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"April, I can't believe you are actually dating Donnie." Riley was teasing at her friend as they walked down the street.

"Oh come on Rye, every time we go to see the guys you and Mikey hang out." April tried coming back at her friend.

"So? Koda and Leo do all the time too." She turned the focus to her twin.

"Huh, what?" Koda was broken from her deep thought. After their faceoff with the Shredder, the girls quit at the pizza parlor and found new jobs.

"I'm making fun of April for dating Donnie." Rye tried making Koda side with her.

"Oh, right, how did you do that anyways?" Koda ignored the first part. "Me and Leo are close and all but we are still in the friend zone." Riley gawked at her sister as they turned into the alley. "I mean, he's a great friend and all, but I kind of want to be more than that you know?"

April had moved on from the teasing and took Koda's question seriously. "Well, when I first met the guys, I wasn't that into Donn. It took a while before I even noticed he was trying to get me to like him. Raph even showed me a chart Donnie made just to get me to hang out with him."

"Okay, okay, I've heard enough. Maybe you guys could talk about this when I'm not here." Riley covered her ears as they approached the manhole.

Together the girls lifted the cover, climbed down and slid it over again. The girls walked to the lair in silence. It wasn't that big of a surprise when the turtles weren't there. Riley rushed to the kitchen as April went to the lab. Instead of going to train, Koda plopped on the couch. A few minutes later April came out and switched on the news, Riley had found some cookies and placed them on a plate.

"What have you been so deep in thought about Koda?" April finally asked the question bugging her for the past week. "You know I don't like getting into your personal business, but you haven't even trained in a couple days."

"Oh, it's nothing." Koda shook it off as she leaned back.

"Trust me, you not getting anything out of her." Riley stuffed a cookie in her mouth. "I've asked her every night."

Again the teen was out of it and April asked. "What could it be about?"

"At first I thought she was upset about quitting at the parlor, but Leigh shut it down so that can't be it." Rye offered a cookie to April but ate it herself when she waved it off.

"But you guys quit a couple weeks ago, she's only been like this for one." April countered. "But if Leigh closed it, could that be the reason?"

"Be the reason for what?" Donnie asked as the guys entered the lair from their rounds.

"We're trying to figure out why Koda's been out of it for the past week." Riley pointed to her sister as she offered the guys cookies.

Mikey grabbed a couple as his brothers each grabbed one. "I've noticed that too. What do you think of it Leo?"

"Ever since she started at her new job, Koda's been in deep thought non-stop." Leo explained before taking a bite from the cookie.

"A job?" Everyone asked in unison.

"You mean she has a new job already?" Raph asked again.

"I didn't even know about that." Riley cried out.

"Yeah. She's working down at the shelter on Winston." Leo explained to them.

"Huh?" Koda was back in the moment again. "Yeah, I started there about a week ago."

"But what's on your mind? You keep zoning out on us." April tried for an answer again.

Koda shrugged it off. "It's nothing, really."

"Oh come on Koda! We all know something is bugging you!" Riley threw her arms up. "Now tell us what's up."

Koda looked nervously around the room before her eyes landed on Leo. She tried begging him to say something with her eyes but he was just a curious. She finally gave in and told her story. "Remember how I always wanted a kitten but dad's allergic?" Her question was directed at Riley and she nodded. "Well I thought working at the shelter would be a good idea. I would be able to look after the dogs and cats before they got adopted."

"Well that sounds like a good plan." Donnie backed her up, seeing the logic. "So why do you think about it so much?"

"Well, not that many people come in to adopt. And we can only take in so many animals before they have to go."

"What you're saying is…" Mikey was still trying to understand what Koda was getting at.

"We have to put them down after a month." Koda finished and stuffed her face in her hands. Leo hurdled the couch and placed a reassuring hand on her back as she sobbed.

"Everyone knows they put animals in shelters down after they're there too long. That's why you wanted a kitten in the first place, so you could say you saved one." Riley stated the obvious. Nobody knew why she was working there if it bugged her so much.

"I still don't get it." Mikey was stuck a couple steps back, not understanding what the twins meant by 'put them down'. "What's that mean?"

Raph slapped him on the back of the head. "It means they kill the dogs and cats at the end of the month, Bonehead."

"But Koda, the end of the month is next week, you haven't been there long enough to see any.." April chose her words carefully. "Pass on."

Koda had calmed down and looked up with puffy eyes. "I know but I've been there long enough to fall in love with a kitten." Again she broke down crying with Leo's hand still on her back.

Riley slid her hand down her face. "I totally should have seen that coming."

Everyone finally understood why Koda was so out of it. "I'm lost again. Why's that a bad thing?"

Raph rolled his eyes and slapped the youngest again. "The kittens going to be put down next week. Come on shell for brains, try to keep up."

"Ow, I get that part. I don't get why you don't adopt him." Mikey rubbed his head.

Leo finally spoke. "Mikey has a point there Koda. Why not adopt him yourself?"

"Like I said before, dads allergic." Koda sniffed away her tears again.

Riley sat down from taking the cookie plate to the kitchen. "Yeah, if she brought 'im home, dad would kick us out for life, after he returned from the hospital that is."

"Why not let him live here?" Donnie offered. "You guys come here every day anyways."

April liked that idea. "I could see him too that way!"

Leo had to remind them of one 'minor' problem. "Just wait a minute guys. Let's think this through, what do cat love to do?"





A chorus of answers was given. "Okay they like to do those too, but cats love to hunt. And what do they hunt?"


"Exactly, what do you think Master Splinter would think about having a pet cat?" Leo asked rhetorically.

"I think it would be a great idea." A wise voice came from the kitchen, causing everyone to jump.

"You- you do?" Donnie asked.

"Of course. It would teach you boys responsibility, and show you how to be stealthy."

"Dude! We're getting a cat!" Mikey threw his hand up and gave Riley a high five. "This is great!"

"Okay, so tomorrow after work, I'll bring her here?" Koda asked, making sure.

"Her?!" The turtles were surprised.

"Yeah, she's a she. She's a female Siamese actually." Koda explained.

This is a very short story that I wrote, trying to get through some personal.. Situations.

I hope you enjoyed.