I. Nameless

Warning: Slight Language

Icy winds blew frequently as a young girl sprinted through the dark forest. Her heart vigorously pumped blood through veins in an effort to give her the strength to continue her escape. Tears streamed her cheeks and her breath was labored, yet she continued to run from the monster chasing her. Her bare feet were torn up from the ground she treaded upon. The brushes she ran through ripped open the skin on her arms and tore through the white dress she wore. Today was supposed to be a happy occasion. It was the day she was born. It was the day she came into the world. Now she traveled through a darkened forest running for her life as tears of pain and sorrow marred her face.

"Mary." The voice of the monster said in a sing song voice. The monster was chasing her. It was coming for her and there was nothing she could do.

She continued to run and she dare not stop, lest she wished to stare into the face of death. Her chest began to hurt from the exertion and her legs had begun to feel like lead. She was losing her pace and fear was mounting. All she could do was find a tree to hide behind. Her back was pressed against the trunk of the tree and she shrunk into herself to make herself smaller. She only wished she could disappear. Desperately she wanted to get away from the monster. He was going to kill her just like her mother.

She looked up to the sky unsure of what to do. There was no moon in the black sky. The silence devoured everything around her. She couldn't even hear her own breathing. It was coming for her. The footsteps of the monster echoed in her mind. It was coming closer to her. Her body shook and she could feel sweat running down her back. Terror gripped her as the voice broke the silence.

"Little one where are you?" the voice was distorted by laughter and the young girl bit down on her lip. She could feel the monster pass her. Its laughter assaulted her ears and gripped her. Her eyes were closed tightly and she couldn't remember when she closed them. She was holding her breath and she wasn't sure how long she could hold on. As the monster continued to look for her, she rushed to her feet and ran in the opposite direction. She just wanted to escape the nightmare.

Her feet carried her far away from the monster that had killed her mother. She wasn't sure if it heard her leave and she didn't care. Her body just kept moving and even if she wanted to stop she couldn't. Her mind begged her to get away and save herself. She had to ignore the screaming from her body. Her body wanted her to stop and give up. It couldn't keep going. She was to her limit but she kept going. She burst out of the forest area into the middle of a back road. She hit the ground hard and laid there. It was coming and she knew it. She could feel her blood freezing inside of her body from terror.

Her heart was beating erratically from fear and running. It felt as if her heart would stop at any moment. She couldn't feel her legs and she was having troubles breathing. She literally had to force the oxygen into her small body. With no time to think about what to do she dragged herself across the street. She could barely crawl and she felt like she would lose conscious at any moment but she continued. She forced what little strength in her body to work and made it across the roadway into the ditch on the side of the road.

The monster was calling her again. It was calling her name over and over as if it was some kind of mantra. She wanted to call for help, but no one was around to help her. She was all alone in the darkness. Her dual colored eyes stared up at the sky. She didn't know what to do. What was she supposed to do?

"Mommy…" her voice escaped out in a broken whisper. Tears formed in her eyes and found pathways down the sides of her face. She couldn't move and he was coming. The monster was coming. His footsteps closing in like a lion ready to devour its prey.

"Mary…there you are. Daddy's been looking all over for you." her father voice ranged in her ears, along with the laughter of the monster her father had become.

"You bitc-" the man's voice was cut off by the sound of a gunshot. A woman stood over the man's body and watched in fascination as black blood pooled under him. It was an inky black that could destroy a person's soul. The woman stepped back from the pool so her boots wouldn't be dirtied. She turned on her heels and grabbed a gas canister. Then she emptied the content on to the body of the deceased and lit it on fire. There was no remorse in her eyes as she watched the flames consume the flesh of the man.

"Maybe you'll find some peace, somewhere." She left the storage building and went toward her motorcycle. She picked up the black leather suit she left on the seat and began to pull it on over her white suit she wore for work. The sun had long ago set and the climate was chilly. It was just like the night she lost everything to the machinations of her father. She hated the winter air and the smell it brought along with it, the smell of death. Winter was when everything came to an end or fell into a deep sleep. Emptiness was the only thing the winter season ever brought her.

After she finished putting on the protective suit, she picked up her helmet and removed her shades. This was her life. She was a hired mercenary. She had morals though. There were certain jobs that she would never take. She would never endanger the lives of innocent people, but she was more than willing to destroy the trash that preyed on the innocent.

She hooked her shades she wore between her breasts cleavage and straddled the cold machine. Her shoulders were stiff so she rolled them twice before she turned the motorcycle on and then she pulled out on to the street, heading to her apartment. It wasn't a home, it was only the place she laid her head at night. She had no home just like she had no name. This was her life and she was fine with it. Until the day she rid the world of her father, she would continue to live her bleak existence.

Once she reached her apartment she got off the motorcycle and headed upstairs. Her body was on autopilot which was a norm for her whenever she worked late. She stepped inside the apartment and locked the door behind her. Home sweet home, though she wouldn't call it that. She stripped down to her underwear and took her clothes to the washing machine. She stuffed the white top and shorts into the machine and turned it on. With nothing on but her panties she walked to her bathroom. She grabbed her antiseptic from her medicine cabinet and turn on the shower. She opened the bottle and left it on the back of the toilet. Then she sat down on the edge of her tub and pulled her hair back.

'Yes' she thought to herself, 'This is my life. I'm a nameless person that kills trash for money. Nothing will ever change until he dies. Nothing will ever be complete until that monster ceases to exist.'

The dark hair woman smiled to herself. It was a broken smile but a smile nonetheless. It was the only smile she could ever muster. This was her life and she didn't regret it or she would never admit she did.

After cleaning up and eating she opened her cellphone and dialed a familiar number. She let the phone ring four times before she hung up and called back. This time she let it ring three times and continued until she was down to one ring. She listen to the first ring and was about to hang up, but she could hear it connect.

"You again?" the young voice answered. The woman was pleased at the girl's annoyance.

"Yes, it's me, who else calls you in code." She said as she lay across her bed watching her television on mute. She read the closed captions. –Child Killer on the Loose-

"Did you take care of him?" the young voice was that of a girl.

"Of course where are you going to leave my payment this time? Please try to avoid trash cans and recycling bin. It is very annoying to chase down a dump truck." She could hear the young girl laughing.

"I'm so sorry." The young girl said and did not meaning a word of it.

"Lowe-" She was cut off.

"I have another job for you if you like." The girl said completely cutting off the woman's sentence. "Don't call me that either."

"What is it?" she ignored the girl's command.

"I'm sure you saw it on the news just now. That child killer that is on the loose, he's one of them."

"Really?" she asked and was answer by a quick 'of course'.

"Take him out however you like. I'll leave your payment and a small bonus in your apartment tomorrow and while you're at it don't kill Morrison. He may have a calm demeanor but you freak him out when you're pointing a gun at him." The child's voice was full of humor.

"He shouldn't be in my apartment when I come home late." She said flipping through the channels. A smirk played on her lips as she thought about the incident. She was truly on autopilot when she got home. She just shut down and did the essentials.

"This is why your payment always ends up in the trash cans and recycling bins. While were talking about trash, I have information on Arkham."

"Tell me." her voice became devoid of emotion and she could hear the girl on the other side of the phone sigh.

"There isn't much but he's moving around on the radar again. He's opened countless bank accounts and is apparently sponsoring the Black Descent project openly now. Funny thing is he been off the radar so long he's gotten some unwanted attention from Him.

The woman sat up on her bed pulling down her short tank top. "Really?"

"Yep, he's is going to start looking into Arkham's affair's now. That should be interesting, seeing two disgusting parties battle and don't get me started on the Order of the Sword's involvement. They're backing Him right now." The young girl could be heard moving around.

"So the Black Descent is crawling up out of the abyss for the world to see." She laughed humorlessly. "One last thing before I hang up. This order you sent me earlier."

"Oh, that. What about it?"

"Do I have to? This team you're sending me to, why do I have to work with them. I'm more of a loner and you know that." After turning her television off, she lay back on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Because they owe me a lot of money, well one of them does, which makes the debt fall to the rest as well. Anyhow I want you to make sure they get the job down without the property damages. That and I thought it'd be fun to see if you could play nice with others." A giggle emitted from the phone.

"Pat-" again she was cut off mid-sentence.

"You spend too much time alone, plus the Descents you'll be killing this time are advance. I don't want you to get hurt or mortally wounded." The girl voice was playful but the woman could tell she cared.

"If they are a bunch of jackas-" again cut off.

"Language, I'm still young you know." The young girl chided her.

"Sorry, if they are the backside of a donkey, I won't hesitate to leave them behind and if they get in my way then I'll put a bullet in each one of them." Her voice was emotionless and serious.

"By all means do so, except the bullet part. They still owe me money and I can't get it if they're dead. Anyhow, meet up with them tomorrow after you finish up the child killer and I'll inform you of your next mission. Do you remember the name of the establishment?" the girl asked.

"Devil May Cry, right?" she answered.

"Yes, now it's way past my bed time. Goodnight nameless woman." The girl said hanging up before the other said anything more.

"Typical." The woman closed her phone and turned off her light. She would have one long day tomorrow and she needed all the sleep she could get if she was going to have any patience.

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