Title: Forbidden Love

Summary: Severide has a younger sister who's an elementary school teacher, when there's a fire at the school she works at and she and a few kids are trapped Severide and Casey go in to get the kids out of the classroom Casey grabs her and sparks fly between the two later on at the hospital and just not from the fire but from the chemistry between the two. Casey/OC

Author's Note: This is my first Chicago Fire story so please don't hate on it if it royally sucks! Please read and review! In here we see a softer side of Kelly and the family side of him. I hope you really enjoy my first Chicago Fire story.

The day started out like any other normal day until the siren went off and they all heard "Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, fire at PS 135. Injuries possible, people trapped inside." Came the dispatch call. The moment Severide heard that he leaped out of his seat in the kitchen and ran out to the garage throwing his gear on quickly with everyone following. His younger sister worked at that school and he knew that she would refuse t leave until all of her students were safely out of the classroom. She was just as stubborn as him at times and that's one thing that pissed him off about her. He leaped into the truck with everyone else and they sped over there and arrived at the school in ten minutes flat and they start getting the hoses out and start working on making a vent while Severide and his team were heading inside and hearing all the kids screaming and his sister yelling as Casey and his guys got in there as well.

They bust the door open that had a number 5 on it and then they rush in and Kelly grabs and picks up the two kids his sister was pushing toward him.

"They were scared and hid in the corner, I couldn't get them to leave." She explains coughing.

"Got it! Let's go!" he yells.

As she goes to move a beam crashes through the ceiling and hits her knocking her out.

"CHRISTI!" He yells frantic.


Reluctanly he nods and heads out with the kids as Casey goes over and gets the beam off of her and picks her up bridal style carrying her out as he wrapped her arms around his neck. She groans softly coming to as he carried her out.

"Kel?" she groans.

"No, my name is Lieutenant Matthew Casey, I work with Kelly. Just hang in there we're almost out of here."

She nods weakly and leans into his arms burying her face in his neck leaning in close to him. He holds her close protecting her not knowing who this girl is Severide but she was special and he was going to make damn sure he got her out alive. He gets outside and she starts coughing violently against him gasping for air.

"Relax, I got you. I'm gonna get you over to the ambulance and they'll get you to the hospital alright."

She nods still coughing and gasping for air as she wheezes, "My brother."


She nods still coughing.

"I'll get him and he'll go with you alright?"

"Thank you."

He gives her a gentle smile and nods. There was something about her. There was just this…this…this spark between him. He felt an instant connection with her the second he picked her up. He wasn't sure what it was but it wasn't there with Hallie that was for sure. He sets her down on the stretcher as Kelly comes running over in what he had on before they left the station dumping his gear in the truck to go and be with this girl.

"She's your sister?" he asks him.

"Yeah, thanks for getting her out. I don't know what I would've done if I had lost her or even our dad what he would've done. I appreciate it."

"Not a problem." Casey said as Kelly climbed into the back with his sister and Shay as she got an oxygen mask on her and giving her something to help her breath a lot easier than she already was. He grabs her hand and squeezes it.

"Pops is going to meet us at Lakeside. They're going to take great care of you kiddo." Kelly tells her.

She nods and leans back taking slow deep breaths in the mask as the doors were slammed shut and they speed off to Lakeshore. They get to Lakeshore and she's taken back into an exam room and Kelly is forced to go into a waiting room. He paced running his fingers through his hair as he looks up and sees Matt coming into the waiting room with him.

"Hey, how is she doing?"

"Smoke inhalation from being a stubborn ass and just not picking up the kids and running."

"I'm sure she was just as scared in that fire."

He nods knowing that Matt had a point he was just frustrated that his little sister was in the hospital from smoke inhalation and had a concussion and would be held up in there for a few days.

"She's going to be alright, if she's anything like you she's as stubborn as a bull."

"Trust me she is. She's a Taurus so she's so damn stubborn." Laughs Kelly as her doctor comes out and tells them that they can go back and see her.

Kelly goes right over and hugs her when he sees her pouting.

"I can't believe I'm stuck here! Bail me out would you Kelly?"

"No way. You have a concussion and smoke inhalation. You're staying here."

She leans back in her seat and pouts crossing her arms over her chest. She hated hospitals. She's hated them ever since her and Kelly were little and their mom had gotten really sick with inoperable cancer and they were in there every week for her treatments to give her a little longer to live but she only lived three months. Ever since then she hated hospitals.

"I know you hate them but it's for your own best interest." sympathizes Kelly gently squeezing her hand.

She nods and sighs then looks at Kelly, "Go home and sleep. I'll be fine until morning when you can get back."

"Are you sure?" he asks warily.

She nods lying back, "They're going to be waking me up every two hours. Go home I'll be fine." She said falling asleep.

He nods and looks at Casey, "Can you stay the night with her please? She's absolutely petrified of hospitals since we were kids. Don't push her to talk about it. Let her tell you if she wants. If she has a nightmare just rub her back and make sure she breaths or else she will have a full blown panic attack."

Casey nods and sits on the opposite side of the bed from the youngest Severide and watches her as she sleeps soundly as Kelly leaves.

He leans back and dozes off and he must've been out for a few hours before she started whimpering and crying in her sleep waking Casey up. He went over and rubbed her back quietly telling her to breath and she woke up in tears grasping onto him whimpering and he wraps his arms around her holding her close as she cries. He kicks his sneakers off and pulls a move that might have Kelly kill him tomorrow but he slides into bed next to her and holds her close and she curls into his side lying her head on his shoulder and goes right back to sleep soundly in his arms.