It's a normal day; I was just goofing off after school. One thing I hate about it is that we have to wear uniforms! It's just a plain navy blue collar shirt and dull tan skirt with shorts under it, plus we have to wear a belt AND tuck in our shirts! It feels so wear for girls to tuck in a shirt. But anyway I'm just a regular American, I have messy curly black/brown hair that goes to my neck, I'm mixed with African American and Caucasian and all other things in this order, Italian, French, English, Indian and a few other things but being Italian and English are the two that I love even if it has almost faded out of my blood but it's still in there! My curly hair is proof because I get it from my dad's side of the family!

Ok but back to the story I have brown eyes, left one is slightly a lighter shade of brown so it looks light brown in the sun while the other is medium brown. I am 5'6 or 5'7 and about 143 pounds and blah and other stuff that I know you don't want to read because it makes the story BORING! You can find that out later! Now to the school!

"UGH! I don't want to walk up the stairs!" Abri whined as she pressed the button to the elevator. School was just let out for brake she was allowed to stay after school to have a party because it was for the students that already finished their exams for the semester. It would be about time to go home and she was too lazy to walk up the never ending stairs. She finally gave up when out of the corner of her eye she saw the 'off' button flashing.

"You turn off the elevator today?!" She whined and leaned against a wall a little too hard but she didn't care. She sighed and looked up the stairs, things she loved about it was that in the uniform she felt like an anime character going from class to class and the face the bridge was so open even it was caged in because it when over a railroad track. Groaning and starting on the stairs she counted her steps trying to skip two and looking around in case someone saw her. Climbing two stairs in a skirt is not safe! After many stairs and gasping for the sweet air! She finally made it to the top!

"YES!" She shouted and looked at her watch. It was about 12:30 and it was her favorite part of going across here. The sound of a trail whistling caught her ear and she smiled feeling happy. Each time the clock struck an hour or half an hour while she walked a train would arrive like it did it just for her. She ran to the gate squealing with joy as it came closer. But this something felt weird. She held on to the bars and leaned forward gripping her bag and turning it so it was behind her cause it keep hitting the gate. It looked like they put too much coal in it and it was running very fast with black smoke coming out of it.

'Wait! That's not a regular train!' She thought as her eyes widen. It was not a normal one; it looked like one of those old time ones like in old Mickey Mouse cartoons. She heard the sound of a bell and looked to see the other elevator open that when down. It was a struck of luck because that meant she didn't have to walk down the stairs! She skipped to the elevator and before she could even turn around the doors closed shut. Using this moment to check if her uniform was off she saw her shoe lace was starting to come undone.

"HN, better tie that." She said aloud but when she reached down to tie the shoe lace, the ground started to shake and she and was forced to take a few tumbling steps back as the train when under the bridge. She could hear the loud whistle blazing everywhere like as if it was right next to her. She covered her ears trying to block it out some but then she got a strange feeling over her body. You know that feeling when and elevator stops? Well it felt like that but two times more, and it made her stomach turn the wrong way. Also as she felt like she was going to get sick she felt black smoke come out and fog up her face and the elevator. She opened her eyes and for some reason it didn't hurt them but it did make her have a coughing fit. She backed up into the wall of the elevator, or so she thought but then the doors open and she almost fell on her bag with her laptop in it. Quickly catching herself she blinked a few times but didn't see any smoke.

'What in the world was that?!' She thought and wondered if the trains smoke somehow got in the air vents. But that was something she would have to think about later. Because even after all that she was still on the second floor of the towers.

'I thought I felt it go down….down it think…or did if feel like it was going up…' she shook her head and sighed. That was something you don't see every day, weird train and then elevator out smarted her. The sound of the train caught her attention and she hurried to see the last cart move from under the bridge. The train was still going and was almost gone from view when she found a spot to take a good look at it, but she trying not to trip as she crashed into the gate trying anyway. From there where she stood she would see the thick black smoke from the train.

"Miss, you ok?" A British accent asked and she couldn't help but snap her head in his direction. The man's eyes widen at her sudden reaction but when into a smile trying to show he was friendly.

'Why is this guy on the school bridge? Trying to get to the store down the street maybe?' She thought, she had seen a few people do that when the doors weren't locked.

"Are you ok?" He asked again and she nodded. On the inside she wanted to jump up and down at his cool accent because it sounded just like a real one! But she held it together because she couldn't speak cause her mouth was dry and she starting to feel the effects of the smoke because her head was starting to spin. He nodded when she smiled at him and nodded, he took his leave and she turned around to start to go down the stairs not wanting to go down the elevator of doom.

She looked at the grass and trees below and as she walked she stared to think that she missed a few details of the place. It was greener and everything was pretty. Shrugging her when on till she got to the tower part and when down the stairs again. Humming she skipped down the stairs hopping down and holding the strap to her lab top bag so it didn't hit against the back of her thighs.

"~never going to give you up! Never going to let you down! ~!" She sung as she hopped down. Opening the door with her hip she stepped out and turned around to close it behind her.

"Never going to cloud around or-?!" When she turned around she almost died. This was not where she was supposed to be! This place was different! The streets were different! The buildings were also, even the light poles! People were driving on the left side of the street and even the dressing style was different!

"Where am I?!" she whispered to herself. She grabbed the door behind her only to find that it was a lock that locked from the inside and she couldn't get in. She started to panic and jiggle the door and looked back at the streets.

'I'm lost! Did I take the wrong tower?!' she thought back to the path she took.

'There is only one tower by our school! Then how!?' she thought and tried not to panic. Pulling out her cell phone she tried to call her dad but it just when right to voice mail. Sighing in panic and frustration she tried again tapping her foot. After a few minutes, which were two hours of her trying to stay in one place and hope something would turn up, the sky started to get darker, well sun down. Struggling to open the door she started to want to hyperventilate. She was not good with stuff like this, her imagination was wild and on top of that she had really bad anxiety like the kind that could cause panic attacks or she gets anxiety for no reason sometimes too. Like strong smells because her nose is sensitive could make her feel like she can't breathe and triggers her anxiety. Plus she has kind of weak lungs from second hand smoke, thanks dad so if she laughs to hard she coughs like a smoker and it starts to hurt.

She turned around and leaned on the door trying to calm down and with shaky hands she grabbed her phone and tried to call her dad again.

"Come on!" She begged almost in tears as she shook slightly, when it just when right to 'no service' voice she finally just slid down the door and sat on her knees Japanese style cause her skirt was just above her knees making it hard to sit on her butt and put her knees up to her chest. She took a few deep breaths because it was starting to get hard to breath with the anxiety building up. It was like she had chest pains also and her head started to hurt, it was not a good feeling. On top of that her acid reflux was giving her hell because all the food she ate. At time like this she felt like a missed up child, acid reflux, lung problems, and even anxiety problems...yam she didn't feel like a normal kid. Suddenly a shadow was on her and she looked up to find a police officer standing in front of her. He had that pot belly and mustache with white blond hair and stood a few inches taller than her.

"I got a call saying that a girl was trying to break into the tower." He said and Abri looked up and that was it. If she were a rabbit she would have got a heart attack but no she was human so she started to freak out.

"NO! My home is on the other side and the door locked but when I did come from here everything was different and I don't know where I am now! I'm lost and...*sniff* and *tears* my phone doesn't work and I can't...*hic* call my dad!" She tried to hold it together but the tears came out and her breathing picked up making it hard to hear anything else she said.

"Wow! Calm down!" He said and moved to her level. She looked up at him as she wiped her eyes to make sure that her eyeliner was not a mess but failed as more tears came down.

"Let's take you to the station and find your parents." He said and helped her up. But she was unsure to go with the officer, she just wanted to get in and try and go home but it was stay her waiting for a strange to try and get her or go with the officer. She chose not to get raped so she followed after the officer. He tried to get her to come closer by putting his hand on her shoulder as they when threw a crown but she jumped and moved away. She also didn't like physical contact from guys at all unless she was close to them.

"Sorry, guess you are not the kind of person that likes to be touched." He said with a sorry smile.

"Oh it's not your fault! I just hate physical contact unless it's someone I'm close to." She said rubbing the back of her neck. The officer smiled again and led her down the street. Looking up she saw gray clouds starting to from as the dull sun set did also.

"Looks like we are going to have rain…again...oh also the station is just around the corner." He said changing the subject. She raised her eyebrow, he was kind of scatter brained. He led them to a corner and sure enough there was a police looking station there. But thing was that she got scared thinking of the bad people that could be in there in the cells. Her anxiety started to build up in her chest and she stopped for a second before pushing herself to go, this was not a time for stopping when she needed help.

'Dad always said to go to a police officer.' she reminded herself, the thought of getting home to her little brother who she left with her aunt. She ran a little to catch up with the officer who was walking a little faster when the rain drop hit her face. They both finally got to the station right before it suddenly pored raining.

"Ugh! Caught in the rain again! It's been raining a lot!" He said with a laugh and she was confused, it had not rained in about four weeks so what was he talking about. Taking a seat at his desk around the corner she sat in the seat as he typed in his password for his computer. She looked around and thought it was a nice place, posters on his wall of football was there and even some family picture and diplomas. The hall had photos of different officers and with that she knew no criminals were here.

"So tell me what happen." He asked as he turned around in his spinning chair. She told him about her way home but left out the train but only said she watched it go by and then when down the tower and when she opened the door she didn't know where she was at. He just nodded and took notes on his computer and then turned to her.

"I have all I need now just stay the night so that we can wait out the rain." He said and she hesitates but spoke.

"Can I call my dad on a phone to let him know I'm ok?" She asked and he took a second to think about that before he nodded and let out a breath he was holding. He asked for the number as he pulled out his phone and she gave it to him. He raised his eyebrow as she gave him the area code number but shrug it off. He tried to call about three times before giving up and shook his head.

"It's dark out and plus it's almost time for the others to get back. They can help us on with this and if we get nothing than we can just try tomorrow." He said with a kind smile. She felt the need to cry but biting her lip she thought about how her dad would want her to smile and act tuff cause he would make fun of her for being a cry baby. She nodded and he led her down the hall to a room. Flicking on the light it showed a small room with a bed and dresser with a bathroom door.

"It's not much but we don't get guest a lot her as you know why, but it's good enough." He laughed and she laughed too putting on a smile.

"It's just fine; I could sleep on the floor if I wanted too. I'm a weird sleeper." She gave him a cheesy grin and he couldn't help but laugh. Then the sound of someone coming in caught their ears and Abri froze.

"Who goes there?!" He asked trying to be macho.

"It is us!" a man said in the same voice. Abri couldn't help but smirk a little at how silly they acted. Then a group of officers came in and the officer that found her explained the situation. They all nodded and spent an hour and a half trying to find anything that would help but came up with nothing.

"None of the places you have told us are stuff we know off, what part of the city do you live in Huntsville? Never heard of it." One said.

"But it's right near Birmingham." She said and they just frowned.

"Honey you are confusing us, are you sure you didn't hit your head?" a female officer asked and she nodded, after that cloud of smoke came she must have even if she didn't feel it.

"I think so but I don't know" she replied. The plum officer stood up and raised his hands.

"Well let's try again tomorrow, she needs rest and if she did hit her head then we just need to take her to the hospital, but there are no visible marks she did so maybe something mentally?" He asked, Abri was about to protest but she was too sleepy and stressed out. When everyone said good night to her she shook her head when they asked if she was hungry.

"No thanks, I might throw it back up with the way my acid reflex is acting." She told them and the female officer helped her find the guest room down the hall.

"Cloths there and you can just sleep and when I come and get you, we can take you to the room for showers." She smiled and then right before the left Abri said.

"Wait!" She almost shouted it too. The officer stopped and turned back around and Abri blushed because she forgot what she wanted for a second.

"Can I get night light? I know it may sound childish but I'm scared of the dark." She said and the officer just smiled a little but her serious officer training made it stay away.

"It's not silly everyone is scared of something, ok well I'll get you a night light Hun." She smiled and left. Abri took a deep breath and looked at the bed, her imagination started to run wild about how at night monsters would catch your leg and drag you under the bed or threw the hallway by your hair and kill you. She was very glad the room didn't have a window or she would sleep in the corner of the room or in the female's officer's floor. But she keeps on her cloths and just took off her Convers and then jumped into the bed keeping her feet air born from the edge of the bed. She landed on the bed and sighed as she snuggled into the cold blankets. A few minutes later the female officer came back with a lamp and a night light. She put the lamp next to the bed and the night light by the wall where the door was and another where the bathroom was.

"Now don't roll over on the lamp and the other two are for if you need me, I'm next door to the right, or if you need to go to the bathroom, also there's already one in there if you can't find the light switch." She said and Abri nodded.
"Could you please turn off the lights when you go out?" She asked as the officer turned on the lamp. She nodded and Abri smiled.

"Thanks, you don't know how much that means to me." She said and the office laughed.

"So why are you afraid of the dark?" she asked and Abri shrugged.

"Was less afraid when was little, don't get me wrong I was still scared, but as I got older and knew of the dangers in the dark I guess it kind of stuck." She said half way telling the truth, her anxiety also played a roll of making her want to scream in terror whenever the lights were out and she didn't have someone with her but she just wanted to sleep now. They both said good night and the officer turned off the lights and made sure the room was bright enough for Abri before she wished her good night and left.

Abri snuggled into the now warm blankets and sighed. Just thinking of her dad giving her a long talk and the trouble she would be in made her heart skip beats and made her feel sick. Trying to wash the feeling away she turned on her side and curled into a small ball ignoring the new coldness from changing her position. She yawned and snuggled into the warm bed, she loved the face if she sleeps in a new place in a new bed she would be passed out. Cause that was what just happened and she didn't even have time to think about sleeping.


A knock came to the door and the plum officer looked through the hole and he knocked again.

"Who is it?" He asked and the man said in a deep voice.

"I've come to ask to file report on a missing child." He said and the first thought to him was Abri. Opening the door the officer didn't even have time to scream as the man put a needle I his neck and covered his mouth with a cloth making him pass out. His big body dropped to the floor making a loud thud.

"Hey who's at the-"by the time the other male officer came the man closed the door and was already armed with another needle. He hid it in his hand as he moved to the corner and put the cloth on the man's face making him pass out in seconds. Pushing the needle into his neck he just walked over the body waiting for the poison to kick in and kill them. He looked around and when into every room quiet as a mouse not even having to make noise. He saw a room where there was light coming out from it and decided he didn't want to take the chance of that person screaming so he passed the room and when to the next where he found a woman asleep. But she had an officer's gun and equipment so he knew she was not the one, plus she looked like she was in her thirties. Going to the other rooms he killed anyone that woke up during his search and finally came across the room with the light.

Putting his ear on the door he listened only to hear nothing, it was like that person was asleep. He slowly opened the door and glided in the room giving an evil grin as he walked over to the bed. There she was, slowly he took another cloth out and put some powder on it slowly he laid it down on her mouth but she moved and rolled over on to her stomach. He grinned at the challenge and then just decided to wake her up and make her knocked out. He grabbed her mouth with his hand making her jump and her arms moved to get the person away from her. She tried to sit up panicked and he was surprised at the strength she had a she even took his hands off her mouth and kicked him away so hard he fell. Before she could register what was happening in her half sleep state he tackled her and before she could kick he off he pressed the cloth to her face. She was able to knock him off again but the drug was taking its effect. She started to close her eyes even more till she just suddenly fell off the bed.

He grabbed her by her hair right before she hit the ground. But her body slid off the bed making a soft thud to his relief. Slowly he dragged her away from the bed enough to where he could pick her up. He threw her over his shoulder and walked out the door, as if nothing happen, locking the door behind him.

Abri groaned as she felt the back of her head hurting her lungs and mouth felt like they were dry as sand. She tried wiping some drool off her mouth but found her restrained. Instantly she started to panic and she tried to tug and get it out but she couldn't.

"Well, looks like our patient woke up~" A cheery voice said. She turned her head to look but there was a curtain surrounded her. The area around her was like a hospital but she was strapped down from her waist, to her knees, legs, and arms, plus her wrist.

"Where am I?!" She asked and struggled more and the voice made a 'task' noise.

"Don't stress, it's not good to stress before an operation! Well it's~...not really one more like an experiment with needles for poking and cutting!~" The musical voice said and fear crept more into her body as she started to shake the bed trying to get out. The IV in her left arm shoots a painful throb each time the needle moves in her arm making it hard not to want to just stop.

"Let me out!" She begged and started to even jerk her arms. Then a man in a white lab coat looking just like Dexter mixed with James bond. The black smooth hair and glasses along with his tallness and white coat that was glowing around the other white.

"Now~ we wouldn't want your friend's deaths to be in vain? Now would we?" He asked cocking his head to the side. She froze and looked at him.

"Oh yes~ I had to kill the officers to get to you, they didn't see it coming nor did they need to die but still it was just a fun game!" He chuckled and then pulled out a needle and walked up to her she struggled and he laughed.

"Oh I'm not going to poke you! ~ I'll just take the other IV in your arm~" He said as he twisted it and took the IV tube off the dipper and put the needle in it.
"Now good night! ~" He said as he pushed the needle into the tube and she panicked wondering if that stuff would kill her. Black dots started to cloud her vision and she started to black out but held on strong till she could only see like the blind.

~Wake up~

By the time she woke up again she was in a bed sitting up propped on pillow. The man was standing at the end of the bed and grinned.

"Oh awake again?!" He asked and she blinked and then remembered what happened but she couldn't move, she couldn't even frown or move a face muscle. If not for the pounding in her chest she would have thought her heart stopped. The man put his hand on her chest where her heart was as if he knew what she was thinking.

"Wondering what I did? Simple! I just put some chemical X in your heart! It took some time for your heart to adjust to multiplying it so it's fully self-making it but it was worth those four weeks!" He said and she felt herself panic again.

'I was out for four weeks?! And Chemical X is this power puff girls or something?!' She asked and the man grinned.

"Want to know what you need to know~" He asked and sat cross-legged on the bed. He grinned and his black hair fell into his face a little.

"Well chemical X is something in a kids show, but yes it's real! I've found a way of making a power puff girl again! The others have died but you have not and also another! It's because you're from another side! The train took you hear like a trance port! But the elevator too ~~ heehaw! But was for your information I need to hurry before my death." HE said and smiled and held up papers in a folder and slid them into her unmoving hand.

"As you know it has powers! But it now runs through your blood, your heart is making Chemical X right now! Don't try to have someone extract it :) cause if it leaves your body it's just regular blood! Awl~ the magic of science~!" He said dazing out for a second. A tear fell from Abri's eyes as her breathing also picked up. This man was crazy! What was he talking about?!

"Aw~ Looks like it's time!" He said and then suddenly man burst through the door in army uniform and mask.

"FREEZE!" They shouted and pointed guns at him. He just grinned and winked at her and got up and held his arms out in a care freeway walking to them.

"Gentlemen! ~" He said grinning like a fool. Bari's hand twitched.

'Oh god!' she thought and her eyes grew wide. He keeps walking and they all cocked their guns.

"Yami we are sent here to kill you! Take any more steps and we will open fire!" One said in a strange voice cause of the mask.

'Please don't! I don't know what he's done to me! He knows the answers!' she wanted to shout but the words just came as a thought.

"Welcome! ~" He said stepping still.

"SIR STOP! READY MEN!" He shouted and they all got ready.

"To my death. ~" He grinned and then Abri closed her eyes, it was the only thing she could do with her numb body.

"FIRE!" She sound of bullets was enough to make her body jump. It was like being in a surround sound room while someone played call of duty. The sound scared her and she wanted nothing more to do than cover her ears and scream. Soon the bullets where done and she tried to open her eyes but it was hard. But the sound of feet coming to her bed made her open her eyes. She saw them all pointing their guns at her and she could only just lay there. One man looked at the bracelet on her wrist and said.

"This is his last victim; date tag is the most recent one." He said and they all still held their guns up but three started to move the covers and wrap her in another blanket and carry her out. Even if she could move she could still see the hall ways. The map of this place was burning into her memory and making her dizzy. She could see everything so clearly and it was all so strange to her. She had to wear glasses so why was everything so clear? Yes she knew that her contacts were gone because after four weeks they must be. During the way over when they finally reached the truck everything was a blur from the stretcher to some other place she can't remember. All she remembered was the main leader jumping in the truck sitting beside her and his long braided hair and eye path was the last thing she saw.

The seventeen year old girl sat at the desk chewing on the eraser of a pencil. She just got the report back and was not happy. Women from ages 12- 86 was found with burning blood like acid and thrown away in the trash cans waiting to be burned. There was only one person living there minus the photo that lived there. They found all of the bottles and test tubes empty and wiped clean, even the drains where wiped and materials used to clean them most likely burned.

"It is just so confusing..." She thought and sighed. She turned around and her chest length almost bleach blond hair fell off her shoulder and to her back her ice blue eyes looked calm but was confused.

"What do you think Walter?" She asked twirling in her chair leaning her head against it. Walter walked up to her desk putting a slice of cake down.

"I think you should stop spinning in the chair young Hellsing." He said and she sighed and stopped. Young looking butler was around the age of 19 and had his wavy shoulder length hair down and flowing. His red eyes and dark black hair along with his outfit made him stand out in the room yet also blend in.

"Your eyes Walter, mind your eyes even when we are alone, an unexpected guess would walk through the door at any moment." She said and narrowed her eyes at him. Walter chuckled and bowed to her.

"As you wish Hellsing. Now, isn't the werewolf due to come and give a physical briefing by now?" He asked not trying to hide the way the words rolled off his tongue like he wanted to snap them off. The young girl sighed and nodded.

"He's late, like always, lazy dog..." She mumbled and then shivered feeling a dark oar fill the room suddenly. Walter when stiff a little then relaxed within the second.

"Calling me a dog? Aren't I not free now?" The shadow asked flicking its tentacles across the walls on the opposite side of the room in the corner slowly spreading from the wall the floors. The girl shivered and snapped a little.

"Alucard stop that! I was not even talking about you and you know it!" She said and picked her legs off the floor and into the chair trying to keep from just all together hopping up and standing on the chair and throw all the things on her desk at the vampire.

"Hello master." Walter bowed to the shadow forming in the corner. The shadow gave a motion and Walter smirked.

"Hello Walter, my, it's like your growing into another Walter." He said with a dark chuckle and Walter frowned slightly.

"I don't age and I will never be like that scum bag." He said with a dark look. Alucard laughed filled the room as he took his shape. He had the same glasses and everything but he replaced his glasses from and orange shade to a dark red shade. At the moment he didn't have his hat on or his glasses which were hanging from what was visible of his chest pocket from his trench coat.

"I was talking about mental appearance, but keep acting like you are and you will become a 'scum bag'." He mocked him and Walter was going to say something but gave up and let his breath go. Saying something to his master would only make it worse, besides the fact he keep bringing up his great grandfathers brother, Walter didn't want to be like his kin. He wanted to make a new legend which he was working on but still got the name as Trash man but was more of a Devil of Hellsing than Angle of Death.

"By the sound of it here comes the mutt now." Walter turned his head and the young Hellsing waited for him to come through the doors. Suddenly the man walked in and yawned.

"Sorry we are late! I passed out on the way back home. Changing my schedule from night duty to day time takes away a lot of sleep." He said scratching the back of his neck.

"I can understand that Pip but do try to be on time, and take that eye patch off you don't need it anymore!" Hellsing smiled but it turned into a frown as she talked about his eye patch. Pip rube it absentmindedly and shrugged.

"It's just something that I'm used to, plus if I take it off the my aim will go down cause I have to relearn how to use two eyes again." He said and everyone almost rolled their eyes.

"Same excuse every time, I'll believe it when I see it." Hellsing looked off into the window and put her elbow on the desk resting her cheek against her fist.

"Now your report." She said and Pip nodded and took a seat in the chair in front of her desk.

"These are papers that we found, it tells us about a Chemical X apparently. It says it's in her blood but each time we try and take blood out and test it, it comes out normal." He said as she flipped through the reports and death records of how it failed in different people.

"Does the blood burn other skin like in the reports with the bodies that burned when I touched their blood?" She asked and Pip shook his head.

"It's just normal blood." He said and she nodded and keeps reading.

"But," He said and this made her stop flipping through and looks up at him. Even Alucard and Walter had his attention.

"Her skin is hard to break into also if you note, it took a lot of work to make her defenses go down because she's slowly getting better her skin is like it's hardening like a soft armor. But we managed to find out it's still in her body, like on a cut the blood is black then turns red s it leaves the body." He said and shifted in his seat to get more comfortable. She nodded and keeps reading on.

"What about the girl?" She asked after finishing, there were only three papers so not much to read. She folded her hands together and waited for his answer.

"She's fine, just was numb and couldn't move till the Chemical X was done in her body from what the papers said, but her immunity and everything is getting higher and it's almost like she's becoming super human." He said and everyone paused for a moment. Alucard stood up and reached over to a shadow of a picture and pulled out his hat placing it on his head and put on his glasses.

"Is the girl awake?" He asked and Pip took a second to remember.

"At times, depends on how she feels, the Chemical X is taking a tool on her body replacing things to fit its function." He said and yawned.

"Alucard," The girl said and he paused and looked back at her. She narrowed her eyes and asked.

"What are you planning- don't answer that...knowing you, it's good and bad, just don't freak her out or stress her out if you will." She said and put on her reading glasses to do more work. He turned to fully face her and grinned.

'Oh god here we go again.' she thought and resist to roll her eyes.

"Is that an order?" He asked and she smirked and nodded.

"That is an order." He grinned and turned away walking out the door. She laughed a little and shook her head.

'He's free yet he is still loyal to the house and acts like he used to.' she thought and she felt him in her head.

'I'll always be loyal to Hellsing, after all you are the one that gave me my freedom, Miss. Integra Hellsing V.' He said and faded into nothing.

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