With the help from the Carnivore Police, Magnolia and Ape were enjoying in the Break Lounge until another Jungle Predator performs. Let's see who will get the last laughs on Chapter 5 of Magnolia vs the Jungle Predators-Magnolia vs the Hyena.

Hyena came in to tell a joke about how he and his "Brothers" Stolen George. After the Joke, the Hyena Laughs. "You're not even Funny." said Ape. "Who said that?", said Hyena. Ape Points to Magnolia while the Hyena said, "Well Well Well Well, if it isn't George's Girlfriend who killed 3 of the Jungle Predators." "Tommy Dreamer called, he wants his accent back." Animals begins to laugh at her jokes. "Oh yeah, here's a good joke, you should be stranded on Redneck Island while you watched NASCAR and Drink beer." Magnolia tells the Hyena, "Yes I want to split your funny bone." And the Hyena is pissed and begin to attack her. Magnolia is strangled by the hyena with a wire of the Microphone, she strain until she caught the wire and threw the Hyena on the audience. And Ape said, "Hyena's got a weak spot. The Funny Bone." Magnolia punches the Funny Bone and Hyena collapses while the fonts say KO, transforming hyena into Coins and scored 4000 points. Magnolia said, "I need to rescue George, and How many Stages can there be?" As 4 Jungle Predators are down and out. All there's left is 2 in the Jungle Predators. Magnolia is going to encount the next 2 and this time she sweared, "It's time to save George and kick the other 2s f(bleep)in asses kick.

To be Continued.