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Harry took a deep breath as he sat on his bed in St Mungo's. He was actually out of that torture chamber. He was safe! Those men couldn't hurt him or anyone else anymore. His mother was there. Severus was there as well. He forgave them for that day. He really shouldn't have run off anyway. It was his fault.

He now knew why they had forgotten his birthday. He would have too if he was as old as them and working on the cases of missing children. They were all safe now, though. They didn't have to worry about that anymore.

A small smile graced his lips. A Healer was currently healing his bruises and injuries that he had obtained. They were all safe now. Those men couldn't hurt him.

The smile fell as he realized something. He had killed someone.

He had helped kill someone.

The man deserved it but he, Harry, along with the other children held captive there, had taken a life.

He knew how Draco felt now. It felt horrible. He had actually killed someone. He had done it.

Harry could feel himself start to shake as realization overcame him. The horror of that fact ran through his veins. He had taken a life!

"Harry. Honey, calm down." He heard his mother say. He felt her soft fingers stroking his hair a she tried to calm him down. Her soothing voice slowly made the shaking stop and he allowed tears to fall down his pale, malnourished, cheeks, "Harry, what's wrong?"

The black haired boy opened his mouth to answer but no words came out. Instead, sobs racked his small body. He had killed someone! He was a murderer!

"Shh. Calm down, Harry. It's okay. You're safe now. You're safe." Lily tried to sooth th distraught boy.

"I killed someone." He finally managed to choke out, "I killed him."

The red haired woman sighed, "Harry. He was going to kill your friend. Besides, it was your accidental magic and he deserved it."

"I still killed him." Harry whispered, his sobs calming slightly.

Lily held him in a comforting embrace, "He deserved it."

Harry's violent sobs eased back slowly but surely. In twenty minutes, he had fallen into a restful sleep against his mother.

Sirius smiled as he peered into the St. Mungo's room where his godson was at. He could see the boy sleeping soundly against Lily, tear tracks on his pale cheeks. He looked so peaceful though.

Lily smiled slightly when she saw him and motioned him to come in. He followed the woman's instructions and silently closed the door so he wouldn't wake the small boy.

While Harry was sleeping, he didn't look as much like James. He looked more like Lily while sleeping and James while he was awake. Sirius could still see his best friend in his godson though. His hair was his most obvious distinguishable feature that was from James. That's where everyone usually got the idea that he looked exactly like James from.

Lily was there. Her nose. Her eyes. Her smile. No one usually saw that though. Sirius could.

He gently moved the boy's locks of hair and peered at the lightning bolt scar. That was something that only Harry had. Something that marked him. A reminder that Harry had some tough times ahead.

A small tear fell down Sirius' cheek. His godson had already been through so much and had so much more that he had to go through. He would have to face Voldemort again one day and Sirius only hoped that that didn't include anything worse than what had already happened to Harry.

However, for now, Harry was home. Harry was safe.


Harry grinned widely as he jumped off the stool, took the hat off, and practically ran to his table. He had gotten into the house of his parents! He did it!

"WE GOT HARRY! WE GOT HARRY!" The twins cheered from their seats. Harry smiled at them. After the kidnapping, he had stayed in touch with all his friends and they were almost like a big family now.

His bright green eyes scanned Great Hall and quickly spotted some of his friends sitting at other tables. Cedric sent him a thumbs up from the Hufflepuff table where he sat next to Hannah Abbott. Terry grinned widely at him from the Ravenclaw table. Draco and Daphne smiled at him as well although they looked slightly disappointed that he wasn't in Slytherin.

"Welcome to Gryffindor, Harry!" Katie grinned, patting him on the back.

"Thanks, Katie!" He said, a grin brightening his face.

It took five minutes to calm the Great Hall down as they cheered for the Boy-Who-Lived.

"You're Harry Potter?" Asked a wide eyed, bushy haired girl named Hermione Granger.

Harry nodded, "Yes, I am."

Hermione stared at him with wide eyed, "Did you know you're in-"

"Yes. A lot of books." He answered tiredly. He really hated when people brought that up, "However, I just want to be a normal first year. So.. Hi, I'm Harry."

"Hermione." She smiled happily, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You as well." He answered.

"Weasley, Ronald." McGonagall called up. Many people in the Great Hall leaned forward at his name. He was, after all, one of the missing children.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouted a few seconds after touching his head. Ron quickly ran over and sat in the seat next to Harry and in front of Neville.

The twins cheered for their brother, making him beam.

"Congratulations, Ron." Harry told his friend.

"You too." Ron grinned happily.

The sorting ended and Dumbledore stood up to talk. Harry barely listened to him, though. Instead, he looked at the people at the table. His gaze fell on Severus Snape.

His step-father sent him a rare smile which Harry returned.

He couldn't wait to tell Rosie.


Yep. I ended it. If you want to know what was supposed to happen between the hospital and Hogwarts, picture nightmares, over protectiveness, and a few panic attacks.

Oh! And if you didn't realize it, Rosie is supposed to be Harry's half sister. She's one when he goes to Hogwarts.

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