayaki than training Lloyd for the Final Battle, which would make evil win in the Final Outcome." He replied.

"We don't want that happening, do we?" When is he going to stop repeating that?

"No, Sensei." We replied in unison.

(Switch to Omniscient POV)

"THEY WERE AT OUR MERCY! WE HAD THEM AT OUR MERCY!" Lord Garmadon rages, his blood filled to the brink with anger.


"My- my- my- my master, it- it was only on-once, w-we can c-capture the-the ni-ni-ninja another d-d-day." The Constrictai scout stutters in fear.


Finally (and surprisingly) Garmadon calmed down and started plotting his next plan to capture the pesky ninja.

"I've got it! The ninja won't be expecting this at all…" He repeated his infamous laugh.

(Switch to Ayake's POV)

"It appears as if it may take weeks for you to fully recover from your injuries, as they are severe. But all your lobes except your occipital lobe are slowly recovering. Your occipital lobe was the lobe of the brain that took the most damage from your electrocution, which is the reason all of your other lobes are slowly recovering except for the occipital. This may cause some amnesia when it comes to recognizing others." Zane informed me while I was nodding like a bobble head.

"I don't have weeks. It's going to be pretty hard to recover if you can't recognize people. Earlier this morning when Nya came in to check on me I didn't know who she was. She explained what happened to me after I could hardly comprehend what she was saying. I'm going to admit to you, it's pretty hard to recognize when you suffered brain trauma. I forgot whom that guy was-" I pointed towards some guy with jade black hair, swooping to the side. I swear I know that guy! "Um, that's Cole. You know, team leader?" Some guy with spiky hair and a red suit replied.

"What team?"

"Man, that amnesia is some powerful stuff. He doesn't even remember us after a couple of seconds." This "Cole" speaks to me.

Then it hits me again! I'm so dumb!

I shake it off, "I'm really sorry. You know, it just kicked in at the worst time."

"It's fine. I know I wouldn't recognize the others if I had amnesia." Cole admits his vulnerability.

"Oh, shocker, Cole's prone to something." I cover my mouth and gasp in mockery.

The others replied with laughter, all except Cole.

"Oh, shut up." The dry response shoots me.

Suddenly he dampened the mood by putting on a despaired face.

"Also- we need to tell you something…. Garmadon absorbed the Kusarigama of Wind into the Mega-Weapon." Cole broke the news to Sensei and me.

"He absorbed what?" Sensei reacted not so pleasantly. He sighed a breath of dissatisfaction.

"That was the last Golden Weapon… we must be careful next time, ninja."

"Yes, Sensei." The four anguished over the lost weapon.

After that, I finally was able to walk to dinner (although not without some assistance from Jay and Zane).

A couple of days passed. I think I could summarize it in a couple of words; the Serpentine and Garmadon almost surprise-attacked us and we prevented it, but then he went back in time to screw up Kai's past so he would never become a ninja so Lloyd would never become the Green Ninja, but we prevented that also by destroying the Mega-Weapon using our Golden Weapon, and then later we found Lloyd's mom, Misako, and we were nearly killed by an ancient stone warrior samurai that an evil being that goes by the name The Overlord commands, and it turns out there's an entire army of it that is made out of an indestructible material that cannot be destroyed, and so we had to escape Ninjago City, but not without the Stone Army almost destroying our ship, and also we have to go to the Dark Island, an island that is home to the trapped Overlord and Garmadon is on it planning to rule Ninjago alongside the Overlord with the Stone Army, and we have to go stop him, so then we set sail and then later we crashed on a prison island in the middle of the ocean that Zane's supposedly dead father lives on, and we were able to get him out of there by him fixing the messed up Bounty, but then Zane's falcon was shot by a Stone Army scout and now he's gone and Zane is devastated, then eventually we landed on the Dark Island, then we were nearly caught by the Stone Army and now Garmadon knows we're on the island, so now we have to find the supposed Temple of Light that will give all six of us new powers, especially Lloyd and me, which our powers will be able to defeat the Overlord, but either of us won't stand a chance if we're not together when we're there to fight him. Phew, that was a lot of talking. So hopefully that got you up to speed.

"As you know, in the Temple of Light, you will be able to get new powers that'll allow you to destroy the Stone Army. But there is another crucial aspect of the Final Battle there. Under the Temple of Light there is an area that is home to the Elemental Crystals, which feeds Elemental Essence, a great force that is crucial to making the Green Ninja and the Master of Wind stronger. The Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning Crystals feed their essence into the Wind and Green Crystal when their elemental descendant is living. But you must go to the Crystals and use your Elemental Blades to activate the Crystals, as they do not know of your presence yet. The Wind Crystal is crucial to the Green Crystal, the representative Crystal of the Green Ninja. Note again that the Elemental Crystal will not activate and feed their essence if their elemental descendant is not present or ready to protect Ninjago, so if Ayaki was not here right now, Lloyd would not be able to face his father. The Wind Crystal feeds its essence into the Green Crystal, and vice versa, and the four main Elemental Crystals feed their essence to both. If one of the elemental descendants become corrupted by darkness, the Crystal will turn dark, and feed Corrupted Essence into both the Wind and Green Crystal, which will make them partially corrupted, making also their descendants partially corrupted." Misako informed us before we left to find the Temple of Light, informing us of another place below the Temple.

"Also, the Master of Wind would be granted great powers that could annihilate the entire Stone Army in seconds. He would be granted the power of a tornado, not like Spinjitzu or even the Tornado of Creation, but a huge tornado that could be summoned at ease and destroy buildings in seconds."

"Well, we ought to be careful when the Final Battle comes, because my intel has picked up troubling news that Garmadon, the Overlord and the Stone Army are developing a 'dark matter' that corrupts people…. if one of us were to be corrupted, then Lloyd and Ayaki would fall to darkness." Zane warned us.

"Well we're just going to have to be wary of where we step. Come on boys." I decided not to tell him what would happen later, as I had not told them yet my Axorcist can also tell the future.

Cole, Jay, and Zane would later be corrupted.

I decided not to tell it to them, because that would most likely cause a shift in the balance. Also, Jay and Cole wouldn't want to go outside. Ever. I know that for a fact.

Zane… well, I don't know about Zane. I think he'd be particularly disturbed.

We then decided to spy on the Stone Camp that housed Garmadon and the Stone Army.

Suddenly Zane hops in because he sees his falcon, but the others ridiculed him.

"The more who go in, the more who will get caught! We need to stay behind!" Kai restrained Cole from trying to protect Zane.

"But it's Zane! If we don't go in, we'll regret this for the rest of our lives!" Cole ignored Kai and Jay's pleas, and headed in, with Jay and Kai following in defeat, with I the caboose.

Then- it's a trap!

We were suddenly caught on the bridge, the two sides inching in on us, Garmadon laughing, and a huge pit of dark matter hanging below us, threatening to corrupt us if we fall.

"Ayaki, do you remember your training? Because we could really use it!" Jay implied.

"Why do you need training when you're a natural at it?" I threw his words back at him.

I felt the wind gathering around me in a sense of control.

A tornado slightly larger than a Spinjitzu tornado starts to form, protecting the four of us.

"What- what's happening! Stop them!" Garmadon cries.

The first Stone Scout to touch the surface of my tornado instantly flew back.

I call to the wind as it starts to cloak me, giving me the power of invisibility. But this time I asked the winds to shift in my favor, giving me power over who was able to be invisible or not.

"Wha…?" Jay baffled voice states, as the wind conceals him.

Then the tornado dies out, the Stone Army wondering where we went when we are right in their faces.

Luckily we could still attack when invisible, so Stone Army suddenly started flying around and getting injured by cloaked personnel while the others simply watched.

Then we escaped with Zane's falcon.

Just as we get out of the camp, I feel my power die down as Stone Army scouts decide to go outside the camp barrier to check if anybody is there.

Suddenly, the invisibility goes away.

The scouts instantly noticed and quickly sent a message to Garmadon.

"Get them! You ninja thought you had me! Not this time ninja, not this time!" Garmadon taunts, watching from above.

Then we start engaging in an epic chase scene (just imagine tense music in the background).

"Keep it up! We're nearly to the Bounty!" Cole encouraged us.

Jay reached there first (what else do you expect from a ninja who's primary strength is speed?), obviously.

Kai immediately reported that we're being tracked down and hunted by the Stone Army.

Nya told us to get in her vehicle she made, which was apparently for drilling.

Lloyd jumped in along with us as we hastily got in the car and sped off while the others went to hide. I guess the Stone Army quickly realized we're not there, so they caught up with us.

"I'll hold them back; you guys keep going! I'll catch up!" I suddenly jumped out of the vehicle.

I take a long look at the approaching Stone Army offensive vehicle.

"So… you do want a piece of me. Don't worry, you'll get your worth." I sharply responded at the advancing automobile.

I call to the wind to give me power, as it always does. It obeys me, also like it always does.

"Cloak me." I whisper to the winds.

The wind quickly covers me with no defiance, giving me the ability to hide in plain sight.

"Where did the ninja go?" The Stone Army general cries.

I suddenly appear behind him.

"Right behind you." He turns around, only to find a punch in the face heading towards him.

He's gone, but now the rest of the Army is after me.

"Oops, you might want to rethink attacking me."

They suddenly stop in confusion.

"Bye bye!"

I suddenly teleport back to the drill vehicle-thing-of-a-bobber.

"How'd it go?" Kai asks me.

"The General's down, but the Scouts are still after us." I hastily reply.

Then we stopped at the mountain, realizing that is as far as we can go.

Unfortunately, the Stone Army has caught up to us.

"Let's see what my sister packed for me." Kai runs over to the back of the vehicle, pushes some button, and out pops out an entire suit similar to the Samurai, just more fit for Kai.

Instantly we grab onto the suit.

"Hang on! It's going to be a bit of a rough ride!" Kai warns.

The Stone Army quickly advances toward us while we climb the mountain, as their vehicles can climb at this angle.

I guess their vehicles are also ATVs.

"Take- this!" I cry, sending a great wind which resulted in pushing them back severely.

"Good job Ayaki! Now we have more time." Jay applauds me.

Then Kai throws a hook to a cliff on the mountain, which pulls us up quicker than it would have taken from climbing the rest of the way.

"We'll have to climb the rest by ourselves. The mountain is too steep." Kai admits.

After a few minutes, Lloyd finds the Temple of Light. He himself gasps at the mere beauty of it.

I do admit, it is of great beauty and integrity.

As we enter, Cole notices that there are paintings of the four without me achieving their accomplishments such as finding the Bounty, defeating the Devourer, even right now; but I was not with them before defeating the Devourer.

"Heh, I remember the days without Ayaki. I remember the moment Sensei told us that there was a Master of Wind. I remember our faces…" Jay seemed to go into a flashback.

(Flashback a couple of months ago, Sensei Wu's POV)

The force is telling me something. It is telling me there is another Master that is waiting to be discovered.

We have found my nephew, but I genuinely have a feeling that there is another apprentice out there, not realizing that they are filled great power and destiny.

The God of Wind, Aeolus, who I do not know, nor do my father knows, suddenly whispers to me:

"There are two descendants that I and your father picked to be the destined Master of Wind. Your father's pick is in the Earth realm, far away from Ninjago. There will be a severe coincidence that you will find him in. My pick is in the same realm, but with a different introduction that I will not reveal to you. Go- find him. They shall compete to the death in the Trials of Wind."

My mind cannot comprehend what the Wind God told me. I must warn my students.

(Switch to Kai's POV)

I was in a in hand on the deck of the Bounty, but Sensei came running out his meditation room to tell us something.

"Sensei? Why are you running?" I questioned him.

"Ninja- as you may know, you have five ninja on your team. Cole, Kai, Jay, Zane, and Lloyd. But- there is another one out there. In the Earth realm. The Wind God has told me that you will find him in a severe coincidence. He is the Destined Master of Wind- the key for Lloyd facing his father. We must wait to find him."

What did Sensei just tell me? There's another ninja? I tried to accept what Sensei threw at the others and me.

"Woah whoa whoa-" I interrupted.

"So- uh- Sensei, you're meaning to tell us there's another ninja?"

Sensei simply nodded.

"Sensei, that's nice and all, but we're too solid a team to have another member." Cole tried to contrast Sensei's words.

"Do you want Lloyd to win over his father?"

"Yes, Sensei." We replied in unison without a single bit of defiance in our voices.

I wonder who the guy will be like.

(Flashback to present, Ayaki's POV)

The pattern on the floor…. it seems as if it's in the shape of a pentagon.

There is four main elemental circles that represent the elements such as Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning… but it's pointing towards an element that's not been identified yet. I scratch off the dust…

"Wind?" Could this really be my element?

There are four lines from each of the elements pointing toward the wind element- which in turn points a line to the Green element- Lloyd's element.

And in turn, the Green element feeds toward me again.

It's as if…. the wind and green element are crucial to each other. As if it was a bond all along.

Meanwhile I was figuring this out, the others got in position and waited.

"Well… now what?" Lloyd asks.

"Why does everything have to be so hard?" Cole seems aggravated.

After it looks like he's thinking, Lloyd suddenly yells, "The bell! It's an instrument!"

"You guys ready for this?"

"Bring it!" Cole is definitely excited to finally fight. He seemed annoyed that he couldn't fight over the last few days.

I give my approval to Lloyd, as he runs over to the bell and hits it, creating a loud sound.

Suddenly a shard of light covers him, as he starts to float… and so do I.

"Whoa! What's happening!" Lloyd seems scared.

"No one move!" Zane makes sure everybody is in place.

Wha- what is happening? I try to give myself a slap in the face of reality.

I don't know what is happening; yet I do at the same time.

I see the main four get cool new Elemental Blades, but I overhear that they are going to feed their powers to me.

When they do, I feel a rush of power flow through my soul.

I know what I am supposed to do.

I then flow my supercharged powers to Lloyd, and in turn back he flows his powers to me.

We then drop to the floor, and Lloyd simply yells "Let 'em have it!"

I see the four demonstrate their new powers, but when it's Lloyd and my turn, we are simply an unstoppable force.

I create a wind tornado, that protects him from getting hurt, while he unveils his power to summon the Golden Dragon. When he does, the Dragon lets out the supercharged five elements.

These new powers seem real cool.

But the astonishing part comes later; I am supposed to fight alongside Lloyd against his father. That seems to contradict everything the scrolls say.

The journey ahead of us seems to be nearing its primary ending; yet I feel as if it always starts again.

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