It was February third and all the guys were gathering around the Severide apartment for the game. It was between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys. Christi, Cayson, Gabby and Shay were all hanging out at Gabby's place for the day not wanting to watch the game. Christi had woken up that morning with really bad cramping and she just thought it was her period coming. She had shaken it off and was enjoying her girls day and sitting with the girls laughing and giggling.

"So Gabby you and Peter?" Christi asks smirking making both Shay and Cayson look at her surprised.

"What about us?"

"Oh don't pull that! You've been all giddy since you had him over that night! Spill!" Christi giggles then winces as her cramps get worse as they start to wrap around her lower abdomen and lower back. She was hoping neither Shay nor Gabby noticed it or they would be questioning her.

"Hey do you want some midol?" Gabby asked.

"I'm fine, thanks though. Usually my first two days are intense but easy up over the last few days." She explains.

They nod and go back to their girl talk laughing and giggling.

"Okay Christi I gotta know, when did you and Jace divorce and have Maddie?" Cayson asks.

"About year after graduation for both. I caught him cheating on me when I came home late one night from my masters classes and found him in our bed fucking some other girl. I left him that night, divorce went quickly, I found out right after the divorce was finally and I wasn't going to tell him but one of his friends found out and told him and he used my dad's abusive past against me and took her right after she was born. I only got to hold her for an hour then he took her from me."

"Oh my god." All three girls gasp.

"Yup." Christi says.

They all sit around for a few hours talking until Christi gets up and excuses herself and heads into the bathroom with really bad cramps. Once she gets in there she uses the restroom then yelps when she sees blood, and a lot of it.

When Dawson heard her yelp as Shay and Cayson went to go and get lunch she runs into the bathroom and knocks on the door, "Christi?"

"Gabby, please help. I think something's wrong."

Dawson goes in and sees her shaking and like she was freaking out. She reaches under the sink grabs some rubbed gloves and goes helps Christi to lie down putting a towel under her hips and checks her out seeing bloody discharge.

"Christi I gotta ask this, is there any way you could be pregnant?" she asks as she gets covered in blood.

"Not that I know of."

She nods and helps her up and get dressed in a grungy pair of sweat pants and leaves a note for Cayson and Shay saying go and get Kelly and Matt and meet them at Lakeside that something was wrong with Christi.

By the time they got to Lakeside Christi was soaked in sweat and she was in even more pain than she could ever imagine. Gabby rushed her inside and she was taken back to the ER and Gabby was sent into the waiting area for family. She couldn't help but pace like a caged animal. She didn't even bother cleaning up as she didn't want to miss the doctor or nurse incase they had news on her. She looks up hearing four people running in and she looks up and sees them in a panic.

"What's wrong with Christi?" demands Kelly.

"I don't know. Something is going on with her." She said pacing.

A doctor came in and looks at them, "I'm guess you're all here for Christina Severide?"

They all nod and look at him, "Okay here's the situation, she's pregnant and is suffering a miscarriage. It's twins and we need to an emergency c-section to make sure that she doesn't loose the other one. Now we're delivering Christi early. She's only six months pregnant. So the baby is going to have health problems later on and right now. She's also losing a lot of blood and will loose more in the surgery, do any of you know her blood type?"

"AB+." Kelly numbly says pure raw fear written all over his face.

Matt just paled and tears sprung to his eyes. He could possibly loose the love of his life and his child all at once. He started pacing running his fingers through his hair. If they had only known about her being pregnant they could've prevented all of this. The doctor had left by then and it was just all of them in the room. A little while later the rest of the firehouse showed up including the chief. They were all worried about her and would much rather be there than be at the apartment watching the game.

A few hours later the doctor comes out and tells them everything went well. Christi was up in recovery and sleeping and the baby, a little boy, was being checked over by the NICU doctors and that they could go see her in a bit once a nurse comes and gets them.

"Congrats man, a son." A few of the guys said going and patting him on the back.

"Any names in mind?" Kelly asks him.

"I'm not sure, I'll have to see what Christi wants to name him." He said.

"Well I'm sure you'll both come up with a great name for him." Chief Boden said.

Matt nods and keeps pacing until a nurse comes back and tells them that they can see her but only a few people can go and see her. Matt and Kelly go back first and go right over to her as she groans softly coming too.

"Hey sweetheart." Matt says.

"Hey, how is he?"

"Not sure yet. But how are you?"

"Fine, I want name him Gabriel Florian though."

"I like it but why Gabriel?"

"For Gabby. My doctor told me if it hadn't been for her both Gabe and I could be gone right now."

Matt smiles and nods. He was grateful for Gabby. If it hadn't been for her he would've lost both of the people who meant the world to him.

"I'm still in shock. I mean we didn't even know." He says sitting there next to her pulling her into his arms.

"I know. My first one I got the baby belly and everything. I was sick all the time, I had all the classic symptoms but this time I never had it."

He nods and holds her close as a nurse comes in carrying Gabriel. She smiles and tells them besides being a few months early he was fine except for a minor breathing problem. She explained his doctor would be in, in a little bit to explain everything. She handed him to Matt who immediately held the baby boy close smiling down at his son. He had his baby girl with Maddie and now he had his son with Gabriel. He couldn't be happier.

Christi looked up and saw the distance between Cay and her brother and she frowned. Then thought of something, "Hey Kelly, Mattie would you mind going and smuggling in some decent food for me? I'm starving and I don't want this crap hospital food."

Both guys nod and Matt hands Gabriel to Christi before he and Kelly headed out to go and her some decent food.

"Alright dish Cayson! What's going on with you and Kelly!"

She sighs, "I found out about his back and that he hadn't told me about the surgery. I'm so furious at him right now!"

Christi nods and sighs. Cayson tells her that she's going back home to Connecticut for a while to get away from everything. Christi understood why and she would be speaking with her brother about it soon.