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The Midgardian God


Harry was doing the gardening when the man came. He wore a posh suit, had black hair that was combed back and green eyes that framed an angular face.

The man gave Harry small smile as he continued to walk up to the house. The young boy listened as the doorbell rang before continuing his task. It wouldn't be a good thing to get caught not doing his work.

It had to have been half an hour before he heard the door open. He bent his head and doubled his work effort. Small foot falls let him know it was his Aunt but he continued his pace. She came up and stood over him for several moments before huffing in irritation. Harry turned at the unspoken command and looked up at his Aunt questioningly.

"Get up and come with me." She said.

"Is something wrong Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked nervously.

"Don't ask questions!" She whispered furiously before continuing towards the door. Harry sighed before getting up. He dusted his hands off on his pants then followed his Aunt into the house.

His Aunt was waiting for him by the door. She grabbed his shoulder when he was close enough and pulled him closer. "There is a man in the house that wishes to speak with you. Be respectful and do not embarrass us. Do you understand?"

Harry nods his head in agreement before opening the door. He lets his Aunt go in first then he walks in and shuts the door. He can hear his Aunt's phony voice she uses when there's important company over. He follows the conversation into the family room.

The man is sitting on the couch and looks out of place in the suburban setting. This was someone that belonged at fancy parties, traveling the world and being served on hand and foot with no worries in the world. Not here, in his Aunt and Uncle's house, sitting in there, looking at Harry.

"Hello Harry." The man says in a gentle tone. Harry smiles and walks closer to the other; who's eyes fall on his Aunt. "You can leave now. Your presence is no longer required." She huffs at the blatant dismissal but leaves.

"Well Harry, come and sit down." The man says as he pats the cushion next to him.

Harry gave the door way a worried glance before sitting gingerly on the couch. He's not allowed to sit there so he's a little nervous Uncle Vernon will walk in a wallop him; but Aunt Petunia did say not to embarrass them, and declining his invitation would do just that.

The man gives Harry a pleased smile. "Better?" Harry nods his head shyly. "I think you've deserve a break after all that work in the garden don't you? Now then, my name is Loki Odinson, you may call me Loki. No need for formalities here. Your guardians and I had a little chat about you, Harry."

"What did they say?" Harry asks with apprehension in his chest. The Dursleys never have anything good to say about him.

"Oh, nothing very nice but I really didn't pay it any mind. You see Harry I have been looking to adopt, and when I saw you I knew you were the one." Replies Loki.

Harry is shocked to say the least. This man wants to adopt him? Out of the entire kids in the neighborhood this guy wants him! That just didn't make any sense.

"Um, how did you know I'm an orphan?" Harry asked quietly.

"I must confess that I have been watching you for some time. I have seen the way these people treat you and heard the nasty rumors that they spread about you. I have seen what you can do." At this Harry's eyes widen and the thoughts; deny everything and run for it, flash through his head. A warm hand grasps his thin wrist.

"Do not be afraid, Harry." Loki says quietly. The man's eyes hold no disgust and alleviate the panic that he feels clawing in his chest. Harry gives Loki a hesitant smile which is returned tenfold. No one has ever looked at him like that. Maybe this man really did want to adopt him.

"You can do unexplained things Harry. That's why your family does not care for you like they should. It's why they cannot show you love. I, on the other hand, am like you." Harry's eyes widen with this statement.

"What is it?" Harry asks.

"It's magic." Loki smiles and lifts his hands and golden glow surrounds them. An instant later a cute stuffed white owl is in his hands and is held out for him to take. Harry slowly reaches out for it and is silently thrilled when it isn't taken away when his fingers brush against it.

"It's for you." Loki says, before placing it in his hands.

Harry stares at it before looking up at Loki. "Thank you."

"You're more than welcome." Loki replies with fondness in his voice.

Harry studies the plushy then looks up and smiles. "No wonder I was never allowed to say that word."

Loki chuckles. "Yes, I would imagine that was the reason. It could also be the fact that their jealous. Well, not you're Uncle. He's just brainless. Your Aunt on the other hand was." Harry looked at him confusedly.

Loki sighs. "You see, your mother could use magic too. She was born with it like you."

"Wow! How do you know that?" Harry asks excitedly.

Loki gives a sly grin. "Well I knew about your magic because I could sense it, but I didn't know about your mother until I asked your Aunt. She wasn't very happy about it, but acknowledged that it was in fact true when I showed her what I could do." Harry giggled at that. He could easily imagine his relatives fright at being shown magic.

Loki smiles as he watches him. His green eyes hold a mischievous light in them. His smile is small but warm. This man, who he has only known for about fifteen minutes makes him feel like he was not alone and that someone acutally cares about him. Then Harry remembers why Loki is here. He wants to adopt him.

These thought help Harry make a decision. Loki watches him with a knowing look in his eyes but stays silent. "I think." Harry says. "That I would like it very much if you would adopt me."

Loki grins at him then rises to his feet and holds out his hand "It would make me very happy to do so." Harry smiles and takes the hand offered to him.

It didn't take long take grab Harry's things. His Aunt and cousin hid in the kitchen while his Uncle stood guard in the doorway. Harry was a little nervous with him being so close but felt safe with the towering figure of Loki blocking him from their sight. He grabs a couple of his favorite books, his baby blanket and the new toy new owl. All these thing go into a backpack he uses for school. He was going to gather his clothes but was stopped by a long-fingered hand on his small shoulder.

"No child under my care will wear such pitiful excuses for clothes." Harry looked forlornly at the clothes he was wearing. Loki sees this bends so he can look Harry in the eye. "You deserve the best and that's what you will get."

Harry smiles at this before zipping his backpack up and pulling his arms through the straps. Loki shuts the little door and leads him towards the front door.

The walk there is silent and final but Harry doesn't feel uneasy. This was something he had wished for all his life!

They reach the front door and Loki opens it. Harry looks back into the house to see his relatives waiting at the end of the hall. He didn't really know what to expect but he wasn't let down.

Uncle Vernon shook his meaty finger at the door. "Hurry up boy! The sooner you leave the sooner we can get back to our normal lives."

Loki steers Harry out of the house and down the driveway before stopping. He places a hand on his head and gives him a comforting smile. "Do not listen to such ignorant talk. You are one of a kind and if they cannot see that than they truly are beyond hope." The hand on his head ruffles his hair before dropping.

Harry grins at his new guardian. Loki nods in approval and starts walking down the street and this time Harry follows.

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