Abri was about to push the thing on her off until it started to lick her face.

"AHH! ~ Wait that tickles!" She said as she tried to make it stop licking her face.

"NO Tese!" A girl shouted.

"Te-sigh?" Abri asked saying the things name while she closing one of her eyes as it licked her face. Suddenly it gave when its leach was jerked enough for the it to get off her. When it was pulled back she got a look at it, it was an oversized German Shepherd! You could tell it was very strong but it had a slim body for running at fast speeds. Abri started to wipe the drool off her before it stuck and stunk on her.

"I'm so sorry- YOU!" The girl said as she moved her hand from her face. She gasped as she took her looks; she had on a security uniform shirt that was pure black. Her black pants had many pockets in them and in the belt loop there was a flash light. Her brown eyes full of shock as she pointed to Abri using her other hand to hold the happy dog back that looked like it wanted to pounce on her again. From her look she could tell she was Mexican and not only that, it was her Mexican!

"YOU!" She shouted and stood up pointing at her. Suddenly she was knocked back to the ground.

"YOU!" Abri pointed at the dog that just licked her hand and started to snuggle into her.

"Tese!" The girl said as she pulled the dog back and hushed it as she whimpered but sat down anyway with her tongue out. Abri wiped off the drool and then stood to hug the girl.

"Adi! " She cried out as both of them hugged and didn't let go.

"Abri! You're here!?" Adi said in shock then suddenly pushed her back to look at her.

"You're here?!" She asked looked at her wide eyed.

"Wait you're here too!? Is this where you vanished?!" She asked ad Adi and her looked at each other. Adi nodded and then asked.

"Ok first child, did you see he-who-must-not-be-named?!" She asked and Abri had to think about that for a minute.

"Oh you mean Alucard?!" She asked and Adi put her hand over her mouth and dragged her around the corner with the dog following after.

"Don't say it so loud! He will hear you! Around here he's known as Vlad!" She hissed and Abri was confused.

'Well he forgot to tell me that.' Abri thought dully.

"Wait but hey how did you get here?" Abri asked her and Adi's eyes turned dark.


Abri stood quiet in the security room as she felt tears trying to escape her eyes as she doodled on a sheet of paper. Adi sat in the chair behind the desk messing with her name tag on the desk. As it turns out she vanished just like Abri, but Yami was waiting for her right when she came out and he took her and did the same thing he did to Abri. But as soon as he was done he throws her out to fend for herself.

She saw a robber coming down the street and stopped him with her new powers getting herself a job as a security officer and she worked her way up till she was head of security. But it was hard work because they didn't think a little 10th grade girl like her could do it. But her encouragement was this dog that keeps trying to get into the force. She was clumsy and reckless so they didn't give her a chance. But when Adi and Tese started to work together they were unstoppable and inseparable Adi was Abri's best friend in high school ever. She when missing and people started to say she was kidnapped; it left Abri heartbroken and depressed. But seeing her now as she was and what she's when through, she wish that she was kidnapped.

"So, what's your story?" She asked and Abri perked up a little as she was caught dazing out.

"Well you see…." She started out and started twirling the pen in her hand and fettling with the paper. Adi moved closer to her and grinned.

"Hello! I'm looking for a missing girl! - WAIT ABRI!" Delilah shouted and Abri crunched up in a ball slightly and looked back at her.

"Hehehe, hi?" She asked and Delilah stomped to her.

"I was going to get killed if the master found out I lost you. Now get back to the main office and wait for him to get out of the meeting!" She hissed and jerked on her arm but Tese started to growl as she saw Abri getting jerked up against her will.

"HEY! What makes you think you can come in her and start to give orders?" Adi asked and stood up slamming her hands on the desk.

"Well she's my responsibility that is what gives me the right." She said but Abri stood fast and didn't move.

"I'm staying here!" She said jerking her arm away.

"No you are not!" She hissed again and tried to grab her but Abri ducked and then slid under her legs. Surprised Delilah had to take a second to see what happen, but it was too late, Abri was out the door.

"STOP!" Adi shouted and Delilah looked at her and her eyes flashed red. Adi stopped moving then smiled.

"Oh a vampire?" She said, she was also worried about Abri and knew she needed to make this quick. Taking a small breath she made a sharp whistle that Tese headed. Tese started to growl and Delilah felt something shift in her dog.

'This is no normal dog.' She thought as she watched Tese started to glow a faint blue only non-humans could see.

'I need to go after Abri…but this vampire need to be taken care of, I can't let her hurt anyone if she's here to harm.' She thought and was going to say something when she saw the paper that Abri had on the floor next to her. With a small chibi dog she had put a number on there.

'Oh~ I see, well looks like I can find her when I'm done." Adi thought as she smirked.
Abri ran down the hall way not stopping or looking back. She had just found her friend and the maid just had to mess it up.

'Wait!' She glanced back and stopped running.

'What am I doing Mojo is still somewhere around here!' suddenly alarmed, Abri slowly leaned on a wall and let her ears search the rooms.

"Ya and so we had lunch together-Yes it's somewhere in the third floor-Maybe I'm not sure the meeting is going on-Can I open and account? -" Sighing frustrated that she didn't her him she was about to give up.

"Why are you in such a rush?" A lady said and she could hear the clicking of heels coming down the hall

"Nothing, I just forgot something." Mojo said. His footsteps where even but she could just slightly hear the eager ness in each step as he pushed off the ground to go faster.

"Well nothing is this important you dropped everything and left. We need to either wait for the meeting to be over or you can go back to your bank like the rest of the other bankers, I'm the companies Mayor's assistant and I-" Her voice was cut off by a 'Shhh' Abri held her breath as she saw him standing there around the corner. He was just less than twenty feet away from her standing next to an orange hair lady in a red cocktail dress with a black belt and gold buckle on it. And Mojo was standing there in a black suit; his hair was now cut off at his neck and his green eyes not looking away from her.

'This isn't the time but she looks just like the mayor's assistant...ugh what was her name?' she thought but Mojo was closing in on her and fast! She slowly pushed off the wall and started to walk down the hallway in front of her to get out of his eye sight. As soon as she was a round the corner his footsteps and the sound of heels started.

'Where do I go!? I don't know my way around this place and dare I say it, I need Delilah! I could got back to Adi but her room is past Mojo so what do I do?' She asked herself as she felt her heartbeat pick up. She rounded another corner and then saw a window and was about to pass bye it when she was and heard Falco pecking like mad at it. Looking back quickly she opened the window then before he could say anything, she grabbed Falco and ran down the hall ignoring the sounds of people telling her to slow down.

"Where have you been?!" She asked him as she held him in her arms while she halfway glided on the floor to go faster.

I had to go to china for a little bit. My wing was damaged and it was quite a flight over there. But then it took me a day to find out that you moved! Falco chirped.

"Well I'm glad you're here now! Because I need help! Someone is after me and I don't think he wants to chat!" She said as she made it to the elevator and pushed it to the top floor. She leaned on the elevator as she waited for the doors to close. But suddenly Mojo came around the corner. Yelping she quickly ran over to the buttons pushing the close sign.

"Come on! COME ON!" She begged the doors didn't close yet.

'Is this how the army men felt when Alucard was coming to the elevator?' she thought as she felt like crying now. Seeing her panic Falco hopped down to the floor where the doors where and then his blue feathers turned orange as he made a loud sound that sent a small fire ball right at Mojo. Seeing this Mojo had to stop to stop it so it before it hit him. But as soon as he saw the bird Mojo's eyes grew wide with a hint of fear.

"Wait! Don't-" Before he finished the fireball took its hit and the doors closed. Shaking and frighten Abri slid to the floor.
"Thanks Falco." She said as he flew on her knees.

No problem He said as he ruffled his feathers making them turn back blue. She turned her head to look at the elevator that slowly when up to the top floor.

"So what do we do when we get out?" She asked him. Falco took a second to think and then hopped on the floor once more.

Well first we need to get in an open area where no one can get hurt He said flapping his wings a little

'The roof!' She thought and stood up.

"Ok I got it! We will go to the roof and if I need to I can fly off!" She said and Falco shook his head.

It would be hard to explain why a girl jumped off a building and flew...how about we take some other way? Falco asked as he flew to her shoulder.

"hn? What do you mean another way?" She asked. Falco didn't say anything but waited for the elevator to stop.


"What do you mean she doesn't know about Mojo?!" Adi asked still holding the collar of the maids dress.

"Well for one she's never meet him and two how could she know?! Why didn't you tell her?" Delilah asked and pushed her away making Tese growl.

"Well you came barging in that's why!" Adi said waving her arms around motioning how she came in the room.

"Well not time for that! We need to find Alucard!" she said as she ran to the door.

'This is bad! Why did that brat have to run off at a time like this?' Delilah groaned as they ran down the hall.

"The meeting room is right here!" Adi said as she took a breath then knocked.

"Enter." Alucard's voice said trying not to look panicked; both girls stepped in and were slightly dry mouth at all the powerful bank owners there were in this room.

"You are needed Vlad. We have a few problems that need to be addressed." Delilah said as she couldn't look him. His eye narrowed as she stood up and looked at the men.

"The meeting will be ended for today, I think you all for coming and it was an honor to have the meeting at my bank." He said and all the men nodded with approval.

"It was one of the best meetings too." One said as they all talked among themselves and packed up. Alucard nodded and shook hands with a few people on the way out, when he finally was out of the room he started to walk down the hall and both girls walked beside him.

"What's going on?" He asked as his eyes flashed from brown back to red but turned back brown when someone walked down the hall.

"It seems that Mojo is in terms with Abri...and also we have another people." Delilah said as she held up a blue feather.

~Abri~ She stood on the roof as she waited for Falco to stop searching for something.

"Come on tell me what we are going to do before Mojo shows up!" She said getting jumpy as every sound around her.

Hold on! He said as his eyes searched then widen before he hopped onto her shoulder.

He's here Falco almost sung in a slightly deeper dark voice. Just as he finished Mojo came from the door with a double end sword in hand. It was slightly shorter than a sword but the other short end made up for it with what looked like it had a gun build into it on the shorter blade.

"Step down." He said as he held up his sword to her making her jump a little.

"No! What do you want anyway?!" She asked and took steps back till she was right at the edge of the building ready to jump or fly if she needed to.

"I'm not talking to you." He said as his eyes when to Falco. She was slightly confused now, but when a dark chuckle was heard she saw it came from Falco.

"Ah~ Figured me out already Jojo?" Falco asked, his song like voice broken, but this time it was not a chirp but a human like voice with a dark slit in it.

"F-Falco?" She asked and then winced as suddenly sharp claws on his feet dug into her skin. She cried out in pain as it immediately broke skin.

"Falco! Let the girl go!" He said and pointed the gun sword at the bird.

'How can this small bird be this strong?' She asked as she tried to remove him but he pecked her hand so hard it started to bleed. Suddenly he started to grow bigger and bigger and his claws dug deeper as they also got bigger. Mojo cursed under his breath and started to charge but it was too late. Falco put a claw on each of her arms taking them out of her shoulders and flew over to the other side because he was still shifting and couldn't carry her that far.

'Why...do I feel so weak?' She asked as she felt her body going limp, she felt depressed and heavy. Like she did at Hellsing but this time she was in pain and just couldn't move anymore.

"Hn, just as I thought." Mojo said and frowned as the black wings flapped hovering Ari off the ground.

"A vulture is always out for a dead picking." He said as he shot at the bird that just dodged it again.

"Well I'm off." With a flap of his wings Falco flew into the air taking Abri with him. Mojo was about to go after him when a shadow knocked him up from the ground then slammed him back down pinning him to the ground. He tried to reach for his sword but a shadow was holding it in the air away from him.

"What is this?!" Mojo asked and then one of the tentacles started to form into the shape of a man.

"Where is she? Where is Abri?" It asked and the grip of the shadows tightens.

"Gone!" He said and then he pulled out his gun from his suit and shoot at it in the head but the bullet just flew through. Angry it jerked Mojo up and into its dark face.

"Where is she?" He hissed again. Mojo was going to shoot it again when the sound of two girls were yelling at him to stop.

"Wait he's on our side! Well he's not but so far he's on our side!" Adi yelled and Delilah was right behind her.
"If he was then he would tell me where Abri is!" The dark figure snapped and threw Mojo away from him. Mojo flipped and used his hand to push off the ground and make him land on his feet.

"I already don't like you Mojo; now tell me, I'm not asking again." It said as it started to shift into a figure. Mojo's eyes widen for a second and he growled.

"Alucard, so this is your power?" He asked and Alucard ignored him waiting for an answer. Sighing Mojo just when to pick up his sword then pointed it in the direction of Abri and the bird.

"The bird took her that way." He said and put his sword back on his shoulder.

"Be glad I'm still awake to tell you where they when." He said and stumbled slightly before catching himself but ended up falling onto the ground not moving as his eyes struggled to stay open.

"The fireball that vulture hit me with was nothing like fire, it drains away energy. I hardly had enough to stand let alone pull the trigger to put a tracking device on it." He said as he tried to push himself up but gave up and pulled out a device from his pocket and pressed a button on it. Being calm now Adi ran over to him and grabbed it.

"The tracing device..." She mumbled and then turned to the other two.

"Ok maid chick stay here and stay with Mojo, and don't worry he will be back to trying to destroy things in ten minutes or more. Alucard let's go!" She as she was about to fly but then a shadow grabbed her leg making her get pulled back and face plant to ground.

"What was that for?" She asked and was suddenly dragged to him and hung by her foot upside down.

"How do you know my name?" He asked and she groaned and broke his hold on her and rolled away.

"Tell you on the way there now let's go!" Adi said and Alucard nodded and they when off.