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The Midgardian God

Chapter 4

Loki truly thought that it would go differently. He was prepared for it; although he has to admit to himself that he is pleased by this outcome, because his son will grow up in Asgard. He knew that there would be some problems. Such as his child's mortality and weak unassuming body but Loki wasn't worried about it, because he knew with time Harry would prove himself worthy.

At some point he would have to tell Harry this; even though such a thing should not be on a child's mind, but he wanted Harry to be prepared. That not Aesir would stay silent in the fact that they had to bow to a Midgardian. Some would be cruel and others hostile, and of course the rare few that would be silent, but those were the worst of all. The silent ones are always the most dangerous.

Such things darkened Loki's mood and Thor who was walking beside him noticed. Thor had never been a man of words so it didn't surprise him when he was given an awkward pat on the back. In doing this Loki was reminded that he was still in his Midgardian clothes, which was quickly rectified.

Doing this also brought to his attention the fact that Harry was in need of new clothes and many other things. His mother would know what to do. She is a parent after all.

They arrived at the family dining hall to find a small feast spread out on the table. Harry sat in a chair twice his size eating a large chicken leg. He seemed obvious to all around him. This made since considering the meager meals he was allowed to have on Midgard.

The Queen was seated next to him with an amused smile while combing his hair back with a delicate hand, but paused when she saw the scar on his forehead. Her brow furrowed before turning sharp blue eyes towards him. "Look Harry, your father returns."

Harry looks up and smiles when he spots Loki. "Hi, you want some?"

Loki shakes his head but Thor heads to the table and calls for a plate. Harry seems pleased by this and starts to talk to Thor who laughs. His mother watches them for a moment before rising and motioning for Loki to follow.

Once they are far enough she turns and asks the question that he knew was coming. "Loki, the mark upon his head has darkness within it. Did you know?" He did know.

The darkness was dormant and at first Loki was not worried about it, but that changed when its power flared. The vile shadow stretched out in search of something which it did not seem to find before receding back into its hiding place. Whatever was placed in Harry could be used against him and Loki would not have his child turned into a puppet. "I plan on removing it as soon as possible."

She looked over his shoulder when a large bout of laughter came from the table. He turned and watched as Thor grabbed a grape and tossed it into the air before catching it in his mouth. Harry clapped his hands and cheered before trying to do it himself. "Thor is going to ruin my son's table manners." Loki sighs.

"So your father agreed?" His mother asks.

"Yes." Loki says, before turning back to her.

She studies him for a moment before embracing him. "Loki, I am happy for you but always remember you have a mother who loves you. "

Loki relaxes in his mother's hold and just breathes her in. His mother has always understood him and he thankful for it, because he knows without her he would have wondered down dark paths.

He pulls away and turns to watch Harry slice into a piece of cake. "Mother, do you think you could get Harry fitted for some clothes."

She laughs softly and nods. "Of course, you never did have the patience for such things." Loki gives her a lighthearted smile before walking back to the table.

Loki pulls a seat out for his mother before taking the seat next to Harry who gives him a curious look. "Why is everyone dressed up in costumes?"

Loki leans down with a soft smile. "The clothes we are wearing are as normal for us just as the ones you are wearing are normal to you."

Harry nods his head in understanding before his nose scrunches in thought. "So, does that mean I will get clothes like that?"

"Your father has decided to give that task to me, young Harry." The Queen says before turning to Loki. "Will you be preparing his room, or shall I do that as well?"

Loki grins at his mother's teasing. "I will of course." He says with amusement. "I was thinking of placing him in the one down the hall from mine. What do you think mother?"

"What a wonderful idea, Loki." His mother says smiling. "What do you think, Harry? Is there something you wanted in particular?" Harry eyes grow large and he shrugs, because he has never been asked such a thing.

Frigga's looks at Harry thoughtfully. "The room's main color is blue and it has a balcony that has a wonderful view of the northern gardens. It also has a nice little study and of course there's the en suite bath."

"I-uh-think it will be perfect…" Harry says uncertainly.

Loki chuckles while rising from his seat. "I think if I should get started if his room is to be ready before night fall. Thor, will you be joining me?"

Of course, someone has to watch over you." Thor replies mirthfully, standing. He walks by Harry and tries to ruffle the boy's hair but is evaded. They bid farewell and head off.

When they are a little ways off Loki makes a left and hastens his steps. Thor jogs to catch up. "Loki, you are by far the smartest person I know so forgive me when I ask, what are you doing?"

Loki looks over at Thor and smirks. "We are going to the market place. I want Harry's first expression to be one of awe when he sets eyes on his room."

Thor grins widely and his steps become faster. "Well then, we had best hurry."

Harry stood on a stool while a lady took a thin piece of rope and measured him. He had never been measured for clothes before so it was a little exciting. The Queen sat in a cream colored chair to the right of him looking at fabric that two other women brought to her.

She was a nice lady and made him feel welcomed. It was a little daunting to call her grandmother and tried not to gain her attention directly. Of course, he knew he would have to eventually but that could wait till later.

The woman that was measuring him stepped back and wrote something down using a quill. Harry didn't say anything about it being odd. "Were all done, your Highness. "

The Queen nods in approval. "Very good Astrid, I would like something for him to change into now and something for tonight. Can that be done?"

Astrid tilts her head in understanding. "Certainly, it will take about two hours though."

"Wonderful, that's plenty of time." The Queen says, before turning her gaze to Harry. "What colors do you like, dear one?"

"I like green." Harry replies quietly.

"That's your father's favorite color to." She replies.

He gives her a broad smile before turning back towards the mirror in front of him. He knows it's kind of stupid but liking the same color as Loki makes him feel happy. Now that Harry thinks about it, that's was the color Loki was wearing, along with black, but Harry didn't he could pull off that. Loki was what people would consider, Cool, at least to him.

He wore black boots, black pants, a green and black jacket with a lot of straps and a black shirt that went up to his neck. His chest had a gold chain of some sort on it but was just so big that it couldn't possibly be a necklace. Yes, clothes here were defiantly strange but Harry was pretty sure he could get used to it.

Loki was not amused. Thor and him had been were right on schedule then out of the blue Amora sidles up next to them and begins to talk to Thor, who looked very put out by her presence.

It is a well-known fact that Amora desired Thor's affections. Thor did not return her feeling and she knew it but still she tried. It annoyed Loki to no end!

"Amora, as you can see we are busy. Why don't you find something productive to do besides harassing my brother." Loki says icily.

Amora gives him a cold glance. "If I was bothering Thor he would let me know."

Thor gives Amora a hesitant look. "I am sorry to that we are indeed quite busy."

She glances at the stall they are at and her eyes sharpen with curiosity. She reaches out her hand and picks up a glass orb with small pictures etched in it. "This is for a child and I know you both have neither."

"We are shopping for Harry, Loki's son!" Thor replies jovially.

Loki glares at Thor but doesn't deny it. Amora gives him a sharp smile. "A son, Loki? What did your father say to that? I am sure he demanded you wed her like any man should when they father a child out of wedlock. "

"Amora-" Loki says with false sadness. "How could you think so little of me? I would never do such a thing."

Amora sighs in irritation. "Really?"

"No, I adopted him, which by the why is none of your concern." He then steps between Thor and Amora and grabs one of the glass balls before paying the vendor.

"Thor I think we should be heading back. We have much to do with so little time." Loki gives Amora a false smile before nudging his brother, who starts walking down the street.

He didn't recognize the person in the mirror. Gone were Dudley's hand me downs and in there place were clothes fit for a prince.

He ran a hand down his stomach. The brown fabric was soft to the touch and fit him perfectly. The dark green shirt underneath just as nice and went perfectly with his eyes. The soft boots didn't have holes and slip off with each step he took. Everything was absolutely perfect and Harry felt tears forming in his eyes. He took his glasses off and quickly rubbed them away. If the Queen notices she doesn't say.

"There, now you look like a prince of Asgard." She says instead. "I think we should also do something about those." Gesturing to his glasses.

"That would be great." Harry says happily.

"Your highness, here is his night clothes. The rest will be done by the morning."

The Queen rises and takes the small bundle from Astrid and thanks her. She then places a hand on his back and guides him from the room. "Shall we go see what those two have been up to while we were gone?"

"That sounds good." Harry can't help but be nervous. After all this will be the first real room he's ever had! What he does know is he will be happy either way.

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