"Jack, I need you to freeze these eggs so I can store 'em for next year," the Easter Bunny ordered, tossing over some huge baskets filled with (probably raw) eggs. I caught them easily, as expected with my heightened reflexes. Still, I had a feeling that Bunny would have liked to see me fumble with them, despite how overprotective he was over his 'little bundles of joy'. No matter how much he denied it, I'm pretty sure he was still pissed about that one Easter Sunday of '68.

I stared at the baskets. Each probably had at least six dozen eggs.

"Yeah. About that," I said, deciding how to phrase my next few words. "I don't think I can do all these today. I have some important business to, uh, do."

He looked up from one of the eggs he was examining. "What the bloody hell's more important than Easter eggs?"

Okay. Now I was walking on thin ice.

"I promised Jamie that we could… do stuff today." I admit, not the most eloquently phrased, but it was something.

Instead of getting his tail into a twist like I had expected, he gave me an exasperated look that was quickly replaced by something I couldn't put my finger on. For a moment he looked like he was going to protest, but to my surprise, he shrugged it off, grumbling to himself.

"Thanks, Bunny," I said, grinning. He was being weirdly nice and unlike himself. Maybe I could help out a little bit. It was all I could do since he was letting me skimp out on work today. "I'll try to do at least one basket before I go – a compliment to His Fluffiness." I waited for a sarcastic reply, but where his verbally abusive dialogue was usually inserted was replaced by a beat of silence.

"You know, he isn't going to stay a kid forever."

I paused, pulling my hand away from one of the eggs where icy patterns were sprouting from my fingertips. "What do you mean?"

"I mean what I mean," the rabbit said, carefully examining an unfinished egg. "Kids grow up, mate. And they grow up fast."